Bucket List

Hey everyone! I know I said I probably wouldn’t be posting but I just can’t stay away! No food today but I remember a while ago I posted my Fitness Bucket List and mentioned that I have a regular Bucket List. I remember some of you expressing some interest in it and as I’ve been working on my boards on Pinterest I dug out my bucket list so I figured I’d share it with you. I think Bucket Lists are a very good way to get an idea of who someone is so here’s mine! I only have 75 items right now but I’m sure I’ll add more :) The ones in red are what I’ve done. Looks like I have to get cracking!

  1. Open a vegan bakery.
  2. Go on a road trip along the California Coast.
  3. Learn how to surf.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Visit Easter Island.
  6. Cliff jump in Santorini.
  7. Participate in a ghost hunt.
  8. Feel comfortable in my body and be a confident woman.
  9. Improve my photography skills and take pictures everywhere I go.
  10. Take a trip by myself.
  11. Adopt pets.
  12. Participate in a large scale scavenger hunt.
  13. Get a half sleeve tattoo.
  14. Learn how to make jewelry. 
  15. Become more adventurous and take more risks.
  16. Mindfully celebrate the autumnal equinox.
  17. Get in top physical shape and maintain it.
  18. Spar with a partner.
  19. Participate in a sanctioned boxing bout.
  20. Build a fort and have a slumber party.
  21. Grow my own fruits, veggies and herbs.
  22. Travel Scandinavia by bike.
  23. Become a more optimistic person.
  24. Start celebrating my birthday.
  25. Support small local businesses.
  26. Become the woman I was meant to be.
  27. Buy myself a new wardrobe.
  28. Learn the bagpipes.
  29. Go to New Orleans.
  30. Host dinner parties.
  31. Learn how to properly do hair and makeup.
  32. Stop being so hard on myself.
  33. Foster my creativity through art.
  34. Reconnect with old friends.
  35. Make new friends.
  36. Do a photo shoot at Eastern State penitentiary
  37. Go on an archaeological dig.
  38. Become a roller derby girl.
  39. Live a “greener” life.
  40. See the Northern Lights
  41. Create my dream home
  42. Visit a volcano
  43. Ride a Vespa
  44. Learn more about Eastern religions.
  45. Go to a taping of a TV show.
  46. Zipline through the rainforest
  47. Experience Oktoberfest.
  48. Have a cup of coffee in each of the 50 states.
  49. Fill up my passport with stamps.
  50. Have a nice picture on my driver’s license.
  51. Dye my hair blonde just to see what it would look like.
  52. Experience 24 hours of daylight in Alaska.
  53. Inspire someone.
  54. Have a big ass food fight.
  55. Go to a drive in movie theater.
  56. Shop for a bed in my Pjs.
  57. Listen to my iPod all the way through on shuffle.
  58. Put up some videos on Youtube.
  59. Learn how to nunchuck.
  60. Visit an animal sanctuary.
  61. Go one week without spending any money.
  62. Make someone’s wedding cake.
  63. Learn more about astrology.
  64. Walk around in a gown all day.
  65. Maintain a blog.
  66. Make a large donation to charity.
  67. Own a beach cruiser.
  68. Make someone’s day.
  69. Get more organized.
  70. Pull an amazing April Fools joke.
  71. Donate hair to locks of love.     
  72. Participate in the Run For Your Lives 5k.
  73. Complete a duathlon sprint.
  74. Join an MMA gym.
  75. Eat more raw food.
Here are some cool images I found and pinned :)

OK hope you liked this post and found my bucket list at least a little interesting ;) Time to get ready for my mom’s birthday dinner! Hope you all have a great Saturday!

    My Fitness Bucket List

    Hey everyone. I’m still sick but I’m sure you figured that since bronchitis doesn’t magically clear up overnight (although I wish it would!). I’m also incredibly bored and now I have pretty much no voice left. I sound like a cross between a 13 year old boy who’s voice is changing and an old man that has smoked a pack a day for 60 years. I called the gym to cancel my training for the rest of the week (you can imagine how bummed out I was about that) and he was like wait the phone is breaking up and I basically had to assure him that it was just my voice. Oy!

    I cyber wandered over to Oh She Glows and got sucked into the pages and pages and pages of archives that Angela has accumulated over the years and bookmarked and printed lovely and inspiring recipes that I can’t wait to try. Then I came across her Fitness Bucket List post and decided it would be fun to create my own bucket list while I’m collecting enough photos of my sickytime eats to post.

    So here we go, my Fitness Bucket List:

    1. Take classes in an MMA Gym

    I am lucky to have a really great trainer that has taught me A LOT about fighting. I am very confident in the skills that I’ve acquired over the past few years. However, there are lots of benefits to training with people that will throw punches back ;) I’d like to supplement my personal training with classes at an MMA gym because I think I’d be able to learn a lot sparring with other people (more on this later).

    2. Start to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

    I’ve been floating around the idea of trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and learning more about it.

    And you better believe I’d rock the pink Gi like these ladies!

    3. Spar with a sparring partner – learn more about how to fight against an actual human being instead of a heavy bag or pads

    I have wanted to spar for a long time but there are no women at the gym that I go to that are basically at a sparring level. It’s not that I’m all that phenomenal because I’ve got A LOT to learn…it’s that my goals in fight training are different than theirs.

    4. Participate in a legitmate boxing bout

    I really do eventually want to fight in a legit bout. I feel pretty confident that my boxing can get to a place where I am 100% confident getting into a ring. It is a dream of mine to really finish this journey. I don’t tell a lot of people about this, but it is at the forefront of my mind every single time I walk into that gym.

    This picture motivates me every time I see it :)
    This just looks like a really fun way to start running races. I would love to participate in this one day!
    6. Indoor Rock Climbing

    7. Have a membership with a Yoga Studio

    8. Run a 5K

    9. Learn How To Surf (I know I’ve mentioned this before!)

    10. Get Around By Bike Instead of a Car

    I would love to be able to rely on a bicycle more than a car in the future. Great for my health and the environment.
    Kind of love this pink Cadillac cruiser ;)
    I’m sure there are a ton more but my brain is a little foggy right now. Hopefully I’ll be back with some food tomorrow. I figured I’d wait another day so I can supplement today’s sad showing because I had pretty much zero appetite. 
    Have a good night and thanks for the well wishes. I’m not sure if I’m staying home tomorrow, I’ll see how I feel when I wake up.