This Is What I Eat on Vacation!

Hey everyone! Got home from my long weekend in Orlando. It went by so fast!! I’m bummed that it’s over but I had an amazing time. It was great to see my friend, I ate some amazing vegan food and went to one of the most amazing farmer’s markets I’ve ever seen.

I have a lot of food to share with you so I’m going to try and organize it so it makes it easier for you to read (and for me to post!). I’ll share my restaurant meals, my cooked meals and something I picked up from the farmer’s market :) I took all of the pics with my phone so the quality isn’t great but you’ll definitely get the point. I used instagram on some to spruce them up so the color may vary a bit but they look ok I guess! Let’s dive in!
So first I’ll share two of the three restaurant meals I ate. I didn’t take a pic of the third because to be honest it made me really annoyed. I’ll explain in a second.
I actually ate this absolutely DELICIOUS sandwich for lunch today. I usually go to Ethos Vegan Kitchen for brunch when I’m in Florida but I wanted to try it for lunch so we went somewhere else for brunch (which subsequently served me the meal that annoyed me). I got the “Hippie Wrap” in the gluten free option minus the banana peppers. I chose the fruit for my side. This was AMAZING. Ethos is one of my favorite restaurants in Orlando which is why I go back every time I’m there!

This meals is from The Loving Hut! I actually ordered the “Combo #1″ but was given the Combo #2. It originally arrived with a faux beef skewer type thing that was definitely made with wheat gluten which I wasn’t really interested in. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it since the summer roll and rice were correct. Instead of the spring roll I was supposed to get veggies but it was fine so I just asked them to switch the wheat meat for the tofu I was originally supposed to get and all was well. It was SO GOOD! This is another place I come every time I’m in Orlando. They usually get the order right but the girl who took our order was new. No big deal though, it was still delicious!
Quick story about that third restaurant. They had a salad that looked great…basically greens topped with supposed fresh fruit. I expected beautiful fruit to be sitting on those greens…instead I saw a sparse, sad looking salad with minimal fruit that was far from fresh. The thing that annoyed me about it wasn’t necessarily that the salad was kind of pathetic. It was that I was sitting in the restaurant staring out the window at the farmer’s market. It drives me nuts when restaurants don’t even think to utilize the beautiful, fresh, local ingredients located literally 100 feet from their door. So ridiculous.
Speaking of the farmer’s market, I went to the Winter Park Saturday Farmer’s Market and was completely blown away. They even had a small stall with raw shakes and some tea blends and a few raw things such as crackers, soup and moon pies. I have been dying to try raw crackers so I picked up a package.
I tried to eat a lot of healthy raw food in between some indulgences that I’ll share at the end of this post. They were fairly consistent with what I eat on a regular basis.
A beautiful salad of greens, cucumber, carrots and some avocado. I dressed it with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Cherry chocolate green smoothie for breakfast one of the ninja turtle glasses I got my friend for his birthday!

Snacky type lunch plate with carrots, an orange and some of the raw crackers from the farmer’s market with mashed avocado. So good!
I tried to be somewhat virtuous with my food choices during the trip but definitely wanted to indulge a bit as well. As part of our tradition I made a really great dinner followed by dessert, both of which were decadent and rich and 100% amazing.
Check out this amazing, decadent mac n cheese! I used this recipe and it was so good. I made it gluten free with rice pasta and gf flour and left the breadcrumbs off the top. Next time I’d add a little more seasoning but it was creamy and amazing!

I forgot to take a wide shot but I served it up with some amazing brussels sprouts that I picked up at the farmer’s market and roasted, as well as some carrots. It was a really delicious meal and totally worth the splurge!
And every decadent dinner should be followed by an equally decadent dessert!
You seriously have to try these! They are amazing! I was super careful to avoid wheat the rest of the weekend because I knew I would be eating this and wanted to make sure it wouldn’t effect me that much and it didn’t. These are great, impressive and pretty easy!
So that’s what I ate on vacation! I indulged a bit more than I typically would and it is amazing that I came home craving healthy, raw foods. I guess that is a great thing and shows just how much my tastes have changed over the past month or so. It’s a great feeling!
It’s back to reality for me now. Here I am very relaxed and happy (although some makeup would make this photo a bit more flattering ha!) before I left to come home. Hopefully I can keep this feeling for a little while before I settle back into my reality.
Hope you all had a great weekend, now I have to catch up on all of your blogs!