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Hey everyone! So let me just warn you there are no pics today, just a verbose post of things that probably don’t really matter but I’m curious about ;) As you know I’m about to embark on a raw journey. My goal is to start over the next week or two. My plan is to be as low maintenance as possible with this since raw diets are SO time consuming and SO labor intensive. I’m thinking I’ll start the day with a giant serving of green juice, midday meal will be a big green salad, an afternoon snack with healthy fats and dinner will involve some sort of effort, ha! We’ll see how that works out though. My first question for you, my friends: What is your favorite raw salad? What dressings do you enjoy (no vinegar except apple cider vinegar and no sweeteners)? What are some of your favorite raw recipes and snacks (light on fruit and no added sweeteners)?

So last night I indulged my inner uber nerd and figured out my blood type using a home blood typing kit. It was actually really fun and it brought me back to high school science lab :) My trainer and I were curious about it because there are theories of blood types contributing to certain health problems so that was the main goal behind figuring it out (and no, my Drs didn’t know or want to tell me). So now I know and I guess we’ll see what the next step is. As a side note on this whole topic, have you guys heard of eating for your blood type? I’ve heard of it and haven’t put too much thought into it but decided to take a look because I finally know what my type is and UGH! If I follow this stupid diet I’d have to get rid of tons of my staples/favorites like avocados, tomatoes, corn, lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds, beans and legumes, grains and starches, coconut, cinnamon, and pepper. I feel like if I got rid of this stuff there would be nothing left, certainly none of my higher calorie powerhouse foods! Well I’ll be getting rid of some of these foods for the raw cleanse I’ll be doing so I guess I’ll see how it works. Never getting rid of my avocados though! Have you heard of eating for your blood type? Any thoughts or do you know anyone that does it?

I may not be around for the weekend because my mom and I are babysitting Delilah and the animals while my bro and sister in law are in New Orleans for her birthday. I’m going to try and pop in but she is definitely a two person job, ha!

Hope you all have a great night! Tonight is the mid-season finale of Impractical Jokers and of course I’ll be watching. Then I’ll have to impatiently wait for the new episodes later this year :)

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  1. I’ve only just briefly heard about eating for yr blood type, I don’t really know anything about it. It sort of sounds like the Ayurvedic way of eating for kapha, pitta, or dosha (which I also don’t know much about.)
    Also, I’ve totally done at least a week on a very low maintenance raw diet. I’m sure it will seem hard at first but I think you;ll get into the feel of things. Raw salads are the easiest and really really adaptable. Bell peppers and tomatoes are fun to add. I like playing with the textures… Also the tahini/lemon juice/miso dressing is so easy. I guess yr taking it slow with the fruit but raw nuts or carrot sticks and other raw veg are good snacks…As are juices. If you can find totally raw oats, soaked oats are pretty good and filling too.
    Anyway, I hope it works out for you!
    Where did you find the Blood Typing Kit? I had no idea they made those.

    • Supposedly people with different blood types should eat different diets based on their blood type. They give you foods you should eat and foods you should avoid based on that. I just don’t know how much stock i put in it.
      Oooh that’s good to know that you’ve done the low maintenance raw diet. I feel like I”m just going to end up shoveling raw food in my face all day because it’s so low calorie. Thanks for the suggestions!! I’ll definitely try that dressing. I wish I could do oats but I’m staying away from grains too. wah!

      Thanks!! I ordered the kit from amazon. It was really easy to use but I have no idea if the results are accurate, lol!

    • There’s tons of info out there, I had no idea either before last night! I honestly don’t even know if it’s my real blood type considering I did it myself and who knows how accurate it is but it’s definitely interesting either way.

  2. Hey Sarah! My name’s Rachel and I occasionally read your blog. Anyways, years ago before I was vegan (I was mostly a vegetarian but having a lot of stomach issues and playing around with my diet) someone had told me about the eat right for your type book and I was intrigued. I did a bit of a cleanse eating only vegetables and fruits for about a week and then the plan told me that I needed to eat meat (I’m a type O) and it wanted me to introduce roast beef after just eating the fruits and vegetables. Anyways I remember being so grossed out by the thought of eating meat but I thought that I would try and I felt soo sick. I knew that my body just was not meant to eat like that no matter how much “research” this guy had. I did more research on the book and learned that there was absolutely no scientific evidence for any of his claims. I was verrry happy about that because I did not want to eat animals!

    I think the most important thing is to eat right for you. Eat the types of foods that you feel your best eating and sometimes that takes playing around with. I do recommend reading raw food controversies by fredrick patenaude http://www.amazon.com/Raw-Food-Controversies-Mistakes-Sabotage/dp/1456567225 . I was eating mostly raw last summer and I ordered that book and found it very interesting. John kohler also has some good video recipes http://www.youtube.com/user/okraw.

    Okay this is a crazy long post but I love this salad dressing! http://www.fullmeasureofhappiness.com/2012/06/22/kale-salad-with-a-tahini-lemon-dressing/ . It makes things like kale salad really creamy and delicious. Some other blogs that have good salad recipes are http://www.alkalinesisters.com/ and http://g0lubka.blogspot.com/. They aren’t exclusively raw but you can also make substitutions. This blog also has some really good looking raw desserts http://www.veggie-wedgie.com/ .

    Good luck with your diet changes!! I hope they work out well (:

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for reading and for posting all of this great information!! Naturally my blood type (B-) would be the most omni type with the most meat and dairy allowances but I already know that I would ignore that. I guess I was just looking to see what produce and grains they suggest avoiding (which ended up being all of my staples, lol!). It’s interesting and I guess I’ll read more about it but I’m not putting too much stock in it.

      Thanks so much for all of the book and blog recommendations! I’ll definitely check them out!

  3. Can you still eat avocados? If so, kale avocado salads are really good – put whatever seasonings you like, diced onion (almost like a guacamole) and throw on some pumpkin seeds. If not, I think any veggies in salad are great. A salad without carrots, is not a real salad, however. ;) Dressings – I’m stuck, as I like balsamic vinegar or raw dressings made with fruit. Now that you have me thinking, I’m going to find some good recipes and send them your way!

    I’ve heard of blood type predispositions to everything from the common cold to diet, but that’s all I really know. I’m curious to see if what you find out helps you feel better!

    Have such a great time with your mother and niece! Give Tyler and the kitties an extra snuggle for me!

    • If I were going according to my blood type I wouldn’t be able to eat avocados but that’s not happening! Oooh yes kale avocado salad! Yum! I know I’m such a sucker for carrots, I put them in almost all of my salads. Haha thanks! I’m so picky about dressings and I usually stick to balsamic vinaigrette but now I need to branch out :)

      Yeah we were looking into it because of some research we had done that revealed some interesting info about autoimmune diseases and blood type. It’s a lot of info that I’m trying to dig through lol.

      Thanks!! I will definitely be snuggling with Tyler and the kitties and Delilah will certainly keep us on our toes :)

  4. hey Sarah! best of luck on your raw journey! sounds like you’ve got a good plan! my favorite raw staple is nutbutter! seriously i could live off of it. that with some fruit and i’m set. and i have heard of eating for your blood type…i’m to scared of needles to find out my blood type, but i think it’d be interesting to give it a try. kuddos to you for doing a home kit! have fun with your mama!

    • Hey Caralyn! Thank you so much! I am definitely planning on making some almond butter for myself :) The kit came with a lancet and you could barely feel the prick! It was kind of fun to do the test myself. It made me feel all smart and nerdy ;) Thanks, will do!

  5. I’ve been exploring raw recently too and I can tell you I’ve actually saved time! I don’t have a dehydrator though so that could be why, I’m yet to explore the more detailed recipes.

    My raw day goes something similar to your plan. Breakfast is veggie juice/a green monster/fruit
    Snacks of fruit/flavoured nuts/veg sticks and dip
    Lunch of a massive salad with a creamy nut based dressing with ACV and different herbs
    Snacks again if needed
    Dinner is usually a mixture of things, perhaps a raw veg soup, coleslaw/chopped salad, zucchini pasta, marinated veg etc.
    Dessert is more often than not a serve of fruit ‘ice cream’ but nut based creams/cakes are all kinds of awesome.

    Hope it all goes well for you! xxx

    • That’s so good to hear! Haha yes I’m planning on doing a bit of dehydrating but as long as you plan for that ahead of time it should be too bad.

      Definitely sounds like we are on the same page!! I’m thinking it may be easiest for me to make a giant salad that will last two or three days so I can grab and go. I’ll have to plan for my dinners a little ahead of time but if that’s the only meal i really have to plan that’ll be great.

      Thanks so much, you too!

  6. I’m not big on raw foods so I can’t offer many suggestions, but I can recommend a salad dressing if tahini is raw. Or can it be raw? If so, I would definitely recommend a tahini-based salad dressing: ~1/2 cup of tahini with a couple tablespoons each of cider vinegar (and liquid aminos if you can use that) and some garlic and/or herbs (fresh in your case). Thin with water if necessary.

    As I said on twitter, I don’t think there is much scientific support for blood type diets. I think the diets suggested in in the book (Eat right 4 your type I think it’s called) are not unhealthy, but there is no scientific basis for them. And we all know the only diet that reduces cruelty is vegan! :-)

    Have a great weekend. Definitely try to get some cute pics for us!

    • I was thinking about making a tahini based salad dressing, that one sounds delicious!

      I agree with you about the blood type diet. Considering I’ll be eliminating a bunch of foods with the raw diet (sugars, wheat (completely, no little allowances anymore), grains, beans, soy, etc.) I’ll see how it goes from there. If I still feel a little yucky I’ll maybe think about giving up what the blood type diet suggests. I just love my avocado and coconut too much :)

      Thanks!! I’ll try!

  7. I’ve heard a bit about eating for your blood type, and while there is definitely something to be said for it, I think there are a lot of problems with it! What I would trust more is an elimination diet and then testing foods yourself. We are all so different that what works for you might not work for another and simply trusting lists of foods for your blood type (which vary according to the source) might have you missing out on healthy, delicious foods!

    As for my favourite snacks- raw nut and date balls of any kind, apple and almond butter, chocolate avocado pudding (NOM!!), raw granola with almond milk, veggies and zucchini hummus, etc. As for dressings, honestly a drizzle of hemp oil and squeeze of lemon juice with a little sea salt and pepper is all I’ve needed lately and I LOVE it! Definitely scope my blog for more recipes though! Might I suggest my raw baked fetticuine alfredo or raw cinnamon rolls (to use up nut pulp!).

    Good luck my dear :)

    • Thanks for the input Gabby!! I’m definitely doing the elimination diet. I’ll be eliminating grains, beans, soy, wheat (completely), and sugars. Lets see how that works!

      I will definitely be perusing your blog for ideas! All of your suggestions sound great! Oooh those recipes sound yummy, I’ll definitely check them out!

      Thanks so much!!

  8. Honestly, a simple raw diet is usually the best anyway, if you’re consuming lots and lots of veggies and greenfoods. My favorite salads always involve fun toppings like seasoned seeds, ‘kraut or kimchi or olives, or anything potent like that, because then there’s lots of flavor in the salad instead of just relying on the dressing. And for dressing, go the carrot-miso route fo sho. :)

    And I like the idea of blood type eating, in theory anyway, but there really isn’t any scientific backing to that stuff so I tend to ignore it. Especially when, like you said, it just ends up limiting so much food, when you’re already eating a limited amount of food.

    • Yeah I’m going to stick with the raw diet to start I think. I’ll be eliminating a lot of allergens and inflammatory foods so hopefully the burst of greens will help :) Thanks for the advice!!

      That has been my hunch too. I’m going to stick with the raw first then see how it goes from there :)

  9. I agree with the others that salads are super low maintenance raw meals. I like mine sprinkled with raw sunflower seeds. I make a tahini/miso dressing with AVC that’s pretty much a staple for salads. My go to snacks for staying raw are baby carrots dipped in raw nut butter or the tahini/miso dressing, and raw crackers with avocado.

    There are some great raw soup recipes out there, too. Ani Phyo is a great resource for those.

    • Yeah I’m planning on eating a big salad for lunch most days, if not every day :) Oooh carrots in nut butter, I’m in!! I’m definitely going to try and make raw crackers. I’m going to have to figure out how in my circular dehydrator, lol!

      I am definitely going to be referring to Ani Phyo’s books for inspiration. I have 4 of them lol so hopefully I’ll get some good inspiration from them!

  10. A few people have already mentioned it, but kale and avocado salads are awesome. I also like tomatoes, cucumbers, and red wine vinegar. I’ve heard about eating for your blood type, but I’ve never tried any of those diets. I have some resistance when someone tells me to stop eating my favorite foods. Thankfully, I’ve been pretty healthy or else I might consider it.

    • I definitely see kale and avocado in my future :) I love tomato and cucumber salad, I’ll just have to switch the red wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar :) I don’t want to restrict but I’m just ready to not be sick so I’ll try anything at this point. Considering my inflammation marker has been really high consistently, an anti inflammatory diet may be the key :)

  11. I love a massaged kale salad with a mix of toasted sesame oil/braggs as the “dressing” I massage and then leave at least overnight but its awesome for next few days.
    Hemp seeds are a new favorite salad topper, same with sunflower seeds lately.

    • Thanks for the ideas! I have to massage the kale with whatever dressing or else it’s too tough for me.

      I actually have hemp seeds and was planning on sprinkling them on some salads :) Yum!

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