Weekend Wrap Up

Hello my friends! Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments on my last post. It always means so much to me :) I feel better now that I’m supplementing my raw veggies with some cooked grains and veggies and I added fruit back which has been great for my soul. That first orange was pretty magical, ha!

Anyway, there is no major theme for this post, just a little bit of everything. Let’s check out some stuff.

First up is a small grocery haul. Got some carrots, bananas, maple syrup (the only sweetener I’ll be using), gf low sodium tamari, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, brown rice cakes, kale and sweet potatoes.

A salad I forgot to show you in my raw haze. A raw taco salad with romaine, guac, tomato and raw walnut taco “meat.” It was good!

Been drinking lots of yummy spearmint tea. It is my absolute favorite. Switching it off with herbal teas so not to deal with too much caffeine. Always in my favorite mug :)

I received the newest issue of Marmalade Umlaut in the mail!! Read it the day I received it and absolutely loved it! Maud is so incredibly talented, thank you so much for sending it Maud!

And my favorite part of this weekend so far has been babysitting this handsome fellow! Definitely enjoyed the cuddles from this sweet pup.

And that’s it for now. I’m planning on showing you a full day of eats tomorrow. There will be a liquid lunch since I’ll be getting a cavity filled but I have a good one planned.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Enjoy your night!

Feeling Human Again & Marmalade Umlaut!

Hey everyone! It took a while but I finally feel human again. I have an appetite, I’m eating real food (just smaller portions of it) and I’m feeling good. I went to the gym and did 50 minutes of cardio this morning before work and it felt great. It’s so good to be back in business, it sucks being out of commission for almost a week, but it’s nothing that I could help.

Breakfast was my second attempt at a green smoothie since I got sick. The first one was an epic fail because it was so sweet it just made me sick again. This one was way less sweet. All I used was a banana, some almond milk, some Vega shake and go smoothie powder and a lot of spinach. I was in desperate need of greens and they cut the sweetness a lot. I drank about 3/4 of it. Success!
Since I didn’t have much time between the gym and work I only had time to make the smoothie so I grabbed lunch next door. I couldn’t get a photo since I wasn’t alone but I had this one and it is the same exact thing I ate for lunch. Rice and beans with stewed green beans and tomato. Smaller portion than this though. Another great meal.
I got home from work at about 3:45 and decided to have some avocado on toast as a snack to hold off until dinner. As you can see this poor avocado needed to be eaten since it had been sitting all week. I’ll finish it off tomorrow I’m sure.
For dinner I’m planning on a salad. A small salad. Yum!
So, as I promised here is a review of:
Marmalade Umlaut!!! This is Maud over at Food Feud’s awesome zine that she has been producing since 2007. As I have mentioned before, I had intended on purchasing a few issues for a while but for some reason just never did. I FINALLY came to my senses and decided that I would get 4. I chose issues 13 and 18 where raw foods are a focus and then decided to let Maud choose the other two for me. She chose issues 6 and 15 and they were both great choices!
Truth be told I had never really seen a zine before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Needless to say I was really excited about what was presented in these zines. Maud provides funny anecdotes, amazing recipes (duh!), kick ass cartoons (like seriously super fun and cute), holiday menus and conversations (the conversations were a great touch, I really felt like I was a fly on the wall), poetry, tips and her insights on a variety of topics. She has a very conversational tone and the presentation is fun, unique and incredibly creative. I can’t say that I have a favorite issue because I enjoyed all of them so much. I can’t wait to make some of the raw recipes. Raw pad thai?! Yes, please! Thanks again Maud, and if you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading Marmalade Umlaut, definitely order some issues. You won’t be disappointed!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far! Mine finally began at 3:30 this afternoon. I was bumming about not having Showtime because the Strikeforce fights are on tonight.
Notice anything interesting about tonight’s main event? Yup, the main event features a WOMEN’S TITLE FIGHT! The UFC could learn something from this. Dana White (UFC President) has stated that because of the lack of talent in the women’s division and the lack of interest (read: not enough potential for big $$ for him) we will pretty much never see women’s bouts in the UFC. I think that is a load of bullshit.
Anyway, I think that this fight has the potential of really paving the way for women’s MMA (and to make Dana White regret making that statement). I really wanted to watch it and then I found out my bro has Showtime! So tonight I’ll be heading over to his house to watch the fights there. I’ve seen women’s MMA before but this fight is going to be awesome because these two broads pretty much hate each other. That makes it so much more fun :)
I hope that you all have a great Saturday night! I’ll be back tomorrow with more yummy eats :)

Demon Virus be Gone!

So I’ve decided to name my virus “demon virus” because of how horrible and almost violent it was in the beginning and also because it just won’t go away! Yesterday I felt quite a bit better so I was looking forward to trying to eat food with some nutritional value. Then I woke up feeling nauseous again (no I’m not pregnant I promise lol) and was incredibly bummed out.

Then I had the brilliant idea that maybe food would be easier to consume if it were in liquid form.

Big mistake. I got a quarter of the way down and I just couldn’t deal at all anymore. It tasted extra sweet to me and just didn’t help the nausea at all. I guess my body will be void of nutrient dense foods (minus bananas) for another day or two.

So I ate a banana after that wave of nausea subsided.
After the banana I had some un-pictured plain rice. Boring but didn’t upset the balance so I’ll take it.
I’m going to test my luck with dinner in a little bit by trying to add some avocado to my toast. They need to get used and I can’t do plain food anymore. Hopefully it works out in my favor!
I canceled my training session because of how I felt when I woke up and the memory of Monday’s disaster. As you all know it really bums me out when I have to cancel my sessions. Luckily I had something awesome waiting for me when I got home!

4 issues of Marmalade Umlaut, Maud from Food Feud‘s zine! I have been meaning to order some issues for a long time and her mention of work on a new issue reminded me and I finally remembered to do it! I got my four issues with a fun note from Maud. This is more of a teaser since I haven’t had a chance to read them yet but I promise a full review by the end of the weekend! Can’t wait to read them Maud, they look awesome!
Hope you are doing well. I’m working my way back into being a human being again. Can’t wait for some good ol’ raw food eatin’. I miss it.