New Year’s Resolutions

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your patience while I was away :) I’m back now and I should hopefully be able to post a lot more often now. I hope you all had a lovely week and have been enjoying the end of the holiday season.

I’m not usually someone to make New Year’s resolutions but I decided to try it out this year. I am looking at it more as an evaluation of my year and just where I want to be by this time next year and I’m going to take it from there. So this is pretty much how I see it…

I think that in general I have pretty good habits regarding my health. I work out a lot and for the most part I eat pretty healthy. My resolution in terms of health is to reverse my worst habit which is my inconsistency. When I am not being lazy I’m really on top of things but once I get lazy I just stop in my tracks. For example, the apple cider vinegar. I’m really good about it most of the time but when I get off track it isn’t for a day, it is for a week. I feel the effects of taking that much time off. I need to be more consistent and I’ve been getting better lately so I think this is definitely an obtainable goal.

My other resolution is to reduce my stress. I am the kind of person that takes things very personally and I let everything affect me.  I need to mellow out about things like that and let things roll off my back because I think that it’ll really make me a much happier person. I also need to make sure I consciously take “me” time. The winter is the perfect time to start making this a habit because I have time. Once I make it part of the routine it will hopefully follow me into the busy season and help to make that a less stressful time.

The main theme of my “resolutions” is to start forming new habits. This is really the only way to make sure that you stick to your resolutions. It is easy to go to the gym and eat right for a few weeks, but if you don’t commit to making it a habit or a lifestyle, you fall off the wagon by the end of January. I feel like we’ve all been there.

So, now that I’ve done the somewhat obligatory resolution summary, I figured I’d show you something you don’t see much on this blog. As you all know by now I’m not much of a drinker. I rarely ever drink actually. I wanted a margarita for my birthday and it never happened lol. I can’t drink beer because of the wheat and I really am not a fan of wine. I will taste wines to try and change that because I see nothing wrong with a glass of wine now and then but have never found one I really like. Then I found out that I like sweet dessert wines, mostly moscatos.

This one is especially delicious. I’ve never heard of or seen a red moscato before, but I had given this one a try at the Chocolate Trade Show I went to a few months ago. It is called Red Electra and is made at the Quady Winery which, according to my “Is Your Wine Vegan?” app, is vegan. I only drink wine once or twice every couple of months and decided to have a (admittedly large) glass this week while I was at my bro’s house last week. I will have another glass to celebrate New Year’s Eve tomorrow night :) After that I probably won’t have a drink for a few months. For the record, I was DEFINITELY feeling that glass when I was done, which is a pretty good indication of how rarely I drink.
What are your resolutions, if you make them?
P.S. My abs and triceps are on fire today. Good training session yesterday ;)

Wish Lists Becoming Reality

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and happy holiday whichever you may celebrate :) It was nice to spend quality time with family, and as I said before I’m spending the week pet sitting for my bro so updates will be sporadic for this week. I did, however, want to show you some of the amazing things that my generous family gave me mostly because I think they will look familiar to you!

MY NINJABREAD MEN COOKIE CUTTERS!!! I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty much the most excited about these. It is kinda sad but they make me smile :) I also got the cupcake kitchen timer and the chopsticks for dummies :)
For my skull and crossbones obsession…skull spatulas, my skull and crossbones ice cube tray and skull key covers :)
My gorgeous measuring bowls from Anthropologie. 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup bowls. Keep an eye out for these in future photos!
An individual blender to make my quick protein shakes since I broke my other one. I don’t have a good track record with blenders… I broke my friend’s blender when I was visiting him in Florida. Oops! Hopefully this one will make it longer than the other ones :X
I am very fortunate to have a very generous family. I hope that you all had a lovely holiday and that you were able to enjoy those around you. Delilah is off visiting her other grandparents in Texas but she says hi as well :)
I’ll hopefully be back sometime this week to show you some food. Things will definitely get back to normal for me on here after the new year.
Oh and my decision for my hair… I think that for now I’m going to keep some length and get some shape and style in there for now…lots of layers most likely. Then in the spring I will do a pretty big chop and get rid of quite a few inches :) I’ll keep you posted on it and I’ll definitely post pics when I get it done. 
Ciao for now!

Quick Poll :)

Hey everyone :) I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently recently. I’ve been really busy and will continue to be through next week. I’m going to be house sitting for my brother and since my laptop is now essentially a desktop until I get a new power cord (long story) I can’t bring it with me. I’ll try and post once or twice for updates but I won’t be around much until the new year. That much I can tell you. I’ll do my best to keep up with your posts though!

I don’t have food to show you today but I’d love to hear your opinions about something very random. I’ve been growing my hair for a long time but have recently been debating cutting a lot of it off.

This is an extremely unflattering picture of myself with horrible florescent lights and no make up but you can see how long my hair is. I love the length but I’m tired of it.
So what do you think? New year new look? Or rock it long? Love to hear what you think!
I doubt I’ll be back before tomorrow to post so I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! I hope that whatever you do to celebrate brings you lots of joy :)

Recipe – Cookie Truffles!

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the ridiculously easy recipe for the cookie truffles that I made for the holidays. I honestly don’t remember where I saw the recipe to begin with because I made it when I was not vegan (just vegetarian) and it wasn’t hard so I just remembered it.

Cookie Truffles

1 package sandwich cookies (the original recipe called for Oreos but I made mine more festive for the holidays by making a batch with Candy Cane Joe Joe’s and a batch with Newman O’s Ginger Cookies)
1-8 oz tub of tofutti cream cheese
1 package vegan chocolate chips (if dipping the truffles)*
1. Process cookies into fine crumbs in the food processor.
2. Mix softened cream cheese in with crumbs. Combine completely.
3. Refrigerate for at least an hour to let it set a little.
4. Roll mixture into small balls (I used a medium sized ice cream scoop). Refrigerate again until firm.
5. If dipping, melt chocolate chips and dip truffles until evenly coated. Refrigerate to set the chocolate coating.
5. Enjoy! 
*Note – Dipping any chocolate or peanut butter cream cookies in chocolate will always be delicious. I didn’t know how the ginger cookies would taste so I rolled them in powdered sugar. They looked great for a little bit but then condensed and formed more of a glaze (which isn’t bad either). You could also try vegan white chocolate for those.
Ginger Cookie Truffles rolled in Powdered Sugar

Candy Cane Joe Joe Truffles dipped in Chocolate
I told you it was really really easy. You can honestly just leave the mixture in a bowl and just spoon it into your mouth it is that good. :)

Holiday Baking Day 2: Cookies and Bars, Oh My!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent many hours baking yesterday and several hours making my no bake treats the day before :) You saw the no bake so here is what came out of my oven yesterday!

This is what 5 dozen Almond Joy Cookies looks like…
Mmmm! Close-up!
1 batch of Magical Coconut Bars from Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar! Chosen by you my dear readers!
Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Biscotti, also from Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar! It got eliminated from the Holiday Baking Bracket but it is one of my favorite recipes and it is festive for the holidays so I made them anyway. They are SO delicious, I highly recommend making them!
As a little side note – the second batch of biscotti was my last batch of baking for this season. Naturally, I run out of arrowroot powder on the first batch. I had made the Magical Coconut Bars, 5 dozen Almond Joy Cookies and 1 batch of biscotti in a row. I was on a roll and then the momentum was totally lost when I had to go and get arrowroot. Any bakers out there I’m sure will understand what a major bummer it is to have to leave in the middle to grab one ingredient. Oh well, I finished soon after and they will be consumed shortly :)
I took this photo of all of the goodies with my phone for you to get the whole picture of this project :) Needless to say I was EXHAUSTED after! It’s all worth it though, I love baking for everyone! I will definitely have to continue doing giveaways for all of you throughout the year to share the baking love after the holiday season has passed.
Hope you are all having a good Monday!

Holiday Baking Day 1: No Bake Goodness!

Hey everyone! My internet seems to be ok with uploading photos today…although VERY slowly! I started this post yesterday with the intentions of getting it up last night but I couldn’t get the photos uploaded. So here it is hopefully with all tenses edited ;)

I didn’t post Friday because I ended up shooting a small party. It was a nice last minute job which certainly helps this time of year where wedding season slows to a halt.

I had to work very early yesterday morning for a few hours in the studio then I headed over to the gym for a training session. I scheduled a third this week because I was feeling extra aggressive :X

After I got home I spent a few hours making some no-bake treats to give away this holiday season. Today I spent ALL DAY baking many different kinds of cookies. I’m glad I split it up this way because making the truffles (and DIPPING the truffles) took a lot longer than expected…mainly the dipping.

Anyway, here’s what I made yesterday!

Super easy and delicious Ginger Cookie Truffles!
Candy Cane Cookie Truffles!
Peppermint Cookies ‘n’ Cream Chocolates!
So that’s it for round 1. Wait until you see what I made today ;)
Hope you all had a great weekend!


Hey everyone! I’m really sorry but my internet has been giving me major problems the past few days/weeks. If I’ve double or triple commented on your blog I’m so sorry totally didn’t mean to. If my comments have disappeared (cough Shen cough) I’m sorry. And no I wasn’t dreaming my comments lol I know for a fact I posted them :)

Now for some reason my internet is a big pile of crap and won’t let me upload photos which is incredibly annoying as I’ve started my holiday baking. So until this stops being ridiculous I’m really sorry but I’ll post when I can. I don’t understand it and it is really aggravating that they can’t get their act together.

I’ll be back with photos when it lets me upload. Sorry :( I’ll also comment on your blogs when it seems to be working…hopefully only once per post!

It’s Almost Friday!

Hey everyone :) Hope you all had a good week so far! This post will probably be quick because I’m exhausted. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet.

After work I went straight to my training session. It was really awesome, we did some new drills today. I don’t remember what he called it but he used the word “advanced” in the beginning which was a total confidence booster :) After the gym I spent two hours shopping for groceries and baking supplies. Most of it was driving. I hate driving so I’m tired and totally need to relax right now.

Here’s the food.

Oats for breakfast. Topped with banana, walnuts and coconut. YUM.

2 clementines with coffee for midmorning snack.

Lunch was this delicious plate of veggies and stuffed grape leaves (the bottom thing is a pickle). I had a small container of hummus on the side, not pictured.
After my workout I had this delicious Vega chocolate coconut protein bar.
Working on dinner. I’ll figure it out.
Have a great night!

WTF Wednesday!

Hey everyone! I’m about to head off for my long day at work so I wanted to do a quick post and show you 2 of my meals.

I ran out of brown rice tortillas so I put some black beans and the rest of yesterday’s avocado onto some toast and added a banana on the side. I am so stuffed but I like to try and eat a hearty breakfast on my long day because it typically has to keep me full past the lunch hour if we are busy with appointments. This was really good but I’ll probably stick to my tortillas so I’ll have to stock up.
For lunch I made this beautiful green stir fry. Tofu, bok choy, broccoli, and zucchini. This is gonna be amazing!
For dinner I’ll probably get a small container of rice and veggies from the deli next door.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday Grub

Hey everyone! I’m back with a full day’s worth of eats. Nothing really new but I figured I’d post it anyway. Had a really busy morning running around…started off with a little cardio at the gym then ran a few errands. Came home and did a bunch of laundry and now I’m finally relaxing a bit before work.

Check out the meals!

After the gym I had an unpictured soy latte while running my errands.  When I got home I ate breakfast which was a slice of millet toast with 1/2 of an avocado and 2 clementines.
For lunch I’m about to enjoy some stuffed grape leaves with hummus and some cucumber salad. Yum!!
Afternoon snack will be a handful of almonds.

Dinner will be a chopped salad I’m bringing to work which I picked up when I was out running my errands.
Have a great day everyone!