Fun Friday: My Perfect Picnic

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around for the past few days… believe it or not my allergies have been acting up so much that my throat and tongue have been totally swollen for the past week or so. It got really uncomfortable by Tuesday night when I ran to the Urgent Care place near by. I was told to take an antihistamine and use nasal spray and it’s finally starting to feel better. I also made an appointment with an allergist because I feel like that’s not a normal response to seasonal allergies. The appointment isn’t until mid-July though, wah!

Anyway, I decided to pop in for a Fun Friday post! A few weeks ago Sage suggested a Fun Friday post with my idea of the perfect Vegan Picnic! I thought it was such a cute idea with the summer in full swing (and because I can’t do a real picnic since my allergies are so crazy!) so here it goes!! This would be my idea for a perfect “girls only” picnic. A few close friends, some yummy food, drinks and a beautiful location… Sounds pretty ideal to me!


Salads usually make an appearance at a picnic and I think that this one is perfect! This is Gabby’s Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad and it is so delicious. It tastes even better the more it marinates in the dressing, and to me it resembled a really lovely cole slaw (without the gross mayo). It would definitely be my top choice for a picnic!


Since this is my ideal picnic, my ideal picnic location would have a way to heat your food. When I was a kid we used to have picnics all the time at parks that had BBQs and whatnot so just imagine that heating elements are present ;)

Anyway, my ideal picnic meal would be this amazing looking Adult Grilled Cheese: Veganized of course!! Get rid of the dairy cheese and replace with Daiya… that’s an easy swap. Now, I didn’t realize the red was pepperoni, I was under the impression it was tomato. So since that was what I was thinking anyway, I’d replace the pepperoni with yummy tomatoes.


Whole New Mom’s Dorito Flavored Popcorn would be a great snack.


And so would these Carmel Candied Cinnamon Crunchy Chickpeas. Mmmm.


You can’t have a picnic without fruit! I think this is an adorable way to serve fruit. Just bring cones separately and spoon beautiful fresh fruit in! So fun!


For a chocolate finish, how about some Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie? Sounds good to me!

Full yet? Enter the beverages ;) (water is an obvious, we’re just talking the fun stuff here!)

Trader Joe’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade and Sparkling Limeade.


For those of us that would like something with a little kick, Hippie Juice would definitely be on the menu ;) I’d make a few changes though. I don’t like artificial watermelon flavor so I’d scrap the watermelon vodka and use fresh watermelon juice instead of water :) Mmmm.

The location:

There are two locations that I think would be perfect. First is my backyard. I know it’s technically not a picnic if it’s in my backyard (is it?) but it has room, I’d have access to my kitchen and we’d be able to listen to music and play games and do whatever we wanted to do.

If I were to have an on location picnic it would probably be at one of the parks that I used to go to as a kid. Back then I’d be on my rollerblades all the time or I’d be playing with my Skip-It (the original skip it with the counter… no knock offs for this chick). Nowadays my girls and I would be pumping some fun music, playing a little volleyball, soaking in some Vitamin D, chatting and chowing down.

Finally, some fun details that I’d add:


As you know, I love my mason jars. I LOVE the above idea of using an inverted cupcake liner as your covering for the jar and just punching the straw in. It keeps your drink covered but with a cute pop of color! Love this.


Finally, we’d use To-Go Ware utensils. They are made of bamboo, reusable, and would be the perfect little gift for all of my friends attending the picnic.

So there you have it, my ideal picnic! Who’s coming? ;)

I hope you all have a great Friday! One more work day until my weekend :) Have a great night!

15 thoughts on “Fun Friday: My Perfect Picnic

  1. Yikes, that is an extreme response to allergies! My throat and tongue have been a bit swollen, but tolerable. Damn allergies!

    This was such a fun post to read and it has me craving a picnic! We haven’t had one for a while but I would love to use mason jars like that! All of the foods sounds perfect to me, especially that pie. Samoas were my favorite Girl Scout Cookie in my pre-vegan days. YUM!

    • It has been really crazy and uncomfortable. I am going to try and get into the allergist earlier because it has gotten to the point where I can barely be outside without having problems breathing.

      Aww thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The mason jars are so cute, I hope to be able to use them like that soon! Isn’t the pie gorgeous? It sounds so tasty.

  2. i made the doritos popcorn once, and i can never make it again…it’s TOO good, i ate it all up!

    the brussels salad looks awesome, i’m pinning it now.

    sorry your allergies are sucking! i’ve been popping benadryl more than usual this month, too :P

    • Ooooh so good to hear that to doritos popcorn is yummy, even if a little dangerous ;) I really want to try it!

      The brussels sprout salad is delicious, definitely give it a try!

      It’s a bummer, I am on prescription antihistamines right now. Hopefully the allergist will have a remedy that will help make them more manageable.

  3. I am! I’ll be right over! :)

    I love the entire menu, but I’d hope we’d be able to graze throughout our afternoon adventure in your backyard or at the park. Otherwise, I’d need a nap before playing volleyball. ;)

    Your allergies sound horrible! I’m glad you’re starting to feel some relief. I’ve always thought I should see an allergist, so I’ll be interested to hear how your appointment goes in July.

    Happy almost weekend!

    • Haha yay! It would be so fun!

      Oh we’d definitely be grazing. I feel like it’s a lot to ask to eat all that then attempt to be active, haha!

      Yeah it’s been pretty brutal. I want to get in earlier since it’s still really bad so hopefully they’ll be able to accommodate since it’s kind of an emergency. I wonder if I have a food allergy that’s exacerbating the symptoms. Hopefully I’ll find out!

      Thanks! It’s the weekend now, yay!

  4. If anyone could make that picnic a reality, it’s you.

    That is some bad allergic reaction. Speaking of tongues, a coworker of mine had a fungus on their tongue. So be glad you don’t have that.

  5. Hey Sarah! oh gosh i’m so sorry that your allergies are acting up…that is no fun at ALL! i hope the medicines start working soon! i love the picnic treats! so many delicious things…i love the little fruit cones – super cute! have a great weekend!

    • THe medicine has been helping, I do feel a little better every day. Thanks!

      Thanks, it would be a fun picnic if it ever happened, haha. The fruit cones are awesome, such a great idea! Would be even better with coconut cream, yum!

  6. Wow those allergies sounds awful! I’m so sorry and hope you feel better soon!

    I’m starting to be curious though. Have you ever heard of leaky gut? I know it’s something I suffer from and I am wondering if you do too- one of the biggest indicators is multiple food allergies and intolerance and a feeling of lethargy. Look into it!

    Anyway, I love the sound of your picnic! Love the salad ;) And oh goodness those cupcake liners in the mason jars are ADORABLE!!!

    I would totally come to your picnic :)

    • Yeah, they allergies were definitely brutal! Hopefully I’ll be able to do some testing and pinpoint the problem.

      I have heard of leaky gut! I’ve actually be checking it out myself and had a bit of a hunch that it could be a problem.

      Haha yeah I have a feeling the salad would be a hit! I LOVE the lined mason jars, so cute! And such an easy way to add a cute touch.

      Awww yay it would be so fun!

  7. Eek, I hope you’re feeling better now. Your allergies sound awful, and not so normal. :(

    I love your vegan picnic, and I would definitely attend this party (and eat everything!). :) The fruit in the waffle cones is adorable, and I’m a big fan of mason jars too. What’s on your summer bucket list? I really need to find time for a good old fashioned picnic.

    And I used to have a Skip-It! Oh my gosh, that brings back memories. But I think my counter broke after a while.

    • Thanks Sage! Yeah, the meds helped as much as I hate taking them. Totally not normal, and thus the trip to the allergist ;)

      Yay, I would love to have you ;) The fruit in the waffle cones is my fav! Basically this summer I’m focusing on restoring my health, more ME time and relaxing! I’d love to spend some time outdoors but sadly that won’t happen til after I figure out the allergy situation.

      I LOVED my Skip-It!! I would use it for hours! Mine was hot pink of course :) I would bring my Skip-It and rollerblades to all of our picnics and my brother’s little league games and I’d be entertained for hours!

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