We Found Nemo!

Hey everyone! I hope you are all staying warm and dry. How did everyone do with the storm? Its hard to tell how much we got because of the ridiculous drift that happens and from the plows creating a giant wall but it was pretty significant. I’d say between 1 and a half and 2 feet maybe?

Woke up early this morning and dug through piles of ice (the wall built by the plow came up past my waist!!) then I showered quickly and was at work by 10:45. I found that pretty impressive :) Anyway, I figured I’d pop on here to see how everyone did in the storm and show you some pictures of what I’ve been eating and Nemo’s wrath.

This was early yesterday… maybe about 5pm. The icy sleet had finally turned to snow. It looked pretty for a few minutes but I was over it quickly.

This is what we woke up to. You can see how high it is when you look at the back of my car (the one sticking out onto the sidewalk). It was pretty high and it was really icy (they didn’t salt until after we started shoveling) but now it’s all nice and clean.

My Nemo snack/dessert was my cashew milk. It was rich and creamy and delicious. Definitely a rare treat given it’s price but it was really good.

Now to play catch up:

I tried the Good Belly Probiotic Shot. I had the Strawberry flavor as you can see. When I opened it the first thing I thought of when I smelled it (I didn’t sniff it, you can smell it when you open it… it’s pretty potent) was that it smelled exactly like a Strawberry NutriGrain bar tastes. Makes sense since it contains strawberries and oats. It tasted ok but I felt really nauseous after. I don’t know if that was just me or if it was actually an effect of the drink. Haven’t tried it since, maybe tomorrow since I’ll be home in case I don’t feel well.

Raw Kale Caesar salad with baked tofu croutons.

Peanut butter and banana on a gf tortilla. So good!

That’s all for today! How did you all do with the storm (well, those of you in its path that is)? Yay for my weekend and having 2 days off! I plan on getting stuff done, ha!

Have a great night friends!

24 thoughts on “We Found Nemo!

  1. Yikes, you got a lot of snow! I hate it when it starts to rain or sleet and then turns to snow. Makes for such a slippery mess.

    You were eating really well despite the storm! That drink sounds awesome (I spotted it immediately on Instagram :) ). Your salad is making my stomach growl. It’s too bad the GoodBelly shot made you feel icky, though.

    • Yeah the rain was what made it really difficult to dig out because there were like boulders of ice to get through lol.

      Thanks!! The drink was really delicious, the cinnamon was a great touch. The salad was my favorite. It made me into a raw kale lover!!

  2. I had a big salad with tofu today too. Wow, that’s a ton of snow! I’m not much of a snow bunny, and I’m thankful every day that it never snows here in San Francisco. I remember having snow piles up to my waist when I lived in Chicago. I’m glad you seem to be weathering the storm’s aftermath OK. Enjoy your days off!

    • Haha lucky, snow is my least favorite part of living in NY. But I also get to enjoy the most amazing fall weather and foliage so it balances out and makes dealing with the snow so worth it :)

      Thanks, I’ve been alternating between productivity and relaxation ;)

  3. We got a toooon of snow here too! It completely shut the city down a couple days ago and yet I still had to work. No fair! ;)

    Yum to that kale caesar salad!! I want :)

    Hope you’re feeling better- I hate when things that are supposed to be good for you make you ill!

    • Isn’t it the worst knowing you have to wake up, dig out and go to work?! I had a full work day after digging out for over 2 hours. On the plus side, I didn’t miss out on a day of pay so that helps, ha!

      The kale caesar is one of my favs. It’s so delicious. I’m going to make it ACD friendly by using sunflower seeds instead of cashews :)

      Thanks! Yes my tummy is better now!

  4. Too bad about the GoodBelly shot, that’s weird. Sounds like a good flavor though. I like that you kept the snow white theme going with the cashew milk. I’ve seen it a couple times but, yeah, like you say – it’s expensive so I haven’t picked it up.
    Tooootally great looking salad. If I weren’t so lazy about cooking, I’d do my tofu like that. You said the dressing on the salad is from Crazy Sexy Kitchen?

    • It is weird but I guess also not really considering my digestive system is totally messed up. The more I research Candida overgrowth the more I’m convinced it’s the problem. I’m going to do a bit of a pantry cleaning tomorrow and I want to get started within the next week or two.

      Thanks!! The tofu takes 10-15 minutes, tops. I just put it on a small tray lined with foil, spray the top of the cubed tofu, add pepper and garlic powder to it and bake on 400 til golden brown. So easy!! Yes the dressing is from CSK… I use the raw version but I’ve had to change the proportions because it was really liquidy using her measurements.

  5. Holy cow! That is a lot of snow! I’m sure it took a good while to dig out and clear off! With all of the moisture, I bet you’ll have a green summer. We could use some of that here!

    Oof! Now you can add the Good Belly shot to the list with grapefruit. The “does not work” list! I have one, too! My top offender is flax seeds in cereal.

    Beautiful salad, and pb & banana always sounds good!

    Hope you’re staying warm and cozy!

    • It definitely took a long time and a lot of muscle to dig out. It’s the best workout I’ve had in a long time! definitely feeling it today :)

      Interesting that flax seeds in cereal is the top of your list! My list consists of grapefruit, good belly shots and kelp noodles. All no good.

      Thanks!! Definitely cozy :)

  6. Holy moly! We got a lot of snow too but I don’t think it was that much! Yikes!

    I’ve been curious about those GoodBelly shots because I’m trying to start getting more in more probiotics. My Whole Foods doesn’t even sell them but I thought, if I ever DO see them, maybe I’ll try one! Now I don’t know… Do you take a probiotic supplement, Sarah? I think I want to start but I’m not sure which one to take…

    OOh! And yummy kale salad and sweet quesadilla ;) The quesadilla is a meal I would have a hard time getting sick of ;)

    • We get a lot of drift on our side of the street so it probably looks a little higher than what fell? Not sure.

      Give GoodBelly a try! Most people really like them and respond well. I just have a really messed up digestive system I think. I am trying to find a vegan probiotic supplement because I want to start as well. I’ll let you know what I find!

      Both meals were delicious, I recommend them both!!

  7. Oh snowstorms. You should see a picture of my car back home, it’s so completely covered by a snow drift that you can’t see it, it’s buried. Ha ha! But yeah, they’re no fun. And sorry for the caps but I LOVE CASHEW MILK, and pretty much everything cashew-y. Enjoy your time off!

    • Oh man I bet!! I feel like a lot of people got it worse but it was still pretty intense. The cashew milk was really delicious! Definitely worth the caps ;)

      Thanks, I definitely am!!

    • I drank it all within the night but in two sittings. It’s pretty rich but really delicious. It was a splurge for me too but it was worth it!

      I’m going to take a pic of the cleanup tomorrow. We have huge mounds of snow all over. It was daunting to look at when I woke up but I knew I’d get a killer workout in ;)

  8. You certainly seem to be feeling a lot more positive than I about the snow. I don’t even want to talk about it yet! :-/

    What I would like to talk about is tofu. I have been really enjoying it lately, but I have not had it baked. Those croutons looks great!

    • Definitely not loving the snow. At all. But I did what I had to do… unfortunately I still had to work so I joined my neighbors and dug out… fixed my broken windshield wiper and carried on. I guess the way I see it is it could be worse. A few years ago it snowed 2 feet every week. That was BAD.

      Definitely try the croutons! I love eating them this way. Baked tofu has a great texture, it actually gets crispy :)

  9. I got pretty close to a version of that cashew milk by blending a gob of artisana’s raw cashew butter with vanilla almond milk and cinnamon….
    The raw kale ceasar sounds great- i had some kind of raw massaged kale salad almost daily all summer and should make some again… I am suspicious of “good belly” as i am all foods with magical promises but i did notice improvements in my digestion with the probiotic supplement i take.

    • Oooh what a great idea to recreate the cashew milk. That blend sounds delicious. I’m going to be increasing my raw kale intake a lot over the next few months. What kind of probiotic supplement do you take? There are so many different kinds out there and I get confused. I want to add one to my ACD routine.

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