Some Photography

Hey guys! I know I said I’d be back with a meal but instead I bring you something (or someone) MUCH cuter! As I mentioned yesterday I did a baby shoot today and I thought I’d show you a couple of shots! Baby shoots are not my strength so I am posting the best shots I got. There aren’t a lot but these few came out pretty cute :)

Isn’t he absolutely adorable?! He is such a sweetie, it was definitely nice to finally meet and photography him :)

That’s all for today! Short and sweet post :) I’ll be back tomorrow with some food… I am planning on giving my dehydrator a workout! Have a great night!

8 thoughts on “Some Photography

  1. Looks like you did a great job! I especially like the last three – the hat, the feet, and the fist bump. Ha! Too cute.

    Since I’ve been taking a “cashew” break, I haven’t been using my dehydrator to make cheezy kale chips in a while, and I miss them! I am looking forward to what you whip up. :)

    • Thanks Ingrid! Isn’t the fist bump too freaking cute?! The hat was so cute I couldn’t even deal.

      I think you’ll like what I made today. No cashews, but still delicious! And much quicker!

    • Thanks Shen! Baby portraits are the most difficult for me. I struggled with this shoot and only got a few that I liked but a few is all you need!

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