Hey friends! Thank you all so much for your early birthday wishes, it was definitely very sweet of you all! I feel very lucky to have “met” all of you :)

Today I officially turned 29. And for the first time in a long time I decided to spend my day exactly the way I wanted to spend it. I started off with a very early trip to the gym where I warmed up with some cardio then decided to play with the new boxing equipment that my gym has! I forgot to tell you all that on Thursday I had my first full fight training session in months and it felt great and was so much fun! In addition to the heavy bag we have, they added a return bag, a speed back and a slip bag. I had SO MUCH FUN testing everything out and doing round after round. I was tired after and now I’m sore but it’s so worth it! It reminded me how much I love it and how much I missed it. So this morning I decided I’d do a little bit of training on my own and I’m glad I did :)

After the gym I headed over to Starbucks to cash in on my free drink. You better believe I took advantage of that, ha! Here is my Venti Iced Decaf Vanilla Soy Latte. I guess it’s becoming more clear to me that I’m pretty high maintenance when it comes to food :X

So I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for my late birthday lunch mainly because I wanted to imbibe a giant margarita. I didn’t realize it was a late lunch/early dinner (we ate at like 4?) so it turns out I was doing a little day drinking. Oops, haha! So anyway, back to the masterpiece above. That, my friends, is a Black Cherry Margarita. And that Black Cherry Margarita was DELICIOUS. I should have known better that it would be so filling and I should have ordered lunch accordingly but I wasn’t thinking clearly and ordered…

This delicious burrito! I tore through the tortilla and just ate about 3/4 of the the insides. It was called the “Healthy Burrito” and included “broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, portobello mushrooms and sweet peppers steamed with enchilada sauce, then overstuffed with black beans and served with a side of sour cream and guacamole.” I switched out the sweet peppers for onions and obviously skipped the sour cream. It was so good but I was SO STUFFED when I walked out of the door. And drunk. I have very low tolerance lol.

My intention was to go to Babycakes to get my birthday treat but apparently it is closed on Saturdays! What?! I recovered though and decided to pass by the Whole Earth Bakery and picked up a few treats. I picked up a slice of Pumpkin Pie (Happy First Day of Fall!), a slice of Key Lime Cheesecake, and…

Chocolate. Almond. Cheesecake. Clearly this would be the ultimate birthday dessert so when my poor belly recovered from lunch I ate about half of this bad boy. It was really rich and decadent but also really delicious!

So here I am, a little sleepy, a lot full and very happy. I had a great day and I’m so thankful to my family for making the day special :) I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday and the first day of fall! Tomorrow is back to the grind with another wedding, but I only have 4 more days of work until my trip to Florida! Yay!

Have a great night everyone!


Thank you all so much for the early birthday wishes yesterday! You are all so sweet :) Today was the big day and it was a fairly normalish day but was made special by my friends and family which was nice.  Weekday birthdays kind of stink…and add working the weekend on top of it and it stinks even more.  I am going for dinner on Sunday with my family though which will be nice. The only requirement I had for where was just that I needed to be able to get a giant margarita :)

So, here is how I spent my 28th birthday!! Get ready, this is gonna be a picture heavy post :)

Started off with breakfast, gf english muffin, peanut butter and my fancy cut bananas ;) Cinnamon sprinkled on top, naturally.
Iced soy latte, purchased with the gift card that Shen sent me! Thanks so much Shen!
So I’m sitting at work talking to a client on the phone and a delivery guy walks in with this…
A huge ass, gorgeous Edible Arrangements bouquet! YUM!! My bro, sister in law, little beautiful babycakes niece, and the animals (;]) sent it to me. Yay for vegan birthday awesomeness! What a great surprise!
Fast forward for a minute: When I came home I took it apart. Look at this amazing container! Breakfast for a while. There is a separate container with honeydew. That is for anyone else that wants fruit. I don’t like honeydew. This is my container because I’m greedy ;)
For lunch I ate half of this yummy chopped salad.  I ate lunch super late and don’t like eating right before I work out so I didn’t want to stuff myself full of salad. Works out well because I have lunch for tomorrow!
After work I went to the gym and used this equipment…and much more! Great workout, and my trainer gave me the session as my gift. Very nice of him!
I wanted Thai food as my special birthday meal so I got some to bring home. This is tofu with mixed veggies in a SPICY sauce. After this dinner my mouth was on fire and my belly was full. Perfect meal I’d say. And I have a bunch left for dinner tomorrow!
I have the best mommy ever and she took her first shot at vegan baking. She refused to let me bake my own birthday treat so she researched recipes and found the recipe for these DELICIOUS pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Clearly my mom knows me well choosing a treat with pumpkin AND chocolate. They were delicious, she did an awesome job!
So, that was my day :) Family dinner is on Sunday so I’ll try and get pics then if I remember after my margarita (HA!).  Hope you all had an amazing day!