Yummy Eats and Fur Children!

Hello again everyone :) Lots of craziness over the past few days! We still don’t have power at work (!!!) so yesterday I got to work from home.  On a whim I called my gym to see if my trainer had a 45 minute slot open for a bonus session and sure enough someone had canceled so I grabbed the slot! I’m so glad I did because the workout felt amazing yesterday and I’ve been feeling really good in general lately. I have another session tomorrow and I finally got my yoga dvds so I can’t wait to give those a try too!

I’ve been at my brother’s house pet sitting this week and it is so nice to be around animals again.  I figured I’d introduce to you them because they are awesome and cute.  My apologies for the funky color in the pics but I’m sure you’ll get the point ;)

This is Tyler! He’s a bit neurotic and needs a lot of attention but he is so sweet you can’t help but love playing and cuddling with him.
This is Jack. She is a rescue kitty. The vet said she was a he hence the name. THey found out later that she is a female but kept the name.
This is Eddie, another rescue kitty. He used to be super anti-social but now he is such a mush and loves to be pet…he purrs like crazy!
They are so cute I had to show them off :) Now onto the eats!
Breakfast: Big ol’ bowl of watermelon and blackberries. Super refreshing.
Midmorning: Coffee…love that my name is on the cup, too bad it’s spelled wrong ;)
Lunch: Another chopped salad.
Dinner: Broccoli with olive oil and garlic, carrots with unpictured hummus and this amazing cucumber salad I got from the same place as the salad.  
There were also some un-pictured snacks. Pretty yummy day!
Hopefully we’ll have power in the studio tomorrow.  Today we were running off a generator…it was so hot in there because we were afraid to try to plug in the AC! Excited for another training session too :)

Giveaway WINNERS!!! (and a few meals!)

Hey guys, just back here with the giveaway winners!! I was only going to do 2 winners but since only 3 of you commented on the post (well three of you that weren’t making weird comments about colorful abs??!) I figured what the heck, you are all winners!!! Congrats to Shen, Food Feud, and Michelle!!! I’m planning on a few goodies for you, so please e-mail your address to me at sarah_shmuel@hotmail.com.

Can’t wait to bake some treats for you ladies! The power situation threw a little wrench in the plans because  I don’t have the kitchen to myself anymore but I’m going to try and get everything made this weekend and have them in the mail for you by next week.

Yay! first giveaway in the books! :)

Now some updates. Today was sort of business as usual.  We had no power at work still (and we still have no power at my house…yikes!) so I had the day off…if it still isn’t back tomorrow I’m gonna bring some work home though.  Can’t afford too much time off.

Had a sick workout at the gym with my trainer today. Been feeling pretty good lately :)  And I love every minute of it!  I can’t wait until I get the 3 yoga DVDs that I ordered in the mail so I can get back on that train and re-gain some of the flexibility and balance that I had worked so hard on before!

Onto some eats. Breakfast was a big ol’ bowl of watermelon which wasn’t too interesting so I didn’t photograph it.

Lunch was some delicious vegan hot and sour soup. I LOVE this stuff, my mouth was on fire!
Ask and you shall receive! Another chopped salad for post workout dinner. 
Un-pictured snacks and coffee :)
See you all tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce you to the furry crew I’m caring for this week. And I think I see some Thai food in my future. YUM!

Irene Aftermath and a Random Meal

Hey everyone, thank you so much for your concerned. I’m kind of shocked I just got my power back already and feel incredibly lucky to have gotten through this with little interruption and damage. I just read about Shen’s experience and we had the exact opposite, very little rain and LOTS of crazy wind.  Trees down and some damage to the neighborhood, but I didn’t experience anything personally except a few branches from a tree came down.

In the hours after the craziness everyone in the neighborhood was out surveying the damage.  I guess it gave us something to do while waiting for the power to come back.  I took a bunch of pics to show you.

About 100 feet from my house a tree was uprooted and leaning on this house. So scary!
Front view
Huge part of tree in the middle of the street a block down from that first uprooted tree (2 blocks from my house)
Down the block from the first house with the leaning tree, this tree completely fell over and took out the power lines.
Same tree as above, you can see why we have no power. I’m at my bro’s house with the animals, my parents still have no power.
That’s the craziness that happened within a 2 block radius of my house.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have been spared of any significant damage.
And now for a random Irene meal of random stuff I had around…
Watermelon, dolma and snapea crisps. Random but good.
I hope you are all ok!

Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone, just figured I’d give a heads up that I’ll be going on a brief hiatus until things calm down.  I’m not necessarily panicked about the hurricane but I’m located on Long Island so I figured I should at least not be a total idiot and take the warnings somewhat seriously. I have a wedding to work tomorrow so I’m just trying to take my time now to make sure everything will be as safe and comfortable for the animals (I’m pet-sitting for my bro through next week) as possible.

Hope everyone remains safe over the next few days and I’ll be back next week with more vegan yums and the giveaway winners!!!

No natural disasters today!

Yay no natural disasters today! Although a hurricane is on the way, which caused my friend to postpone his visit up here :( Major bummer! I’m pretty upset about it because I haven’t seen him since April and don’t know when we’ll be able to reschedule. I’m sure it will also have an impact on my margarita consumption :(

Only took pics of lunch and dinner today.

Lunch: WF’s prepared yumminess – golden sesame tofu and quinoa/zucchini/chickpea salad.
Dinner: Dolma, carrots and garlic and herb cashews.
There was plenty of food consumed between all these meals, just none that were noteworthy.

Bento Box!

I am loving this bento box that I got. It makes packing lunch and snacks so much easier.  Well, in today’s case, packing dinner :)
This is the only noteworthy meal of today so it’s the only one I’m going to post and I am doing it now before I head into work til late.  Had a great trampoline workout this morning too so I’m pretty pumped :)
Tonight’s dinner was a yum stuffed bento box! From the top left is dolma, falafel, hummus, carrot, strawberries and pineapple. This is gonna be good!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Back to basics!

I’m back! Had a long work weekend and just finished off my raw week with more of the same fruits and salads and whatnot.  Back to cooked food today and I’m not gonna lie, I am kinda glad to be back to normal.  I enjoy eating more raw meals during the summer, but a completely raw diet isn’t for me.  I do have lots of yummy new recipes though!

Today I had a killer training session. It felt really good to be back to normal :)  Check out the eats!

Breakfast: WHile shopping in Whole Foods last week I found some gluten free english muffins! I really miss my english muffin sandwiches so I decided to get them and have them as a yummy comforting treat every once in a while. I figured that it would only be appropriate to eat a really good comforting first cooked meal in a week so I went for one of my favorite classics: english muffin with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. And it was damn good.
Midmorning: Iced coffee (the caffeine habit is here to stay for a bit) and some watermelon.
Lunch (and dinner): Lunch was a delicious huge ass plate of rice and beans with green beans and some zucchini (both cooked in tomato, garlic and oil). It was so good!  I ate the leftovers for dinner!
Post workout: Protein shake.
It feels great to be back to normal! :)

More of the Same Raw

Same boring food, different pics :)  I did a 90 minute training session today and it was gnarly.  I’m really tired right now.  And I’ll probably be extra sore because of the lack of protein.  Awesome.  Lots of water to be consumed!

Anyway, more of the same!

More watermelon. So frickin delicious. Every. Time.
Another salad.
Homemade citrus larabar. Yum! Check out that awesome chipped nail polish too ;)

More Raw Meals and a GIVEAWAY!!

Today was another day of raw eatin…I’m not gonna lie, I doubt I’ll do 100% raw after the end of this week.   I’m finding it a little more difficult than I expected…I think part of it is because of my crazy schedule and workout routines.  I’ve found it takes longer for my muscles to recover after an intense workout and while I feel like I have a lot more energy from eating unprocessed foods, I’m missing the grains and more substantial recovery meals.  I’m going to stick out the rest of the week but after that I’ll go back to eating some cooked foods, mainly after exercise.

That said, check out the eats!

Breakfast: A pile of watermelon and a banana
Midmorning: I couldn’t deal with another migraine so I had an 8 oz cup of coffee that was half decaf half regular :(
Lunch: Yummy salad with greens, raw corn, sun-dried tomato, cucumber, carrots and broccoli. Noms.
The rest of the day I just snacked on some raw treats including dehydrated kale chips (totally overpriced from Whole Foods…got the Bombay Ranch flavor and it is so savory I can’t eat more than a few at a time), baby carrots, raw nuts and this yummyness:
Homemade citrus (lemon juice and orange zest) larabar :) So GOOD!
OK so Shenandoah Vegan made a great suggestion and I think it is time for a giveaway! I love to bake and since I am going to have access to my brother’s big beautiful kitchen in 2 weeks, I’m going to bake some treats and share them with 2 of you!! All you have to do is comment on this post by Sunday, August 28 and tell me your favorite holiday to bake for and why :)  I’ll use that random generator thing to choose 2 winners to receive treats I’ll bake the week of August 29 :)  Good luck!!
And by the way, I LOVE baking fun, creative treats for halloween which happens to be my favorite holiday! I also love the winter holiday season because everyone is so festive and I love making a huge variety of yummy cookies to share with everyone!