Fun Friday: Ready For Fall!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I hope that this week has treated you all well. I’m really excited for the weekend since I’ll be going to my friend’s wedding in Massachusetts on Sunday and it is going to be a really great time! I’m so happy for her :) It’ll also be nice because I am going to see some friends I haven’t seen since I graduated college in 2005! It’ll be great to catch up.

So as you all know today is Fun Friday! As you all know, I am so totally in love with the fall and I am practically counting the minutes until it gets here. The funny thing is that my birthday is also the first day of fall (September 22), but I’m way more excited about the start of my favorite season :) I figured I would do a fall themed fun Friday post because there are so many great things about the fall to be excited about. Here’s just a few!

Look how brilliant these chocolate covered apple slices are! I don’t know about you guys but I am a total sucker for chocolate and/or caramel covered apples but find it a bit difficult to eat the whole things…mostly because I turn into a gross, sticky mess! These slices are adorable and way less messy. Well less messy if you can wait for the coating to harden! Just as a heads up, I found this on Pinterest and the referring website is not in English ;)

PUMPKIN!!!! I don’t know about you but I’m so excited about cooking with pumpkin. It is one of my favorite flavors and always reminds me of the fall and of the holidays. I can’t wait to try these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles! Very easily veganizable recipe :)

Halloween!!! It is one of my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving being the other fav, obviously another fall holiday!) and I just love everything about it, especially making fun, spooky treats. Check out these super cute Oreo Mummy Pops! So adorable and really easy!

Of course there is the beautiful scenery. The colors, the smell of the air, the absolutely perfect, crisp weather. There is nothing about the fall I don’t like. I’m so lucky to live in a place where I really get to enjoy the season.

Mmm a frozen margarita and a really great Mexican meal. What does this have to do with the Fall? Well, this is my intention for my birthday! It was my intention for my birthday last year too but I ended up with the flu so it didn’t happen. Hopefully this year my birthday margarita will be a reality :)

How beautiful is this?! I found it on pinterest but the link back wouldn’t work so I don’t even know what the source/recipe is :( It’s definitely something I plan on working on though! It looks like an apple “bowl” filled presumably with apple cinnamon oatmeal. There is nothing like a warming bowl of spiced oats on a cool fall day.

Fall produce! I can’t wait to roast a bunch of veggies (yummy eaten with hummus!), eat lots of apples and squash and all of the other delicious fall treats. Yum!

This barely scratches the surface of reasons why I’m excited about the fall :) It makes me so happy knowing it is right around the corner! What are some of your favorite things about the fall?

OK friends, it’s time to pack up my stuff for the weekend and to rest up. I didn’t get to sleep much because I got home from the wedding late last night so I’m definitely ready for a good night’s sleep :) I should be able to do a quick post tomorrow then I’ll be back either Monday evening or Tuesday!

Have a great Friday night!

Good News and a Discussion About Weight

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great day yesterday! It was my long day so I couldn’t pop in but I’m working a wedding today and had a little time this morning so I figured I’d come say hi :)

First some great news! I finally am getting my money back from that company! I’m still kind of sorting things out but I was notified that I would be refunded :) That takes a huge weight off of my shoulders as I’m sure you could understand.

And now on to a little bit of serious business. I had a comment on my About Me page today and while I was caught a bit off guard when I first read it I’m actually really glad she asked her question because it made me wonder how many other people were wondering the same thing! She asked the question from a good place and I answered it there but I figured I’d take a little time here because I think it is important. So let’s talk about weight.

First, so we are all on the same page, I was asked that given my healthy diet and exercise routine, why I’m still so filled out. First, let me start off by saying my doctor and I wonder the same thing! I’ve posted about weight in the past and I don’t think I’ve kept any secrets about the fact that I’ve had issues with weight my whole life and that I continue to fight this battle every day. I am not a skinny girl and to be honest, I will never be a skinny girl because I have curves. And I love my curves and I’m ok with that. That said, I definitely have weight to lose and I’m working on it (and I’ve already lost quite a bit) but I’ve hit a gnarly plateau and I’ve been trying to break through it for at least a year. I’ve switched up my diet so many times but I’m just working on finding that balance.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect and I don’t eat clean all the time. Everyone slips up, everyone eats things they regret. I choose to move on and try and fix it. I find that when I dwell on it bad thoughts and behaviors follow closely behind and that isn’t healthy. It has been a slow, painstaking process but I know that I will get there one day. I also know that there are days where I just can’t get in enough calories. Whether I’m working a wedding and don’t get enough of a break to eat a good, full meal or don’t have time to snack during the day, it happens. I also sit on my ass at work during the week which doesn’t help either.

With all of this said, I know that I work really hard and I know I am doing the right thing for my body. While I may not have a perfect model body, I am incredibly healthy as shown by my performance in the gym as well as the blood work that I recently had done by my doctor. Aesthetics will follow.

I hope that helps clarify things a bit for people wondering that same question :) This was kind of a tough one to write because weight is always a touchy subject but you guys know that I’m all for full disclosure. Well almost full disclosure. I was asked for my stats and I don’t feel comfortable putting my weight out there. I’m working on it but I’m not at the point where I feel comfortable giving out that info. Sorry!

On that note, let’s check out my breakfast? Ha, I think it’s funny to follow up that convo with a pic of my breakfast but it was so good I have to share it!

I had to take the photo on my phone because my equipment is all packed up for the wedding today so here is an instagram pic of my Banana Coconut Cream Pie Oats! I have been eyeing Gabby’s recipe for weeks now and I finally had the time and ingredients to try it! You guys seriously have to try it, they are so amazing! Definitely a good hearty meal to start a long day.

I’ll have some avocado toast before I head out to the wedding to properly fuel for the first part of my day. I’m also bringing fruit leather, a Larabar and an apple with a pack of Artisana raw nut butter (probably pecan) and hopefully I’ll be able to eat some fresh fruits and veggies later.

I hope that you all have a great day! Please feel free to weigh in (ha! I’m such a nerd) on this topic in my comments, I’d love to hear what you think!

Terrific Tuesday

Hey everyone! Hope your week started off well yesterday :) I ran around this morning trying to get some stuff done but now I’m relaxing a bit before work. I woke up late for me again so I guess I’m just needing the extra sleep. It feels great though!

Just as a funny side note, the top search term that brought people to this site yesterday was “my life is so much more interesting inside my head.” LOL. I tried searching that and I couldn’t find the link to my site so I’m so curious to know what post that search led to! So funny!

I won’t lie, I’ve had some pretty great meals today. I figured that if I make more of an effort with the meals I eat that hopefully my appetite will turn around. It’s starting to already which is a good sign. I am also going to Massachusetts this weekend for my friend’s wedding so I really want to try and feel my best and enjoy it! :)

For breakfast I had avocado toast, watermelon and some cold brewed iced coffee! I decided that I wanted some iced coffee last night so I cold brewed overnight and enjoyed an amazing Cafe Du Monde decaf cafe au lait with my breakfast. Such a great treat!

Check out this beautiful lunch! These are the leftovers from my brother’s birthday dinner the other night. He decided he wanted mediterranean food (obviously no argument from me!) and I got a falafel platter with rice and salad. I ate the salad that night but had some yummy, savory falafel leftover as well as some rice so I just added some cucumber salad (from the deli where I get my chopped salads) and I have an amazing meal ready in 10 minutes! SO delicious, I love this cucumber salad!

I plan on bringing an apple to snack on at work. You know what an apple looks like :)

For dinner I’m going to eat the salad I got the other day. Since I had the amazing above meal at my brother’s birthday dinner I’m going to devour this tonight :) Makes my life easier!

Not a bad of meals if I do say so myself ;) I’m hoping to try one of Gabby’s recipes for breakfast tomorrow, along with some yummy meals to bring to work with me.

Hope you all have a great day! I’ll be home after 9 tonight to catch up on all of your blogs :) Looking forward to it!

Get To Know Me!

Hey everyone! I saw this on tumblr and thought it was fun so I figured I’d bring it over here. You’ve commented on how you like my posts where I get a little personal so I figured why not let YOU have some control over the personal tidbits I discuss :)

This is pretty easy. All you have to do is comment with the words that correspond with the question(s) you want me to answer! I’ll reply directly in the comments! I’m looking forward to seeing what you want me to talk about! ;)

Blue: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling down?

Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?

Dopey: Tell us an embarrassing story.

English: How many languages can you speak?

Fear: Tell us three fears.

Game: What was the last board game you played?

Harry Potter: What was the last book you read?

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

Jump: Do five jumping jacks/star jump.

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Love: Do you believe in marriage?

Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?

Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?

Oops: What is one thing you’d like to change/fix?

Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.

Star-sign: When’s your birthday?

Teacher: What do you aspire to be?

Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?

Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?

Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?

Yellow: What’s your favourite colour?

Zoo: What is your favourite animal?

¬†Fun right! Thanks in advance to everyone that participates :) I’ll answer in the comments below!
Have a great night friends! My training session got pushed back to 7:45 so I’ll take care of some stuff before and head on down to get in some cardio before my session.
See ya tomorrow!

Sunday Fun Day

Hey friends! Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend so far. Mine has been nice and productive, which is always a good thing. I woke up at 9am which is super late for me and I definitely felt nice and relaxed and refreshed!

I went to Whole Foods as early as possible so I could avoid the massive crowds later on. I got a nice, small haul and took a few pics to show you :)

Carrots, spring mix, baby spinach, strawberry amande yogurt, stuffed grape leaves (duh) and hummus.

Brown rice tortillas, brown rice bread (they had it restocked, yay!), small container of prepared food, unsweetened shredded coconut, Larabars.

Because I know you wanted to see what was in the prepared food container ;) This is a mushroom and kale salad (I figured I’d give kale another try) and a mushroom quinoa dish.

Finished up the rest of the farmer’s market watermelon. It was sooooo good!

Comforting avocado toast with a few banana chips. Yes, it’s a weird combo but it was yummy.

Today is my brother’s birthday and the hunt for a birthday cake/pie led to the place that makes the amazing chopped salads I get when I’m in need of a meal while I’m out and about. We are going over for a birthday dinner so I got a salad in case what he wants isn’t vegan friendly. If it is vegan friendly I’ll eat the salad for lunch tomorrow. Isn’t it pretty?! Greens, carrots, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes and portobello mushrooms. Yum!

Here’s Tyler sleeping on Friday night, his last night with me :) He’s so freaking cute I can’t deal.

That’s all for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more yummy meals! I’m not going to lie, I’m really stoked for Vegan MoFo this year since I thought of my theme. I’ve even begun to brainstorm posts :X I’m such a nerd.

Have a great night everyone!

Fun Friday!

Hey everyone! Sorry about being such a downer yesterday. I know that lately my posts have been a little down because of my trouble with that company and from the hectic summer work schedule but after starting The Happiness Project today I’m going to focus on the happy things in life. I am fortunate that I have a lot of things that make me happy :)

So, what better way to celebrate Fun Friday than to talk about things that make me happy!?

Oh hi Tyler! How can you not be happy looking at that sweet face? It has been so nice to have him around all week :)

He says hi everyone!

I feel bad I don’t have the source of this photo because I pulled it so long ago, but how adorable is this?! I’m going to try and get my brother and sister in law to do this as their holiday card this year ;)

Isn’t this Strawberry Watermelon Cocktail beautiful?! It screams summer :) That reminds me I still have some of my Farmer’s Market watermelon left. Breakfast tomorrow! But I digress ;) This drink is gorgeous and I definitely want to try it! I’ll probably try it sans rum to start though.

I’m also really looking forward to experimenting more with my dehydrator. I have the weekend off and figured it would be a great time to pull it out and get some fun things in there! I’m going to go through some Raw “Cook”books tonight and make a list of ingredients I need. You all know how much I love making lists ;) Blame the Virgo in me!

I’m also excited because Vegan MoFo is around the corner and like a good girl, I actually thought of a theme for my posts this year! I am so excited about it and will definitely fill you in more when the time comes :)

I’m really excited that Fall is creeping up on us! My plan was to try and get a Fall E-book ready to release on my birthday but since I’m still in busy season at work I don’t think that is a realistic goal. I DO, however, have an idea for a winter themed e-book that I will definitely have time to put together! And don’t worry, you’ll still get those fall recipes!

For this week’s edition of Healthy Vegan Friday, I’m submitting my VaVaBar recipe! I love this bar so much, the orange and coconut are perfect together! Yum!

Alright friends, that’s all for this Fun Friday! I hope you’ve all had a great day and that you enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with some yummy, clean food :)


Hey everyone. Hope you are all well. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I haven’t had much of an appetite. In fact, I’ve been pretty nauseous lately. As I’ve mentioned briefly before I tend to have bouts where I’m nauseous ALL THE TIME and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just in denial about how much gluten affects me and that is how my body responds to it. Like I’ve mentioned before, I still eat products with gluten or wheat in it on occasion but I think it’s time to cut even that out. More on that later. Sorry if that is TMI!!

I’ve been doing some soul searching recently and I’m just really unhappy with where I am at this point in my life. I’m going to be 29 years old in less than a month and feel like I don’t have much to show for it. In my early twenties I felt really accomplished. I had my Master’s Degree by the time I was 23. Since then I feel like I’ve been going down hill. I decided that it’s time to change that. And I’m doing it by going on a cleanse.

I know what you are thinking. I have done my fair share of cleanses. I’m not talking about a diet cleanse. Well that’s not true, I will be cleansing my body as well, but I’m talking about a life cleanse. I’m cutting the crap out of my life. I can’t let the little things bother me anymore. The stress and anxiety that I feel from nonsense is making me physically ill. I’ve decided that I want to be in a better place physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally by the time I hit 30. I have specific ways that I plan on doing this but I’m going to keep that quiet for now. I’ve gotten the ball rolling and I feel better about that. To start this cleanse, I’ve taken a mental health day from work tomorrow to relax, spend time with Tyler, and start reading The Happiness Project.

Like I said, my body needs a cleanse too. I have not be feeling great lately and it’s because I’ve eaten a little too much wheat and processed sugar. The cookie dough dip is way healthier than many desserts but it still has brown sugar in it… and I certainly had my fair share!

I woke up craving water like crazy today. Clearly I’m dehydrated lol. I started off the day by drinking 36 oz of cold water. It was great but naturally after consuming that much liquid I felt a little nauseous so I packed up my breakfast to bring to work. I had half of that mini watermelon from the Farmer’s Market and a peach. A hydrating breakfast and the watermelon was phenomenal!

Now, keeping with the theme of makeovers, here is a makeover meal. I was so nauseous yesterday morning that I couldn’t even pack meals to bring with me to work because I couldn’t fathom eating. I brought little snacks but nothing substantial. I knew better than to go that long without eating a meal so I ordered lunch with my boss and coworker. They order every day pretty much but I only do once in a rare while.

As you can see from my leftovers I ordered steamed veggies (green beans, snow peas, mushrooms and broccoli) with brown rice. It came with an oil and MSG free light sauce made with ginger and soy sauce. I barely used any of it so the veggies were still pretty plain. I decided to use the leftovers to make…

Some Unfried Rice!! I made a very simple preparation. I sprayed a pan with a little coconut oil spray and heated everything. I seasoned only with some Braggs. It is great and there is plenty leftover for another meal!

Sorry if this post was a little serious but I’m all about being real here :) It’s hard to look at yourself and feel a little disappointed but it is also motivating me to change. Obviously I’ll keep you updated on everything!

I hope you all have a great evening! I’ll see you tomorrow for Fun Friday! I’ll post about what I do on my mental health day :)

Mini Haul and Some of the Usual

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a nice Tuesday. My day has started off really well, I picked up my friend and we went grocery shopping at the Mediterranean food store and at a Farmer’s Market! I didn’t get too much stuff and I’m only showing the Farmer’s market because you all know what hummus and banana chips look like ;)

I only picked up a few things from the Farmer’s Market. I wanted to grab some blueberries but there were bees ALL OVER THEM. Like 10 bees per pint. I just couldn’t do it lol. I got myself a mini watermelon which I plan on cracking open and eating for breakfast, some gorgeous grape tomatoes and two ears of corn.

I got some roasted pine nut hummus, banana chips (only $1.25 for .55 lbs!), some fruit rolls and some of those falafel sticks my friend packed in the picnic. Since I’m good with small amounts of wheat, I thought it would be a great snack on the run and a good once in a while treat :)

As always on Tuesday I packed up a quick dinner to bring to work. I put my purchases to use and will be trying some of those farmer’s market grape tomatoes and my roasted pine nut hummus.

Banana chips for snack. Nothing crazy, nothing new but it will be delicious.

I’m actually meeting up with my friend after work to grab some coffee at a coffee house we’ve been going to for almost 15 years! We try to go every time she comes down and since she is leaving tomorrow, tonight is the night! I plan on getting an iced soy chai latte :)

I hope you all have a great day! Tyler says hi and is just being the cutest little cuddlebug. I’ll try and get more pics of him soon :)

Oh and PS. I’m staying at my house for a few days. I’ll explain at the end of the week but it is definitely necessary. Crazy stuff!

Have a great day friends!

A Picnic With Friends

Hey everyone! Still no update on my situation with the horrible company (they were supposed to call back by today and SHOCKING they didn’t). Today was a really great day though because I got to hang out with my friends that are in town from MA! They are actually getting married in two weeks which is super exciting :) Anyway, there is a park about 30-40 minutes away that is really beautiful so we decided to do a picnic and a walk/hike around the park.

We decided to walk down to the beach on a path that is part paved and part light hike. We found some rocks to spread out on and set up the lovely meal that my friend packed for us! Before I get to the amazing meal, let me show you the view we got to enjoy.

Not bad right?! It was such a beautiful setting for a picnic. I can’t believe it took us so long to do it. It was also nice because it wasn’t too hot which was a major bonus.

Check out this spread! Clearly my friend knows me well! Stuffed grape leaves, a fruit roll, some banana chips, Falafel sticks (not gf but I knew a little wouldn’t affect me so I tried them and they are amazing!), salad with hummus and water. She did such a great job! It was delicious, I still have some of it left to snack on because I was stuffed!

I wanted to make dessert because I have been wanting to try this recipe for so long! It’s Chocolate Covered Katie’s Healthy Cookie Dough Dip! Cookie dough that is healthy and packed with protein?! Count me in. I made one small change though. I didn’t want the dip to taste like nut butter so I substituted the peanut butter with coconut butter! OMG it may have been the best decision I’ve made in a long time lol! It gave it a light coconut flavor but was mild enough that it didn’t overwhelm the dip. It isn’t the most beautiful dish to photograph (especially packed for a picnic) but the flavor was so amazing. I cut up apples and strawberries for dipping. Perfect dippers, the strawberries were especially delicious! I had to spoon it on them though since it was nice and thick. Definitely recommend this recipe!

In total we estimated that we walked 4-5 miles which was a pretty good distance. It was a perfect way to get my mind off of the bullshit I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks. It felt good to actually get out on my day off and enjoy my friends and nature. And I’ll sleep really well tonight ;)

As promised, Tyler says hi!! I don’t know what the Groomer did when cutting his hair but he’s so adorable no matter the haircut :) He’s such a little cuddlebug, it has been so nice!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday evening! I’m going to be editing photos for a bit tonight (I did a small engagement shoot for my friends as part of our day) and then I’m going to just relax. It is going to feel so great!

Have a good night! Hope you have a nice Monday. I’ll probably give it one last shot with that company tomorrow but maybe after that for my own sanity and I may just have to figure out an exit strategy. I’ll see how much they piss me off tomorrow though ;)

Fun Friday

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve been weird lately, been going through a lot here. My little problem has turned into an all out war and will result in some drastic measures being taken. I’ve been lied to over and over and I’m pretty much over it and I’m going to try and get my money back a different way and then it’s time to cut ties.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks and I’ve been getting through them by focusing on all of the small things that I’m looking forward to and that I’ve been able to enjoy in this time. I figured I’d share some of them with you for this Fun Friday post.

I have wanted to read this book since Bianca started talking about it and posting about the recipes. It’s about Scott Jurek who is an ultramarathoner. He talks about his training and his running and also provides super yummy sounding recipes. While I can’t run because of the impact I think this will be super inspiring and I’m looking forward to trying the recipes.

My friend told me about this book about a year again and then I heard about it again when Sage mentioned it. My friend is letting me borrow a copy (hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow!) and I can’t wait to read it. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut right now and I’m hoping that this book will help me to flip the switch and start living a more fulfilled life.

Check out these cool DIY Necklaces! I love them and I can’t wait to try and make one :) I am hoping to try it out soon since I feel like crafting may help me get into a zen place.

The ladies are going at it again tomorrow when Sarah Kaufman and Ronda Rousey will fight the main event title fight in tomorrow’s Strikeforce fights! Of course I’ll be working when it’s on but I’m going to DVR the fights so I can watch them later. I’ve been looking forward to this fight for a while!

Finally, for this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday I’m submitting my Carrot Cake Smoothie recipe. This smoothie is so delicious, it is by far one of my favs! I hope people will try it because it is amazing and the healthiest way I can think of to eat carrot cake!

Sorry I’ve been kind of down lately but I’m just drained from this whole experience. It makes me sick that all of my hard work can just disappear in a second by the hand of a greedy company. Hopefully I’ll get some resolution soon… I guess if I don’t I have to suck up a major loss. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I don’t think I’ll be able to post tomorrow since I’ll be working a wedding and moving my groceries and clothes for the week to my brother’s house. I will see you here on Sunday though! Hope you all have a great night and a great day tomorrow!