Fun Friday: The Home Edition

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! One more day until my weekend! I decided to do a different Fun Friday today :) I thought it would be fun to peruse Pinterest and find some cool interior design ideas that reflect my personality and how I’d love to decorate my own place :) I also included some beautiful locations that I would love to have as my own home.

So here are some fun designs that I love!! Please note: As always with Pinterest, some of the links don’t go to a website so I’ll do the best I can to credit the photos.


How gorgeous is this outside patio type area? It’s so warm and cozy. I really love the couch seating, the plants and the lighting. It’s such an inviting space and I feel like I could definitely do some pretty sweet entertaining in a space like this. Lots of margaritas to be consumed on those couches, ha! Oh and there would be a fire pit somewhere in the yard as well. Because I’m obsessed with fire pits.


Ok, so let’s pretend the random child isn’t there. I’m OBSESSED with this kitchen. It is so gorgeous. I love the brightness that the white gives it. I like this shade of blue but I never imagined I would decorate with blue so instead of the blue accents I’d have bright pink and orange accents. I love that color combination and I think it would be so pretty in the kitchen :) O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.


How rich and beautiful are these colors? I really love the silvery couch with the jewel tone accents. It would be really pretty to switch up the accents in the spring/summer with some brighter colors too. How cool is the chandelier?! I find this room to be really rich and elegant but also fun and colorful at the same time. I think it has a perfect balance :)


Do I really even have to say anything? The gorgeous view, the rich colors, the bright airiness, the comfortable furniture. It’s perfect. Do you see the black pillow on the couch with the pink and white design? Love it. Oh, and did you see the view?! ;)


Loft + Fire pit = AMAZEBALLS. That’s all.


Love this area! It would be the perfect location for my ideal picnic! Imagine some fun backyard games set up in the grassy area behind the pit. Love it.

I really love bright spaces like this one. Lots of windows are definitely a huge plus for me. I really love the bright, openness of the room. I’d probably try to figure out a way to add a little more color but I think this room is gorgeous. I could definitely drink a lot of tea by that fireplace.
I could go on forever but I’ll stop here. I think the best words to describe my preferences and aesthetic would be bright, colorful, fun, a little whimsical and a little classic. Oh if I could have that kitchen I’d be a happy happy girl :)
That’s all for this week’s Fun Friday post! I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a great Friday night and I hope that you all enjoy your weekend!

Fun Friday: The Hawaii Edition!!

Hey everyone! I’m so excited about this week’s Fun Friday post! I’ve always wanted to travel to Hawaii (the island of Oahu) to experience all of the natural beauty and culture. I recently made the decision that I want to actively save money so I can take a trip there to celebrate my birthday next year. I have 15 months to save, a plan and a whole lot of inspiration. This post is partially inspired by Sage’s recent post about dream vacations :) I had made this decision just a week or two before her post but after reading it I thought it would be fun for a Friday post! Let’s check out the inspiration!

source (this is the best I can do for the source since that is where the link from Pinterest took me)

Do I even need to say why this photo is inspiration? ;) It’s idyllic and so stunning. Probably photoshopped a bit but I don’t care!


While all of the beaches of Hawaii are spectacular, the one that intrigues me the most is the North Shore of Oahu. As a fan of surfing it has been a dream to visit Banzai Pipeline to see the big wave surfers on one of the heaviest and most dangerous waves in the world. This will certainly be on my agenda.





Something else that I’ve always dreamed of is hiking all over the island. There is no better way to discover and explore the gorgeous land than to do it on foot. I’ve actually started to really bump up my cardio at the gym. Not only do I have 15 months to save enough money for the trip, but I have 15 months to get in shape for the trip! I don’t want to be held back at all, especially not because of fitness ;)


I just wanted to include a picture of a hibiscus flower because they are my all time favorite flowers. You can tell by the tattoo on the back of my ankle ;) It was my first tattoo and I still love it. And it will be amazing to see them all over since all of the ones I see around here are all wilted and sad, ha!


source (please ignore the cheesy looking thing at the bottom)


OMG THE PRODUCE!!!! Can you believe how gorgeous all of it is? It is going to be amazing to visit the farmer’s markets and try all different kinds of exotic fruits that are not available to me here. I am definitely planning on trying everything I can get my hands on. When in Hawaii, right?!

I could go on and on but I’ll spare you. It is so far away but I’m so excited about it. I just need to make sure I stay on track with my savings plan. I’m going to make a Hawaii vacation vision board within the next few weeks as a visual reminder of my goals and inspiration. I will definitely share it with you when it’s all finished!

Have any of you ever been to Hawaii? Is it paradise? I get so excited just thinking about it :)

That’s all for today! I hope you all have a great Friday night and a wonderful weekend! Hopefully I’ll be able to pop in at some point. Good night!

Raw Cocoa Puffs Recipe & Raw Pecan Pie Trio!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I feel like I spend more time apologizing for not being around than actually posting food but it was a pretty bad week on my end so I just haven’t been able to post. I’ll explain tomorrow because I don’t want to cloud the awesomeness I’m about to share with not fun things ;)

So after the great response I got from the Raw Cocoa Puffs that I made using Isobelle’s recipe, I decided to contact her to see if she would mind if I just posted the recipe here for you. She said yes of course because she is a total sweetheart and also that she misses everyone :) She also suggested that I try playing with the flavors to create new puffed cereal flavor combos and I IMMEDIATELY thought of one flavor – maple pecan AKA pecan pie!! More on that later.

First, here is Isobelle’s amazing Raw Cocoa Puff Recipe:

Raw Cocoa Puffs (Isobelle’s Recipe in her words):

(Serves 2)

 1/2 cup almonds, ground

4 dried plums (or dates, but I recently discovered I’m allergic)

3 tbsp. cacao/cocoa

1 tbsp. pure maple syrup

1 tbsp. softened coconut oil

1/8 tsp. sea salt

 Grind the almonds, sea salt and cacao in a blender or food processor until a fine meal forms. Add in the dried plums/dates, maple syrup and coconut oil – blend again until everything begins to stick together.

The ingredients should form a ball of dough in your food processor.

 (This part takes a long time – but it’s so worth it!)

Take a small piece of the dough and roll it into a ball in your palms. Now, repeat 30, 40, 50 times maybe. It depends on how big or small you make your cocoa puffs. This is a great exercise for practicing patience.

 Dehyrating Method:

Place the balls on your dehydrator tray and dehydrate for 3.5-4 hours. If they aren’t crunchy enough for you by the end of that time, increase to 5 hours.

Sounds amazing right?! Well I decided to take Isobelle’s advice to try and come up with new flavors and combined two of my favorite flavors: maple and pecan. The result tasted EXACTLY like pecan pie!! The dates and maple syrup combine and create an amazing caramel like taste. So delicious!

I’m going to give you the recipe for the “dough” and three ways to use it. Because I love you all that much :) I call it mostly raw because from what I understand maple syrup isn’t totally raw? I’m totally over that and fine with it ;)

(Mostly) Raw Pecan Pie “Dough”

1 1/4 cups chopped raw pecans

4 pitted medjool dates

Scant 1/4 cup maple syrup

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch salt

Grind pecans, cinnamon and sea salt in your food processor until it forms a very fine meal. You can leave it a little chunky if you prefer though. Add dates and maple syrup and process until it forms a ball of dough. Your dough will be sticky but should be fully combined.

So here is where we get creative. This recipe is really simple and really versatile and I’m going to show you a trio of preparations. Up first is the puff cereal form inspired by Isobelle!

Pecan Pie Puffs

All you do for the Pecan Pie Puffs is follow the directions in Isobelle’s recipe for rolling out little puffs. It will be tedious work but the resulting cereal will be totally worth it! I dehydrate mine at 104 degrees and it has taken way longer than 5 hours probably because the dough is so sticky. Mine has been going for almost 7 hours already and I’m going to leave it overnight to dry and crisp up. Hopefully it’s not over dried! I tried one half dehydrated puff and it was amazing!

Pecan Pie Dip/Spread

The second “preparation” is to leave the dough as is! This stuff is an amazing dip for apples, graham crackers, ginger snaps, bananas, pretzels… you get the point. Yum!

Pecan Pie Truffles!!

Yeah I did it. FINALLY. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve wanted to make Pecan Pie Truffles and it finally came together without me even realizing it! I took some of the dough and refrigerated it for about an hour and a half so it would stiffen up a bit. I simply rolled it into a ball and then rolled the truffle in chopped pecans. This makes it look pretty and also helps you hold the truffle without getting very sticky. I store these in the fridge to keep them firm but they are equally yummy at room temp (and it mimics the gooeyness of pecan pie!).

Isn’t it pretty?! You can get away with making these truffles small too because they are sweet and decadent. But guess what! No guilt!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

So there you have it. A (mostly) raw, healthier version of a pecan pie. It is so silly that I’m so proud of a recipe that has 5 ingredients but I just love how it came out. I’m even going to submit it for Healthy Vegan Friday right after I publish this post :)

Thank you so much Isobelle for allowing me to share your amazing recipe and for inspiring me to get back into the kitchen and create a recipe! You are awesome :)

I hope you all have a great night!

Getting Back Into the Groove

Hey friends! Hope your Monday is going well :) I had a very productive Monday and I’m really happy about it. I FINALLY got back into the kitchen and dusted off the dehydrator and tried a few fun treats out! Well I’m trying some treats out since they are still dehydrating ;)

First, I’ll show off my breakfast. It is definitely something I haven’t had in a while and it was SOOOO good!

Isn’t it pretty?! They look like flowers ;) I picked up some Van’s Gluten Free Waffles because I’ve been craving them like crazy. I ate mine with some sliced bananas and really amazing maple syrup that my brother got me when he was somewhere that has high quality maple syrup (I don’t remember where lol!). Such a great, filling breakfast.

For snack I had a big ol’ gala apple. I’m loving these apples! So crisp and sweet.

I came home from work and was eating lunch as I was bustling around the kitchen so I didn’t photograph it. I made myself some unfried rice. It was really good.


My training appointment got mixed up and was MUCH later than usual so I really needed to throw together a quick no brainer dinner. I figured a tofu scramble was a great choice since it comes together so fast and is packed with protein. I added some strawberries on the side and scooped up the yummy scramble with a gluten free tortilla :)

So, what kinds of raw treats did I made? Well I took some inspiration from my fellow bloggers out there and made some recipes I’ve been dying to try!

Up first were Caralyn’s Carrot Cake Bites! When I saw this post I knew I had to make them because I’m obsessed with all things carrot cake recently. I decided to put my own little spin on them though.

Check out these RAW Carrot Cake Cookies! I used Caralyn’s recipe as my base and used raw cashews and switched out the roasted almonds for raw walnuts. I bumped down the cinnamon to 1 tsp and added a little extra carrot :) They smell AMAZING and the dough tasted amazing. I formed them into little cookies and threw them on the dehydrator tray. I’m going to let them go until the outside is dry and the inside is still moist and chewy :) Thanks for the inspiration Caralyn!

Up next you can see on the left side of the tray I have some of Isobelle’s (Vgan Jar) Raw Cocoa Puffs. Unfortunately Isobelle took down her amazing, beautiful blog with her delicious recipes but I made sure to save all of the recipes I wanted to try to my computer. This was at the top of the list. In addition to the cute little puffs that shared the tray with the carrot cookies, there is another whole tray of tiny little puffs that I HAD TO ROLL INDIVIDUALLY!! Lol!! OMG what a tedious task it was but I know the payoff will be incredible. They smell so fudgey and delicious, I can’t wait to try them!

That’s all for today my friends! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your night and have a great Tuesday. I am switching my Tuesday and Wednesday hours this week to accommodate for a dr.’s appointment on Wednesday so I’ll be at work 11-9 tomorrow. I will definitely do my best to post before I head in though :)

Delicious Sunday

Hi my friends! I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed your weekend.  I was pretty productive today which was surprising because I thought I’d be a lazy ass but I actually got a lot done! I’m glad I did everything I had to do so I can rest between work and my training session tomorrow. I’m really excited about it because I really enjoyed my last session on Thursday! We incorporated more MMA type workouts without any of the impact so I still kind of felt like I was fight training! It helped a lot too because it showed me that I’m still strong even with an injury :)

I am so excited to show you today’s meals! I was really focusing on eating all of my meals and snacks and drinking tons of water. As of now I’ve had about 80 oz of water plus all of the water in the fruits and veggies I ate! Pretty good!

For breakfast I had my Good Morning, Sunshine smoothie! As you can see it came out a little thick because I didn’t measure my frozen fruit (oops) but it was so good! It was like eating soft serve for breakfast ;)

An absolutely delicious plum for my morning snack. It was so good.

Avocado toast for lunch with the other half of the avocado from yesterday. It was a perfect avocado! I’ve had bad luck with avocados lately but this was a good one.

For snack I had some of my garlic and herb roasted cashews (I totally forgot I had them!) and some roasted seaweed sheets.

This was the perfect end to the day! I think it was definitely my favorite meal and probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Now I know I said I was done with tofu for a while but tofu scrambles are so good and a really good, quick meal. I figured I don’t eat soy otherwise really so I got some tofu for some scrambles. This one is my new favorite with lots of spinach and a cocktail tomato (very good by the way), and I ate it with some roasted cauliflower and a carrot. Such a perfect meal.

Yesterday the lovely Gabby over at the Veggie Nook tagged me in a Hope Blog Relay. I’m always one for a challenge and like Gabby mentioned in her post, writing like this is a challenge for me. It is so difficult to choose the right words to discuss a topic like hope but I figured I’d give it a try for you :)

For me, hope is a choice. It is a leap of faith. It is believing that you can have anything you want in life. We can all choose to have hope. We can live our lives knowing that we will one day reach our fullest potential, and we will work harder in order to do so.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the hardships that life throws at us. Conversely, it is incredibly difficult to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and to carry on, knowing that it will all work out in the end. It shows incredible strength to be able to make that choice. I know that I am guilty of making the wrong choice from time to time and I get stuck in my rut, believing that the unhappiness and hardship that I experience are my destiny. When I sort it out and realize that I deserve happiness, health and to be on the path that I envision for myself, I’ve made the choice to have hope. Right now, I have hope that I will be able to reclaim my health and that I will one day be doing what I am meant to do in this life.

I hope (ha) that makes sense. This was a tough one to put into words! Thank you for the challenge Gabby :)

Now, as this is a hope blog relay, I’m supposed to tag some of you, my lovely readers. You are not obligated to participate!

Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy

Sage @ Sweet and Sage

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Also, there is still time to enter the Giveaway! You can win two e-books written by Cassidy, the owner of Pura Vida Pantry in Costa Rica! Any living food/juicing fans will want these e-books, trust me!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! I’m looking forward to a great workout and yummy meals tomorrow!

Planning for Success

Hey friends! Thank you all so much for helping me count down to my glorious day of freedom last week :) Your kind words always help me get through the busy times! I enjoyed my day off by spending some time with Delilah and then relaxing and watching a bunch of TV. Probably not the most productive way to spend my time but I was able to rest my body and I was happy to be able to do that.

Today’s post has a little bit of everything I think! I have a meal from yesterday, some planning for the week and some inspiration :)

Last night’s dinner was really yummy. A home made Chipotle bowl with rice and beans, salsa, daiya and avocado. I served with with a tortilla since I’m too much of a spazz to roll a decent burrito that actually stays together. After this meal I put the rest of my Daiya in the freezer because a) I’ve been eating it too much lately and b) It seems to be lasting forever! Seriously the bag just won’t end!

The perfect bite!

Today I took a ton of time to get a lot of fruit ready for smoothies for the week. I really want to get back into the habit of drinking smoothies every day and being prepared is key. I added 4 more bags of cherries to my other two in the freezer (I’m going to make these last!) as well as some strawberries. I had the bananas already and just added them to the pile so you could see how much fruit I have ha! I also have half a bag of frozen blueberries as well as some frozen pineapple. I think I’m set on smoothies for a while!

While I was cleaning I found this old fortune and thought it was so perfect for the headspace I’m in right now. “You’ll never know what you can do until you try.” This is so true!
So I have a question. I just tried to upload another photo and it said that I’m out of space in my Picasa account or something. I didn’t even know I had a Picasa account and when I clicked to get details it said I had 5 GB of drive space that I wasn’t using. I’m confused I guess and if I don’t upgrade does that mean I can’t upload any more photos at all? Has this happened to any of you, and if so did you just pay to upgrade? Please let me know, I’m so confused! 
I hope that you all had a great day and that Monday wasn’t too tough for you!

Fun Friday!

Hi friends! I’m sorry yesterday was a bit of a bummer but I promise today will pick up! I’ve been a little bummed that I haven’t been feeling well and that I haven’t been able to exercise but you know you can always count on Pinterest to lift your spirits! This round of Fun Friday is going to be based on some fun and inspiring things that I’ve found on Pinterest recently :) Trying to stay positive and tell myself that better things are on the horizon!

I don’t know why but I thought that this was really beautiful and perfect. The idea of this instantly makes me happy and puts me in an better mindset. 

This just makes me laugh my ass off. It is so simple but perfectly hilarious!

I found this quote really inspiring because I can be guilty of this. I tend to let a bad day linger and I can blow it out of proportion and/or take it out on people I care about. It is so important to remember that a bad day is just a bad day. Things will get better. And it they don’t then you know that it is time for a change!

This is what I try to do every day :) I love this, I kind of want to find this or make one for my bedroom.

I repinned this from Sage who always shares the best advice.  This is so inspiring to me because it is so true. I’ve been afraid of chasing my dreams for so long and constantly make excuses as to why I shouldn’t or CAN’T. Can’t should be considered the ultimate four letter word because it carries so much more weight than “fuck” or “shit.” Seriously. Anyway, it’s time to pursue my dreams. And I know what the first step is to take ;)

Um, can we talk a little bit about how AMAZING and HILARIOUS these rings are?! I don’t know where this whole mustache craze came from but it is so funny. I love the guy on the right with the hat.
I’m pretty obsessed with these super cute DIY glasses! She just used the back of a paint brush to dot acrylic paint on the glasses. Then she put them in the oven (I can give you specific instructions if you are interested, or just check out the pin! ;]) and check out these super cool glasses! I think I definitely need to make these.
Alright friends, I’m off to run some errands before my wedding today. Yes, I know it is 8:30 am but alas this is the only time I have :) I like it better too because the stores aren’t crowded. It is my good friend’s birthday tomorrow and I’m working with her on Sunday so I am putting together a super fun gift so I need to go and grab a few things for it :) I’m so excited about this gift and I’ll definitely show you guys what I came up with… probably on Sunday! I hope you all have a great Friday and I’ll definitely do my best to pop in and keep you updated on my busy weekend and the yummy food I’m eating to keep my energy up :) I think I have next weekend off too which is great motivation for the next week as well!
Happy Friday friends! Hope you all enjoyed this Fun Friday post! :)

Fun Friday!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. Mine was fine but not over. I have to be up at 5 am for a day wedding tomorrow then I have another wedding on Sunday. Fun times!

So for today’s Fun Friday post I figured I’d do a workout post :) Some of you asked me to talk about workouts so I figured I’d start broad and narrow a bit as the weeks go on. I think it is important to include variety in your workouts so you don’t get bored. I have tried tons of different workouts in my life and some have stuck and some haven’t.

Check out the workouts that I’m loving the most right now!

You all know I’m a big fan of the Tone It Up girls. This is one of my favorite workout videos that they’ve put on Youtube. I love how they all have a beachy theme too :)
You all knew kickboxing would show up sooner rather than later. This is Gina Carano training with an amazing view. That normally doesn’t happen though. I recommend it because it is a great stress relief, teaches you a lot of skills you can use in self defense (which you would hopefully never need!) and it really just feels good to kick ass! I’m going to miss it during this break but hopefully when I get back to it I’ll be back to normal!
I have practiced Bikram yoga for two periods of about 4 months each. The first session is absolutely miserable but after that it feels amazing. It is cleansing, your flexibility improves exponentially, you learn how to deal with the heat and it is such a feeling of accomplishment every class. This is what I have been thinking about doing for the next month while I have to eliminate impact training. I think it will help my neck a lot. If I remember correctly, it helped the last time I picked up the practice… about a year and a half ago. I’m going to run it by the physical therapist before I start.
I have mentioned it a million times on here but don’t know if I explained it well. This is the arc trainer. I love this cardio machine and it is one of the only things that doesn’t aggravate my shoulder/arm. I usually describe it as a cross between a stair climber and an elliptical. Love it.
This is actually something that I’ve always wanted to try! Have any of you ever been mountain biking before? It sounds like a great challenge and like so much fun! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!
Sorry if this post is boring but these are some of the general workouts that I either love or am interested in trying. I will be getting more specific in future Fun Friday posts :) I’d love suggestions for specific things you’d like to see and also workouts that you love that you think I should try! I’d love to try some new things :)
This isn’t a workout but it is something that my mom emailed me and had to share because it is so cute!
Haha I love it! So perfect for the heat wave we just had. Today we had a monsoon like storm that naturally started while I was driving and ended just after I got soaked getting out of the car ;) Gotta love that! At least it won’t be a million degrees over the weekend when I have to work.
Hope you all had a great week! Do something fun over the weekend for me! :) I’ll have to live vicariously through all of you!

Things That Inspire Me…

Hey everyone! First of all, thank you so much for all of your support through the process of figuring out what the hell is wrong with my neck/back/shoulder. It means a lot! My MRI went pretty well I think. I am actually now pretty convinced it is indeed my neck. While I was in there they stabilized my neck and it was almost like it was in a brace. I have NEVER felt as much discomfort in that shoulder or arm in my life… it was actually quite painful. HOWEVER, when I got off the table and out of the stabilizer brace thingy, my shoulder actually felt better than it has in a long time. Very little discomfort, stretched out and just better. So much so, in fact, that my training session today was amazing. 7 rounds on the heavy bag with zero problems, no fatigue and even my breathing felt better. It was crazy! I am waiting to hear back from my doctor about when I can get the results but I’m feeling pretty optimistic. There was one casualty though. I had to take out all of my ear piercings and go figure, one actually closed up IN AN HOUR AND A HALF! And I had that one for 10 years. The scar tissue in the bottom hole of my industrial just completely closed it up. It is sad because I loved that piercing but I guess if I am on the road to getting better it is worth it.

I went to Whole Foods tonight to replenish my grocery supply. I walked out with mostly produce since I’m still working on the pantry. I got some carrots, cucumber, spinach, artichoke hearts, portobello mushrooms, and cauliflower. I also got 3 of the small Vita Coco coconut waters (on sale 3 for $5, I got 2 pineapple and one peach and mango) because it is the only brand of coconut water I can actually get down. I think Zico is kind of yucky :X I have some great meals planned so sit tight :)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about life and where I am and where I want to be and realized that I have a long way to go. What I’m doing and what I want to do are two very different things but I’ve decided that life is too short and now is the time to start chasing my dreams and make things happen for myself. I have some projects planned for myself and I’ll fill you in on them once I get rolling and make a good deal of progress. Exciting things are happening because I’ve decided it is time for me to focus on becoming the person that I dream of being.

Which brings me to the real subject of this post, inspiration. I know that I’ve been bringing it up a lot, but I’m REALLY happy that I joined Pinterest. I know that it is a great way to promote my blog and all of that stuff, but I have found that I love it more for the inspiration it provides me. I love seeing things that are cool and then coming up with ways to make them my own. I decided that since I don’t have food photos for you today, I’d show you some things that are inspiring to me that I’ve found on Pinterest.

Repurposed Etched Spice Jars. This DIY project is beautiful and gives your kitchen such a unique look AND is a great way to recycle your old bottles. I’m really loving these.
How cute are these Oreo Pops!! I love things on a stick and these Oreos are so easy but look really great! These will be a great holiday treat using Candy Cane Joe Joe’s.
How hilarious is this mustache Rainbow Cake? I’ve always wanted to try making “tie dye” cakes and this one is just too cute. I need to get on that :)
I’m pretty much obsessed with these Melted Ice Cream Cupcakes. They are so adorable and I wish I had though of them! These inspire me a lot to really push my creativity :)
Finally, this presentation of a beautiful summer fruit salad is brilliant. I tried to click back to the source but couldn’t find it. I think it is so simple but really smart and pretty to look at. 
So the moral of this really long (sorry) story is that I’ve become really inspired by the things I’ve seen on Pinterest and just all around me and I’m hoping to be able to use this inspiration to create some new, fun things. I’m also hoping that this inspiration will find its way into some projects I have in my head that I’m really pushing to make a reality. It’s time for change my friends. And I’m bringing you along for the ride!
Sorry this has turned into a mammoth post! Just one more thing though. As of last night, I’ve gotten my paws on tickets to the UFC fights in Jersey on Saturday! I’m so excited because I’ve never been to live fights AND to make it even better, Nate Diaz (one of my favorite fighters) will be fighting in the main event and will be cornered by his bro (and my all time fav fighter) Nick. SO. AWESOME. Yay!
Ok, I’m done I promise! Thanks for bearing with me! Have a great night!

Bucket List

Hey everyone! I know I said I probably wouldn’t be posting but I just can’t stay away! No food today but I remember a while ago I posted my Fitness Bucket List and mentioned that I have a regular Bucket List. I remember some of you expressing some interest in it and as I’ve been working on my boards on Pinterest I dug out my bucket list so I figured I’d share it with you. I think Bucket Lists are a very good way to get an idea of who someone is so here’s mine! I only have 75 items right now but I’m sure I’ll add more :) The ones in red are what I’ve done. Looks like I have to get cracking!

  1. Open a vegan bakery.
  2. Go on a road trip along the California Coast.
  3. Learn how to surf.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Visit Easter Island.
  6. Cliff jump in Santorini.
  7. Participate in a ghost hunt.
  8. Feel comfortable in my body and be a confident woman.
  9. Improve my photography skills and take pictures everywhere I go.
  10. Take a trip by myself.
  11. Adopt pets.
  12. Participate in a large scale scavenger hunt.
  13. Get a half sleeve tattoo.
  14. Learn how to make jewelry. 
  15. Become more adventurous and take more risks.
  16. Mindfully celebrate the autumnal equinox.
  17. Get in top physical shape and maintain it.
  18. Spar with a partner.
  19. Participate in a sanctioned boxing bout.
  20. Build a fort and have a slumber party.
  21. Grow my own fruits, veggies and herbs.
  22. Travel Scandinavia by bike.
  23. Become a more optimistic person.
  24. Start celebrating my birthday.
  25. Support small local businesses.
  26. Become the woman I was meant to be.
  27. Buy myself a new wardrobe.
  28. Learn the bagpipes.
  29. Go to New Orleans.
  30. Host dinner parties.
  31. Learn how to properly do hair and makeup.
  32. Stop being so hard on myself.
  33. Foster my creativity through art.
  34. Reconnect with old friends.
  35. Make new friends.
  36. Do a photo shoot at Eastern State penitentiary
  37. Go on an archaeological dig.
  38. Become a roller derby girl.
  39. Live a “greener” life.
  40. See the Northern Lights
  41. Create my dream home
  42. Visit a volcano
  43. Ride a Vespa
  44. Learn more about Eastern religions.
  45. Go to a taping of a TV show.
  46. Zipline through the rainforest
  47. Experience Oktoberfest.
  48. Have a cup of coffee in each of the 50 states.
  49. Fill up my passport with stamps.
  50. Have a nice picture on my driver’s license.
  51. Dye my hair blonde just to see what it would look like.
  52. Experience 24 hours of daylight in Alaska.
  53. Inspire someone.
  54. Have a big ass food fight.
  55. Go to a drive in movie theater.
  56. Shop for a bed in my Pjs.
  57. Listen to my iPod all the way through on shuffle.
  58. Put up some videos on Youtube.
  59. Learn how to nunchuck.
  60. Visit an animal sanctuary.
  61. Go one week without spending any money.
  62. Make someone’s wedding cake.
  63. Learn more about astrology.
  64. Walk around in a gown all day.
  65. Maintain a blog.
  66. Make a large donation to charity.
  67. Own a beach cruiser.
  68. Make someone’s day.
  69. Get more organized.
  70. Pull an amazing April Fools joke.
  71. Donate hair to locks of love.     
  72. Participate in the Run For Your Lives 5k.
  73. Complete a duathlon sprint.
  74. Join an MMA gym.
  75. Eat more raw food.
Here are some cool images I found and pinned :)

OK hope you liked this post and found my bucket list at least a little interesting ;) Time to get ready for my mom’s birthday dinner! Hope you all have a great Saturday!