WIAW – Liquid Wednesday

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Hope the middle of the week finds you all well. I decided to do a What I Ate Drank Wednesday post today. I’ve been feeling yucky since yesterday and decided maybe I’d just drink my meals today to see how that works. I’d be able to sip throughout the day and I’d mix it up between juices and smoothies (with protein powders to bulk up the calorie count!) and see how I felt.

Before I get into my beverages for the day, I just wanted to show you two pics from yesterday:

Check out how gorgeous this breakfast is! I had a piece of my Cinnamon Oat Bread with raw pecan butter, strawberry and banana. I sprinkled the top with a little coconut and ate the rest of the banana on the side. It was pretty to look at, delicious to eat and filling in my belly. Perfect meal.

I just wanted to show you the cupcakes all dressed up and packed up to go. I was really happy with how these came out. :)

And on with the liquids!

Lots of green juice!

A cherry chocolate smoothie for breakfast. Seriously my favorite smoothie.

Some unpictured kombucha (not the one I got carded for ha!) is going to be consumed at work.

I’ll be having a Carrot Cake Smoothie for dinner tonight. This one is the bulkiest one of the day as it has oats, walnuts, raisins, carrots and vanilla protein powder. This one will fill me up for the night :)

I will definitely let you know how I felt after this experiment! It’s definitely not like a juice cleanse because there is plenty of bulk in the smoothie but I’m hoping sipping sits better with me than chewing ;)

Hope the day finds you all well! Have a great night and I’ll be back soon with some actual food that I chew ;)

Catching Up!

Hey everyone! I think this is going to end up being a long post so there is fair warning up front ;) It’s been a few days since I’ve been on so I figured I’d just play a little catch up today.

First, Monday marked the last day of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. I didn’t do a great job of keeping you all up to speed with my progress but I think it went pretty well! I didn’t have as much success as the last time I tried it, and I think it’s because I had to flood my body with tons of disgusting shit for that stupid CT scan. I do plan on continuing to eat this clean, alkaline diet. The only thing that has been difficult is the morning drink since it’s SO COLD now! I may start my day with a warmer meal but still enjoy a juice or a smoothie later in the day. Anyway, I still recommend the cleanse, it’s always a great experience for me!

On Monday I went to a new specialist, a hematologist. My last round of blood testing at the rheumatologist showed an elevation in white blood cells so she recommended I see the hematologist. OMG what a nightmare! First, there was a woman hacking and coughing all over the waiting room and ended up eventually sitting next to me. I’ve never used so much sanitizer in a short period of time in my life. I was wishing for a bubble to sit in. Anyway, after waiting an hour and 15 minutes I finally got in and waited another 20 minutes for the dr. I had blood taken and waited another 15 minutes for the results… which were NORMAL. So while I’m obviously glad the results were fine, it was ridiculous that I was so stressed about it and wasted another few hours of my life. The hematologist also believes that it is still an autoimmune situation… I have my next appointment with the rheumatologist in 2 weeks.

OK now onto some fun stuff! Let’s check out some pics from the past few days!

This pic is for Shen! I found Eddie in his favorite spot multiple times during my stay there and snapped this fun pic of him :)

Some veggie soup I ate yesterday to deal with the frigid weather. I sit in the meeting point of two major drafts in the studio so I’m cold ALL THE TIME so warming meals like this are so necessary during the cold weather.

I went to Whole Foods today and picked up mostly the same stuff as always, but also decided to pick up some kombucha. I saw the Third Eye Chai flavor and HAD to try it and figured I’d give the mango a try as well. I got carded to buy the chai flavor. Is this stuff actually boozy or is it just over some borderline amount and they have to? Seems kind of silly.

Also picked up some Mochi! I’ve had it before and liked it so I thought it would be fun to experiment with it. I have some plans ;)

After I got home from Whole Foods (and realized I forgot to buy the only two things on my grocery list, wah!) I decided to make a batch of oat free granola inspired by Laura.

I have other pics of it that won’t upload right now for some reason. My internet connection is so horrendous at home. Anyway, it came out pretty good but didn’t clump together that well. I used almonds, walnuts, coconut, hemp seeds, raisins, dates, coconut, coconut extract and cinnamon. Laura, do you have a recipe for yours? It was SOOOOOO good!

So finally, the big announcement!! A friend of mine has agreed to be my podcast co-host!! Her name is Vanessa and she is AWESOME. We call ourselves Team Chaos because it is always disaster when we are together… which is why we are a perfect podcasting pair :) We don’t have an expected date for our first episode just yet because we are still working on logistics but we are SO EXCITED.

Our first episode will be a getting to know you kind of deal so I thought it would be fun to ask all of you what you think would be fun to hear on that first episode? Any funny icebreaker questions you remember from back in college or some stupid workshop that you had to participate in? Any questions for us just out of curiosity? Please feel free to comment with any questions (the more the merrier!) or you can tweet us @TeamXChaos.

I absolutely can’t wait to get started on this fun project! It is going to be just us shooting the shit on random topics. We hope to make you laugh, we may vent a little bit and it’s going to be fun for us to just get together and chat.

That’s all for this giant post! I hope you are all having a good hump day! Have a great day/evening!

Fun Friday – New Things I’ve Tried

Hey everyone. I figured since I’ve been trying a lot of new things this week I’d use that as my fun Friday post. Check out a few things I’ve finally tried.

The first new thing I’ve tried is Kombucha. I won’t lie, I’ve bought Kombucha at least 3 times before and never had the guts to try it before the use by date had come and gone. I finally decided now is the time and bought 2 bottles of Synergy brand Kombucha. The one I tried first is the “Guava Goddess” which is pictured above and I have a bottle of Gingerberry sitting in my fridge.
I was afraid to try it. I smelled it like I smell everything I am about to ingest and immediately regretted it. I finally tried it and I won’t sit here and blow smoke up anyone’s ass by saying I loved it because I didn’t. The thing is that I didn’t hate it. As I drank it the taste grew on me a little bit. I am not running to the store to stock up on cases of Kombucha but I’ll definitely try the other flavor and will partake in it once in a while. So I’ll give this a so/so. And it isn’t because the brand is bad, it is because I am still getting used to the vinegary effervescent taste and feel of it… and the weird chunks of culture floating in it.
The next thing I tried was The Vegg vegan egg yolk powder stuff. I finally got my act together and made the mix in the proper proportions and added it to a tofu scramble. The stuff is crazy it smells like eggs thanks to the black salt. It still ended up being a bit different than I expected in that it never crisped up like I thought it would but it did add a nice taste (nooch and black salt will do that) to the scramble which had onion, zucchini and spinach. I liked the flavor and I think I’ll have to try it in a different preparation to see how it works. Just out of curiosity I think. Oh and I ate the scramble with a few home made kale chips.

I saw Angela’s Mess Free Banana Split Bites post yesterday and immediately knew that I was going to make them AND that I was going to add my own twist to them. I figured that it would be a great vehicle for the Artisana pecan butter I opened up yesterday so decided to make little banana with pecan butter sandwiches. You can see the “naked” ones above.

After I made my little sandwiches I melted some vegan chocolate chips and drenched the sandwiches in them. They look messy but I really didn’t care. I popped them in the freezer to harden up which is where they are chillin (get it?) now. I’ll show you what they look like all frozen and delicious looking when I eat one.
So these are the things I’ve been trying this week. Lots of good stuff, can’t wait to dive into the banana split bites. I don’t have much of an appetite which is part of the reason I haven’t been showing full days of meals over the past few days. When it comes back I’ll be happy to try these awesome treats and show you some full days of good eating.
Hope you all have a great night! I’m going to love every minute of my night at home in bed. I need it. I have the whole weekend off so we’ll see what that brings.

Trying new things!

Today was fairly typical for me I think. I didn’t get pics of my meals because they were boring but I’ll run through it quickly.  Breakfast was some oats, lunch was rice and beans with some veggies…there was coffee in there somewhere and a larabar.

After work (I get out at 2 on Fridays…don’t be too jealous because I am working a 10 hour day tomorrow – not including travel) I decided to make a quick Whole Foods run to see what I could come up with.  I decided that now is the time to try some new things.  Here’s what I came up with!

I’ve been meaning to try the SO Delicious coconut milk yogurt for a while now. I was so turned off by soy yogurt though that I’ve been afraid to try it.  I decided that now is the time, so I bought one in the strawberry banana flavor and I’m planning on trying it this weekend.
Kombucha! I’ve had this on my mind for months now, but the whole floaty thing in the drink really freaks me out.  I stood in front of the case pondering while a lady next to me was stocking her cart like she was going to be in a bunker for the next 10 years so I decided to just ask for a recommendation. She said that this brand is the best and has “the least offensive vinegar taste” which was such a great selling point!! ;)  I decided to go for the Guava flavor…we’ll see how it works out! I’ll definitely let you know when I try it!
They had sample tables set up for this line of raw vegan bars.  I didn’t even try them I just grabbed these two to try. The green is supposed to be great for energy so I’m going to bring it to the wedding to snack on tomorrow and how could I pass up a raw chocolate brownie bar? These are raw, gluten free and vegan.
When I got home from Whole Foods I relaxed for a few hours then it was time for a training session. We had a great session today and I felt really good. We did a combination of hitting and kicking the heavy bag, cardio, line drills, abs/core, and some lunges. I love how exercise makes me happy rather than how I used to dread it.  I’ve actually been thinking that I want to teach myself how to roller skate! Maybe down the road :)
When I got home I literally chugged 36 oz of water.  Imagine chugging 4.5 cups of water and how NOT hungry that makes you. I haven’t brought myself to eat dinner and I’m still thirsty…I may end up having some fruit for dinner to quench the thirst but also get some food in.  It’s gonna have to happen soon though.
I hope you all had a great Friday! I have yoga in the morning then a wedding tomorrow but I’ll try and pop on to post something in between!