Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I figured I’d pop in to show you some yummy things I’ve been eating (and drinking). Can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I feel like this week went by so quickly!

So here’s what I’ve eaten so far today.

Breakfast was a large mason jar full of peach mango juice. OMG it was so good! I juiced 3 champagne mangos and 4 ripe peaches. Definitely got a nice amount of juice from it. I would have run it through a strainer if I had time but I forgot how long it takes to juice (prep and cleaning time included) so I didn’t have time before I had to leave for work.

I snacked on a few of these little pluots (they are pretty teeny, just photograph larger). I love these things.

For lunch I had a hummus sandwich on gluten free tortilla with sun dried tomato, carrots and lots of romaine. Sorry for the crappy blurry pic, I was rushing :)

For dinner I plan on making a large salad. It’s too hot for me to attempt to deal with it now lol.

Oh and an update on my Vegan Cuts box! I was thinking about it and since I don’t know what the allergy situation is I didn’t know if the Snack Box is the best idea right now so the lovely people at Vegan Cuts canceled my Snack Box and I subscribed for the Beauty Box instead!! I’m really excited about it since I’m so spazzy about beauty products (and one of my goals as I head into my 30s is to learn more about beauty products/makeup/hair) and it is a great value. The only catch is that the July box was sold out so I had to subscribe for the August box. I’m so impatient but I know it’ll be worth the wait!

So that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fun Friday post! I have a fun one planned… well hopefully you’ll find it fun! ;) Have a great night friends!

WIAW – Liquid Wednesday

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Hope the middle of the week finds you all well. I decided to do a What I Ate Drank Wednesday post today. I’ve been feeling yucky since yesterday and decided maybe I’d just drink my meals today to see how that works. I’d be able to sip throughout the day and I’d mix it up between juices and smoothies (with protein powders to bulk up the calorie count!) and see how I felt.

Before I get into my beverages for the day, I just wanted to show you two pics from yesterday:

Check out how gorgeous this breakfast is! I had a piece of my Cinnamon Oat Bread with raw pecan butter, strawberry and banana. I sprinkled the top with a little coconut and ate the rest of the banana on the side. It was pretty to look at, delicious to eat and filling in my belly. Perfect meal.

I just wanted to show you the cupcakes all dressed up and packed up to go. I was really happy with how these came out. :)

And on with the liquids!

Lots of green juice!

A cherry chocolate smoothie for breakfast. Seriously my favorite smoothie.

Some unpictured kombucha (not the one I got carded for ha!) is going to be consumed at work.

I’ll be having a Carrot Cake Smoothie for dinner tonight. This one is the bulkiest one of the day as it has oats, walnuts, raisins, carrots and vanilla protein powder. This one will fill me up for the night :)

I will definitely let you know how I felt after this experiment! It’s definitely not like a juice cleanse because there is plenty of bulk in the smoothie but I’m hoping sipping sits better with me than chewing ;)

Hope the day finds you all well! Have a great night and I’ll be back soon with some actual food that I chew ;)

CSD Cleanse: Day 8

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday. Today was business as usual for me. Woke up a little earlier than usual to get some meal prep in and it worked out pretty well for me. Lots of gorgeous meals eaten so far :)

For breakfast I juiced up a ton of green goodness to make this nice large serving of green juice. I used the same recipe for “Morning Glorious” juice from CSK. Glorious indeed!

Around noon I snacked on an orange. Mmm.

Lunch was a hummus wrap with romaine, sun dried tomatoes and carrots. I had it on a gluten free wrap. It was really delicious but the wraps are so brittle they get really messy. Still good though!

I made a second juice to drink in the afternoon. This one was a simple cucumber lime juice as suggested by Allysia. So good! A great afternoon pick me up.

Still deciding what to do about dinner. I’ve been experiencing some tooth pain as a result of a cracked crown or filling or whatever. I had a really shitty dentist in the past that basically messed up my mouth and I have recurring dental problems so this isn’t much of a surprise but still annoying nonetheless. I’m going on Friday to hopefully get it fixed. Anyway, trying to figure out what soft food I’ll eat for dinner. I kind of want a smoothie but it’s cold so I’ll probably go for a rice bowl with some soft veggies and tofu.

Hope you all have a great night! I’m going to be resting up since I’m exhausted and achy today. Looking forward to checking out what delicious things you’ve been cooking up :)

CSD Cleanse: Day 6

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Yesterday ended up being a very busy day so I didn’t get a chance to get on here but you didn’t miss anything new or interesting :) I’m sorry I didn’t say ahead of time I wasn’t going to be posting every day. I’m trying to deal with anxiety issues again and I decided to take the stress of posting every day off of my shoulders and I think it’s been helping a little.

The cleanse has been going well! I’m enjoying everything I’m eating (and drinking!) and I feel good! I’m going to the Dr. again tomorrow so we’ll see what kinds of tests I’ll be going through but I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve been reading up on connective tissue disease (which is what my test results are pointing to but I don’t have all of the positive results necessary to actually make a diagnosis) and it seems that they are progressive diseases and it may take years for tests to come up positive (if I do indeed have a connective tissue disease). I’m guessing that’s why my Dr. keeps testing me for the same things so I am starting to understand. We’ll see what else we come up with!

Anyway, here’s the yummy stuff I ate today!

I got out of bed late today so rather than fuss with a green juice I decided to brunch it up with some avocado toast. 1/2 avocado split over 2 slices gf toast with sea salt and pepper. Simple, filling and delicious.

Lunch was an S&M salad. More avocado. I’m ok with it. ;)

In the afternoon I made myself a nice glass of carrot apple juice. It was SO FREAKING GOOD! I decided to keep it classy and drink from a wine glass (inspired by one of the guys from Impractical Jokers). There was another half a glass enjoyed after this one.

I kept the pulp because I have some plans for it :) Check out how dry it is too! This juicer is really great, very powerful!

Sorry for another recycled image but I chowed down on dinner before I could photograph it. I had a similar sandwich one a gf wrap with hummus and tons of fresh veggies. Delicious!

That’s all for today! I’m debating if I want to make tomorrow a juice cleanse day like Kris Carr suggests. It’s an option since I have Mondays off. I’ll be ok to get blood drawn after just drinking juice right? I don’t typically get light headed or anything from it so I think I should be fine. Thoughts?

Have a great night friends!

CSD Cleanse: Day 4

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. As you may recall, the third day of my cleanses tend to be pretty brutal and I didn’t eat anything new or interesting so I skipped the post. There’s nothing new or interesting today either but oh well!

More juice, the same recipe I used that other day. Still delicious!

Simple stir fry for lunch.

Sorry for the recycled pic but dinner will look exactly like this. Salad with sun dried tomatoes, portobellos, cucumber and carrot. Yum!

I read somewhere that they are tearing down the boardwalk in Long Beach this weekend. It’s such a sad story since I can pretty much assure you that every single person on Long Island has a lot of great memories at the boardwalk, myself included. Hopefully they’ll be able to rebuild and we can all enjoy it again soon.

Sorry for the short post, just a busy night. Hope you all have a great night, hopefully I’ll be able to pop in tomorrow, if not then definitely Sunday!

CSD Cleanse: Day 2

Hey friends!! Quick post today because I have to still get ready for work. I spent all morning preparing my meals for the day. It’s a lot of time and work but it’s so worth it when I look at what I get to eat later :) Still feeling good and my belly is full after my late morning snack. Shall we get to it?

Check it out!! My very first green juice and also my first time using my new juicer! I think it came out great! I used the Morning Glorious juice recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen and it is absolutely delicious. It has romaine, kale, celery, cucumber, granny smith apple and some lemon juice. Isn’t it pretty!? I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tasted it but I really really enjoyed it. I don’t know how I’ll do with straight up veggie juice when I cut the fruit but I guess I’ll see when the time comes :)

As a late morning snack I enjoyed the return of avocado toast! I used gluten free brown rice bread (toasted of course), a quarter of an avocado and sprinkled with a little sea salt and black pepper. I’ve missed this! So simple and delicious!

For lunch I made another raw caesar salad with cooked tofu croutons. I mixed romaine and kale together for the salad and it looks awesome, it’s going to be so good!

For dinner I threw together a quick bowl. There is about a half cup of brown rice at the bottom, lots of lightly steamed green veggies on top of that and it’s all topped with a clean tomato sauce and some nooch. I’m planning on making some marinara sauce on my own but I wanted to use this up and it was organic and clean so there it is :)

In looking at all of the photos together I’m loving how green today’s meals look! I also realized today while juicing that since it is so time consuming I probably won’t be able to juice when I have an early start at work but I should be able to at least 4 days a week hopefully! Baby steps, right?

OK, time for me to finish getting ready for work :) I hope you all have a great day today!