Last Night’s Dinner and Today’s meals (so far)!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve been able to post a full day’s worth of meals so to make up for it I figured I’d post a full day’s worth of meals PLUS a bonus dinner from last night!

My friends were in town from Rhode Island and we decided to try somewhere new for dinner so we ended up at The Oneness-Fountain-Heart in Flushing.  The place was really nice and bright and based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy.

I had the Souvlaki Fountainopolis which is Grilled, spiced vegetarian beef served with brown rice and greek salad. It was SO GOOD, the “beef” was delicious, it had an unexpected hint of cinnamon that I loved because as you know, I’m a cinnamon freak!  The entire menu looked amazing and it was difficult to choose…they had a few strictly vegan options and a bunch of options that were easily veganized (my meal comes with feta and tzatziki but if you ask for the vegan option they will gladly leave these ingredients off).  I will definitely go back to try some of the other dishes. The only thing that was slightly off-putting was that it took a REALLY long time to have our order taken and our food come out. I’ll still go back though :)
Today’s Breakfast: Coffee and a Gluten Free brown rice english muffin with tomato and avocado, sea salt and pepper. It was amazing!
Lunch: Hot and sour soup and some un-pictured raw veggies.
Not sure what is happening for dinner yet, but chances are it will be a chopped salad :)
Hope you all had a great weekend so far!
P.S Tyler says hi!!