Toasty Sunday

Hey everyone. First, I just want to thank you all so much for your kind words and support on yesterday’s post. You are all very sweet and I appreciate all of your positive thoughts.

Today was a toasty one here in NY. It was actually a perfect, beautiful day. I got to the gym as soon as it opened at 9 and got in some cardio. After that I visited my friend that just had a baby (such a beautiful baby, so teeny!) and then ran some errands, including a trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on essentials.

My food has been strange lately so I’ll just show you what I ate today (well at least what I remembered to photograph).

Unpictured: Post workout I had a half of a banana and some almonds.
Yesterday when we went to the outlets we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant. I had the other half of the wrap pictured above that was stuffed with rice, beans and veggies. It was really good and really filling, and that’s why I had the other half for lunch today. I just ate the filling and wish I would have asked for it in a bowl instead of a wrap but too late. I just ripped the wrap open and ate the filling and I wish I would have taken a photo of the carnage. At dinner I finally drank my strawberry margarita I’ve been wanting since my birthday 7 months ago. Well half of it then I was pretty well buzzed and passed the other half to my bro. What can I say, I don’t drink much ;)

For a snack I had a grape fruit leather.
And I decided to treat myself and enjoy an iced decaf soy latte with cinnamon. The weather was too good and it was the perfect way to welcome the warm sunshine. Between the coffee and the margarita I’m pretty well set on splurges and it is back to the veggies and green smoothies tomorrow.
Dinner is some moo shoo veggies so I’m getting in some good veggies and the sauce is light so I’m pretty happy with that.
Hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal. I’m noticing the bruising coming back on my body and a general feeling of fatigue so that means it’s back on the high raw food train.  I’ve got some good stuff planned.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It went too fast, back to the grind. Wah.

Vegan MoFo Day 6: Almost Friday!

Hooray, Friday is almost here! It’s been a tough few weeks so I’m really looking forward to having the weekend off. It is going to be great. Had a kick ass training session tonight :) Oh, and since there has been a lot of interest in my new apple cider vinegar routine, AND because I have to fast Friday night – Saturday night for a holiday, I’m going to devote an entire post to apple cider vinegar to explain the health benefits I’ve read about, how I’ve been feeling since I started, and some interesting discoveries I’ve made. Sit tight til then!

Now, speaking of apple cider vinegar, that is how I started my day.  This is what followed.

Meal 1 was 1/2 cup granola with almond milk and a few added raisins. I ate it with my bamboo spoon :)
Meal 2 was a tall (major downgrade from the big ass Venti I used to get…for all non Starbucks people I went from a large to a small lol) soy latte and a banana. Starbucks is still cheaping out on the “h” in my name ;)
Meal 3 was about 2/3 of this ginormous salad. I took the photo with my phone (Starbucks one too). QUality isn’t too bad! Anyway, the chopped salad has organic greens, cucumber, carrot, sun-dried tomatoes and portabellos.
Meal 4 was some of my Thai Lime & Chili Cashews from Trader Joe’s. These are REALLY good and have a bit more spice than I expected but in a very good way! Delicious protein boost before my training session.
I didn’t get photos for the rest of my meals but after my training session I had a protein shake then for my last meal I finished the salad topped with 1/2 an avocado. Great food day!
Happy almost Friday everyone!


Thank you all so much for the early birthday wishes yesterday! You are all so sweet :) Today was the big day and it was a fairly normalish day but was made special by my friends and family which was nice.  Weekday birthdays kind of stink…and add working the weekend on top of it and it stinks even more.  I am going for dinner on Sunday with my family though which will be nice. The only requirement I had for where was just that I needed to be able to get a giant margarita :)

So, here is how I spent my 28th birthday!! Get ready, this is gonna be a picture heavy post :)

Started off with breakfast, gf english muffin, peanut butter and my fancy cut bananas ;) Cinnamon sprinkled on top, naturally.
Iced soy latte, purchased with the gift card that Shen sent me! Thanks so much Shen!
So I’m sitting at work talking to a client on the phone and a delivery guy walks in with this…
A huge ass, gorgeous Edible Arrangements bouquet! YUM!! My bro, sister in law, little beautiful babycakes niece, and the animals (;]) sent it to me. Yay for vegan birthday awesomeness! What a great surprise!
Fast forward for a minute: When I came home I took it apart. Look at this amazing container! Breakfast for a while. There is a separate container with honeydew. That is for anyone else that wants fruit. I don’t like honeydew. This is my container because I’m greedy ;)
For lunch I ate half of this yummy chopped salad.  I ate lunch super late and don’t like eating right before I work out so I didn’t want to stuff myself full of salad. Works out well because I have lunch for tomorrow!
After work I went to the gym and used this equipment…and much more! Great workout, and my trainer gave me the session as my gift. Very nice of him!
I wanted Thai food as my special birthday meal so I got some to bring home. This is tofu with mixed veggies in a SPICY sauce. After this dinner my mouth was on fire and my belly was full. Perfect meal I’d say. And I have a bunch left for dinner tomorrow!
I have the best mommy ever and she took her first shot at vegan baking. She refused to let me bake my own birthday treat so she researched recipes and found the recipe for these DELICIOUS pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Clearly my mom knows me well choosing a treat with pumpkin AND chocolate. They were delicious, she did an awesome job!
So, that was my day :) Family dinner is on Sunday so I’ll try and get pics then if I remember after my margarita (HA!).  Hope you all had an amazing day!

Yummy Eats and Fur Children!

Hello again everyone :) Lots of craziness over the past few days! We still don’t have power at work (!!!) so yesterday I got to work from home.  On a whim I called my gym to see if my trainer had a 45 minute slot open for a bonus session and sure enough someone had canceled so I grabbed the slot! I’m so glad I did because the workout felt amazing yesterday and I’ve been feeling really good in general lately. I have another session tomorrow and I finally got my yoga dvds so I can’t wait to give those a try too!

I’ve been at my brother’s house pet sitting this week and it is so nice to be around animals again.  I figured I’d introduce to you them because they are awesome and cute.  My apologies for the funky color in the pics but I’m sure you’ll get the point ;)

This is Tyler! He’s a bit neurotic and needs a lot of attention but he is so sweet you can’t help but love playing and cuddling with him.
This is Jack. She is a rescue kitty. The vet said she was a he hence the name. THey found out later that she is a female but kept the name.
This is Eddie, another rescue kitty. He used to be super anti-social but now he is such a mush and loves to be pet…he purrs like crazy!
They are so cute I had to show them off :) Now onto the eats!
Breakfast: Big ol’ bowl of watermelon and blackberries. Super refreshing.
Midmorning: Coffee…love that my name is on the cup, too bad it’s spelled wrong ;)
Lunch: Another chopped salad.
Dinner: Broccoli with olive oil and garlic, carrots with unpictured hummus and this amazing cucumber salad I got from the same place as the salad.  
There were also some un-pictured snacks. Pretty yummy day!
Hopefully we’ll have power in the studio tomorrow.  Today we were running off a generator…it was so hot in there because we were afraid to try to plug in the AC! Excited for another training session too :)

Back to the grind!

I finally feel like I’m back in my routine.  My workouts are more regular, I’m eating cleaner again and I’m feeling a bit better…more sorted out I guess.

I had a training session today and it was a little rough.  I can’t imagine that I’ve lost every ounce of athletic ability in the two weeks I was off so I’m gonna say it is a combination of detoxing my yucky processed crap that I’ve eaten and the fact that it was about 509345039503 degrees in the gym.  The AC was only turned on a little bit before I got there and clearly it wasn’t cooling all that quickly. My face was beet red after and I was gasping for breath.  I HATE working out in HOT and HUMID conditions, it makes life so much worse…but I got through it :)

Here are today’s nommy eats…

Breakfast: A pile of watermelon and a pile of HUGE ass cherries.  So refreshing and delicious.
Midmorning: Venti iced soy latte. NOMS. It made up for what I knew was going to be a disappointing lunch.
Lunch: Pretty much a pile of lettuce with a sprinkling of carrot, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes & portabello mushrooms…there was literally like 4 pieces of each. Sad excuse for a salad and I’ve gotten salads from there a million times and this is the first time I was disappointed.
Post Workout: Protein shake.
Dinner: A mediterranean feast! I love that this is one of the healthiest cuisines on earth because it is so delicious, my belly is full and I have no guilt.  I had a falafel ball, some sauteed zucchini, yellow squash & onion, spicy eggplant salad, dolma, hummus and a carrot.  Such a satisfying dinner.
There is probably some more watermelon in my future :)  I did a quick Whole Foods run to buy some nutritious, portable snacks to get me through the weekend as I’m working weddings Saturday and Sunday. I’ll show you some of the yummy treats I found!!
Have a great night!