Lovely Lunch

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice Monday :) I spent my morning cleaning like a mad woman. This includes vacuuming every inch of my bed (mattress, frame, etc), de-cluttering my room and washing all of my bedding. All I need to do now is vacuum my floor and molding. Oy!

I was able to take a break to meet a friend out for lunch. I had such a nice time! We ended up having a leisurely (almost 4 hour) lunch which was really lovely. I only have pictures of that meal from today (go figure the only pics I have are the awkward ones you have to take at a restaurant) but I’m hoping to stop being so lazy about photographing them tomorrow.

I had a really tasty Strawberry Lemonade as my beverage. In my exact words upon tasting it “this is fucking delightful.” LOL and there is my personality in exactly one sentence ;)

For lunch I had the Sesame Tofu which is basically sesame crusted tofu with a stir fry in a spicy sauce over brown rice. It was really good. I’ll probably have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

On my way home from lunch I passed a restaurant supply store that I’ve been meaning to go to so I stopped in. I was able to pick up the two things I’ve been looking for:

A large wooden salad bowl and a 16 oz mason jar for smaller, sweet juices. I found them both (and was in heaven with all of the cool stuff!) and got them for… wait for it… a combined total of $3.75! I’m so glad I decided to try this place before any of the more expensive stores. I need to go back when I have time to check out all of the cool stuff they have.

Finally, after seeing Gabby’s Instagram post I decided to sign up for a Vegan Cuts Snack Box subscription! I think it’ll be a great way to be able to try new products that I can’t get my hands on or that I wouldn’t otherwise try! I’ll get my first box at the end of July :) For only $19.95/month it’s a great deal!

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you all had a great Monday!

Just A Little Something

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. It’s been really hectic over here so I haven’t been able to photograph too much but I do have two really great meals to show you!

How gorgeous is this parfait?! I’m not one for making parfaits too often, mostly because I’ve had a hard time finding vegan yogurt that I like, but the stars aligned today! I made sure to try the So Delicious vanilla greek style yogurt before assembling and it passed the test (still need to get used to it a little though) so I gathered up my banana and some of the Raw Cacao Cereal I purchased from Whole Foods! I had a glass jar saved (from preserves I think) and layered it up all nice and pretty. It was so good, really filling and the cacao cereal is amazing! I can’t wait to to get more! And try more fun raw things from Whole Foods :)

Here is some leftover tofu and stir fry. It was yummy :)

That’s all for tonight! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

WTF Wednesday

Hey everyone! Today is my long day which is usually made a lot longer due to the amount of meal prep I have to do in the morning. I eat breakfast at home but the other snacks and meals are eaten at work so it just takes a bit longer to get ready but it’s worth it to eat a healthy, home cooked (or prepped) meal. The effort was well worth it today because my meals are going to be so good!

My breakfast was so good! I had breakfast quinoa! I basically made it the exact same way as oatmeal. I took some cooked quinoa, added it to a pot with some almond milk, a little stevia and some cinnamon. I cooked it down until the milk was mostly absorbed then I added some raisins. After the rest of the liquid absorbed I added some sliced almonds and a half of a banana. It was so delicious!

For late morning snack I’m going to have the other half of the banana and a half of an orange.

Check out this beautiful stir fry for lunch! Tofu, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, onion and carrot. This is going to be so good!

For my afternoon snack I’m going to have some roasted seaweed from Trader Joe’s. Mmm.
My dinner is actually already at work but it is just some raw celery, carrots and tomato with some hummus. Simple but delicious.
I’d say today is going to be an awesome food day. I think that will help me get through the 10 hour work day. I have an appointment with the spine dr. tomorrow so hopefully he’ll put me on track to finding some relief for my neck, back, shoulder issues. 
Hope you all have a great day! See you tomorrow!

Yummy Tuesday!

Hey everyone! I’m finally back with a full day’s worth of food, including one amazing treat (which is actually pretty nutritious!).

Check out what I made with the carrots I bought yesterday…

Isa’s Carrot Cake Pancakes from the PPK site!! I made mine gluten free by using oat flour and added the suggested walnuts.
So naturally it is no surprise that for breakfast I had…
Instagram pic of my pancakes with blackberries. I ate my pancakes with the tiniest bit of Earth Balance Coconut Spread (I’m talking 1/4 tsp between the two) and 1 tsp of maple syrup. HOLY YUM! These things are SO delicious you must try them. They are also probably the healthiest pancakes I’ve ever eaten with the oat flour substitute.
Lunch was spicy fat free refried beans in a brown rice tortilla with 1/2 avocado. I tried to get a new angle of it today :)
For snack I’m bringing an orange with me to work. Such. A. Citrus. Freak.
I made another stir fry to bring for dinner tonight. This one has brown rice, broccoli, zucchini and tofu. This is going to be delicious!
So that’s it for today! Working 2-9 then hopefully get to relax for a bit. I feel like I’ve been running around cooking all morning! Hope you all have a great day!!

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy new year!! I hope you all had a super fun, safe evening :) Mine ended up being quiet because I wasn’t feeling well. I was planning on drinking some of that delicious Red Electra wine, but I had to swap it out for tea. Wah! Oh well, I woke up feeling much better so that is all that matters!

I was out for most of the day so I only have 2 meals to show you. I FINALLY replaced my power cord for my computer so I am very happy to say that I can now move my computer around again which is nice.

Check out the eats.

For breakfast I had some spicy, fat free refried beans in a brown rice tortilla with a half of an avocado.

For dinner I stir fried up some leftover tofu, broccoli and brown rice into a quick, tasty meal. So good. And yes I used my new chopsticks! They are awesome! Great way to slow down a meal :)
Not looking forward to going to work tomorrow but I’m definitely looking forward to the double training session I scheduled! An hour and a half of fun, yay!
Have a great night everyone and Happy New Year!

WTF Wednesday!

Hey everyone! I’m about to head off for my long day at work so I wanted to do a quick post and show you 2 of my meals.

I ran out of brown rice tortillas so I put some black beans and the rest of yesterday’s avocado onto some toast and added a banana on the side. I am so stuffed but I like to try and eat a hearty breakfast on my long day because it typically has to keep me full past the lunch hour if we are busy with appointments. This was really good but I’ll probably stick to my tortillas so I’ll have to stock up.
For lunch I made this beautiful green stir fry. Tofu, bok choy, broccoli, and zucchini. This is gonna be amazing!
For dinner I’ll probably get a small container of rice and veggies from the deli next door.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Another Day, More Yummy Meals!

Hey everyone! Hope your Monday was relatively painless :) Been having a good day…lots of yummy meals, short day at work, and a great workout! I did seven 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag followed by some core/abs. Over the weekend I watched A LOT of fights. On Saturday, Spike played 3 hours of MMA fights for the Ultimate Fighter Finale. On Sunday I watched a lot of old boxing bouts. Needless to say I was inspired and began to think about how I can effectively use my workouts on my own to continue to practice what I learn with my trainer. I began to think of workouts I can try on my own and I’ll definitely keep you posted on them! I’m going to try my first one tomorrow. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize I can make use of that heavy bag on my own time :X

Anyway, check out my yummy food today!

For breakfast I had a slice of GF Millet toast with 2 teaspoons of almond butter, 1/2 sliced banana and some cinnamon. On the side I had some blackberries and the other half of the banana. So delicious.

2 clementines packed for snack.
For lunch I had some baby carrots, grape tomatoes, stuffed grape leaves and amazing hummus from Trader Joe’s. This was a yummy lunch.

I got out at 2 today and thankfully I put in all my meals into Lose It! along with my planned exercise because I realized I was WAY under for calories. Yikes!! I added in a pre-workout meal of 1/4 cup oats cooked in 1 cup water with 2 tbsp ground flax seeds, some raisins and cinnamon. Perfect pre-workout fuel eaten about 2 hours prior to heading to the gym.
After the gym I made a quick protein shake (in the blender this time!) and drank it quickly before I showered.
For dinner I whipped up a quick stir fry of zucchini, bok choy and broccoli tossed in 1 tbsp of garlic sauce. I served it with some golden sesame tofu from Whole Foods. Delicious end to the day!
Have a good night everyone!

Detox Day 10

Hey everyone! Sorry no post yesterday, things have been crazy around here. Not much to catch up on so I’ll make this a quick one.

Everyone was making me wish I had gotten the coconut date rolls so I got all smart and took my almond date roll and rolled it around in coconut…so I had the best of both worlds! I spread the paste on an apple with some cinnamon.
Chopped salad.
Quick stir fry of frozen broccoli, frozen peas and carrots and some tofu.
Sorry so brief! I’ll be back tomorrow with some awesome treats that are definitely not part of this cleanse (none for me no worries!)…and the winner of the cookie bracket! Stay tuned, yay for Friday!

Wedding Day Eats

I’m working another wedding today so I’m just going to be posting what I’ve eaten (breakfast), what I will eat (lunch and snack) because these are the only meals I have control over.

It’s been kind of a rough week, I feel very out of sorts with all of the disruptions from the hurricane and to top it off I was in a little fender bender yesterday. Everyone is ok, I banged up my knee a little and my car is going to be in the shop for a while but it was just a really scary experience (I’ve never been involved in an accident). After that I was called to work today and then I had to cancel my training session for tonight and then Monday is canceled because the gym is closed for Labor Day.  It’s all kinda bumming me out.  I plan on taking this weekend to try and relax, do some vegan baking for my giveaway winners (!!!) and lots of yoga.
Anyway, sorry to be such a bummer, I’ll show you some yums now.
Breakfast was some fruit I was supposed to eat yesterday.
Last night my friend thought I needed a good meal and a margarita to calm my nerves. I got a delicious strawberry margarita and a really amazing, delicious meal. It is brown rice with veggies and sesame crusted tofu in the most delicious and slightly spicy orange sauce I’ve ever tasted. The orange was so bright and fresh! My pre-wedding lunch is the leftovers from dinner and it is a perfect balance of grain, veg and protein to start a long day :)
Bringing a lemon larabar as snack.
Gratuitous shot of Eddie because he is so photogenic :)
Sorry to be a bit of a downer today, once I get through work I’ll feel better and get to relax. Yoga tomorrow will help too. Hope all is well on your ends!

Crazy Day!

Hey everyone, just got home a little bit ago from a crazy day! I woke up at the crack of dawn (5:30ish) and did laundry and cooked a delicious stir-fry that I will be eating probably for the rest of the week.

You’ll be seeing a lot of this dish this week.  Check out how bright and vibrant the greens are! It is bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, snow peas and tofu. Yums can’t wait to eat it!
Anyway, after that I worked from 11-9, however I didn’t get home until about 9:45 because I had to “help” (lets be honest I really kind of just supervised) my boss DUCT TAPE HIS BUMPER TO HIS CAR. Someone hit his car in the parking lot so hard that his entire bumper literally came off.  It was crazy and really disgusting that they just left.
So that was my LONG and crazy day.
Breakfast: Banana with peanut butter and cinnamon and an orange.  It was yummy!
Midmorning snack: Iced coffee and a key lime larabar.
Lunch and Dinner are un-pictured: Leftover stir-fry and salad from yesterday.  Very tasty the second time around!
Ok I’m off the rest, gonna try and get a few miles in when I wake up the I have training after work. Yay!