Fun Friday! DIY and Some Fall Treats!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Welcome to this week’s Fun Friday post :) As usual I picked a bunch of my favorite pins on Pinterest to share with you. Most of today’s pins are some cool DIY projects that I pinned, but there were also a few treats that I had to share! I saw that Sara had pinned a bunch of Fall recipes that looked amazing and I can’t wait to try so I figured I’d share those with you as well :)

How cute are these?! They are canisters for you Holiday Cookies that are made out of Pringles cans! What a perfect and brilliant idea. Here is the original link.

I absolutely love this idea of using a picture frame to make a cupcake tray! It looks so adorable and you can decorate it however you want. It is so different and looks so cute! Check out the original post on Oh! Party.

Check out this super cute DIY Workout Shirt! It looks so cute, I love the back of it! Great way to recycle old t-shirts.

I don’t know if any of you are fans of glitter. Typically I’m not super into it but I love the look of this glittery glass! It is so easy too, I definitely want to give it a try!

This, my friends, is by far my favorite pin of the week! Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate!! This sounds so delicious and is really easy to veganize! I really can’t wait to try this!

This week I am submitting my Raw Buckwheat Cereal for Healthy Vegan Friday :) I seriously love this stuff and I hope that other people do too!

OK that’s all for this week’s Fun Friday post! I hope you all liked it :) I’m working a day wedding tomorrow so I won’t be home too late. I’m hoping to be able to post and hopefully I’ll think of something good for dinner so I have something to show you :)

Have a great night everyone!

Fun Friday!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! In true This Is What I Eat fashion, welcome to my Fun Friday Post! This week I’ll show you some things that made me laugh, and a few things that I’m loving. Most are from Pinterest, naturally ;)

As most of you know, my best friend lives in Florida. I found this on Pinterest and it made me laugh my ass off and I texted it to him right away and he laughed his ass off too. This describes us perfectly ;) (source: someecards)


This one also made me think of him/miss him. In case you were wondering what our friendship is like, these two pics give you a pretty good insight ;) Believe it or not, I found this pic from following “Unlimited Texting” on Facebook. Yeah. I like texting. Don’t judge ;) I actually really don’t like talking on the phone so most of my communication happens through text and e-mail. That’s just a bonus tidbit because I love you guys.

This pin also made me chuckle BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE!! That is pretty much the only burner I use :X How about you guys, is this your favorite burner too?!

As most of you may know by now, I LOVE putting together really cute care packages to send out in the mail. I also love gift baskets and cute things like that. I have actually thought about starting a gift basket business in the past. Anyway, I stumbled across Sometimes Creative through some very cool pins on Pinterest, including the one above. This one is a “Box Full of Sunshine” and I thought it was so creative and thoughtful. She sent this package to a friend that had been feeling a little down. She packed it full of yellow and orange items to help cheer her friend up. How cute and thoughtful is that!?

I don’t know why this photo is so small but you can click HERE to see the full post. Also from Sometimes Creative, this is a Favorite Things party! She got the idea from Oprah’s favorite things episodes (I’ve never watched much Oprah but I’ve heard of this) and decided to invite a bunch of friends over, and each picks one of their favorite things. They bring 3 of that item and 3 recipients are drawn to take that item home. I thought this was such a cute idea and a great way to get introduced to new foods and products!

This just made me smile. I need to get to the beach soon. I’ve been trying to go with my sister in law and Delilah but it rains every time we try to go! Maybe next week.

I also found this daily workout plan on Pinterest. I’d give you the original link but when I tried to click it on Pinterest it went to a different page. There is credit to the creator on the photo though (which you can click to enlarge). This daily workout looks really great and definitely manageable! I’m planning on doing them first thing in the morning and I’ll do the circuit twice. I’ll also do the jumping jacks on my rebounder to avoid impact on my neck (running and jumping still bother me). I’m really excited about starting this! It’ll be a great way to get the blood flowing in the morning and won’t leave me too sore to work out in the afternoon.

Finally, today is the first week of Healthy Vegan Friday! You are invited to submit a healthy vegan recipe and some recipes will be chosen to be featured by the hosts: Gabby, Shelby and Carrie! The goal is to share vegan recipes that emphasize healthy, fresh, whole foods. I love this idea and am definitely planning on participating. :) Thanks for hosting this ladies!

The first recipe I’m submitting are my Gluten Free Carrot Spice Muffins! I really love this recipe because they are so delicious and warm from the spices. They are great for breakfast with some fruit or as an on the go snack. They taste so good but are good for you :)

That’s all for today’s Fun Friday post! I hope you liked it and I’m definitely going to be on the hunt for some really fun things for next week. I’m in a crafting/DIY mood lately so maybe I can find some fun new projects to share with all of you.

Are you guys going to watch the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics tonight? I’m definitely going to be tuned in. In the past I haven’t been too into the Olympics but since I’ve been more interested in fitness and athleticism lately I’m really excited to watch the world’s best athletes compete.

I hope you all have a great Friday night!

Fun Friday – What I’m Into!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! It is the return of “Fun Friday” where I show you all the fun stuff I’m into this week. Today has been a very hectic day… after work I ran around for a few hours and then I came home and finished up my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Check out the final result!

I distressed the edges a little bit which I think looks pretty good and not as “clean” which I really like :) Not too bad! I think she’ll like it.
This should be no surprise but Tough Mudder has taken up a great deal of my thoughts these past few days. Since I verbally committed to it (I’m waiting to sign up to make sure I do it correctly and sign up with the team – should be done by tomorrow hopefully, just waiting for an email back) I have felt a lot of fear and a bit of excitement ;) The next 164 days are going to be devoted to training so I survive this thing. Yikes!
I LOVE the Fighter Girls website/store. They have amazing gear and clothing for women. I have a t-shirt (the “Shut Up or I’ll Punch You in the Liver” shirt) and a sweathshirt (Queen of the Cage MMA Hoodie), both of which I got as gifts because lets face it, their stuff is expensive. However, I decided that after the Tough Mudder, I’m going to slurge on one thing as a present to myself for kicking ass :) I have my eye on either a pair of board shorts or this awesome gym bag pictured above.
I am currently obsessed with dehydrators. I don’t have one. This makes me so sad I can’t even deal. It is on the top of my list of things to get. I see veggie and fruit chips, raw crackers and breads, fruit leather, and raw granola in my future! Eventually.
How cute are these DIY glass magnets!? I found them on Pinterest, naturally. It is actually a suggested wedding favor but that’s not happening so I think just making cute refrigerator magnets would be fun :) Maybe using some pretty vegan treats?!
That’s it for this week! I have a wedding tomorrow and I’m basically trying to figure out what to bring with me other than a huge bottle of Smart Water. I am sure one of the Artisana packets will come with me but I’m trying to figure out what else to bring. Any suggestions are appreciated!
Hope you all had a great week! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! I definitely won’t be posting tomorrow since I have such a long day but I should hopefully be back to post about Mother’s Day festivities :) Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there (fur child mommies included!), and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ready for the Weekend

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well :) Business as usual here, worked then had a training session. I decided that I’m going to do the Tough Mudder run. I’m scared as hell but I think it’ll be a really amazing experience and a huge confidence booster. I spoke to my trainer and starting at the end of May we are going to devote one of my sessions each week to running and strength training. I’ll keep doing my fight training the other day. This will be great because I will work on increasing my strength and stamina, AND it’ll be a good way to rest my shoulder from the impact of hitting the heavy bag or pads. I’ll also obviously be running and doing strength training on my own to try and get ready for this beast of a challenge. I’m really excited and will be taking my training very seriously these next 165 days (but who’s counting!).

I took photos at the beginning of the day but somehow missed out on photographing lunch. If you are interested please check out my Mediterranean Bento Box from yesterday’s post. It was the exact same thing!

Breakfast was a “banana split” with all natural peanut butter, raisins and cinnamon.

My mangoes are finally ripe! Late morning snack!
As I mentioned, lunch was a Mediterranean Bento box.

After my workout I had half of this Chocolate Coconut Water. It is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. This is the only flavor of Zico that I actually enjoy, it tastes like chocolate milk with no guilt!
No dinner yet but I’ll probably have quinoa with veggies.
I am almost finished making my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. I wanted to show you all and get your opinion before I adhere the photo to the wood plaques. Do you think I should distress the edges a bit or leave them? 

This is one of my favorite photos of Delilah :)

And here’s the one of me.
I also made one of my bro and sister in law but didn’t know how they’d feel about it being on here so I decided to leave it off. The plaque for theirs is actually painted white and the photo is in color because it is one of their wedding photos on the beach so it was bright and pretty blue and it would be silly to make it black and white. I figured theirs would go in the middle. So anyway, what do you think, distressed the edges or no?
Hope you are all well. Glad it is Friday tomorrow but I have my first wedding of the season on Saturday so I have another long day before my day off. Oh well, at least my day off will be spent with my family having a nice time for Mother’s Day :)
Have a great night and a Happy Friday tomorrow!

Fun Tuesday – Stuff I’m Into (The Craft Edition!)

Hey everyone! I realized that I forgot to do my fun Friday post last week. When I woke up it was pouring and gray and gloomy and I figured it was the perfect day for a post on fun crafts that I want to do! I’ve been antsy lately and feeling like I’ve been watching too much tv and not doing enough “stuff” so I’ve been pinning projects I want to do on Pinterest. I figured I’d share them with you today because my food is boring :)

So lets check it out!

I thought these were awesome! They are DIY wood picture frames! You buy plain wood plaques and paint them whatever colors you want then mount the photos in the middle! I’m thinking about making a few with pictures of Delilah for my mom and my sister in law for mother’s day.

Jar-o-lanterns! How adorable! I LOVE these I definitely will be making some for Halloween this year :)

Mason jar planters! I would also love to make these so I can grow some herbs :) Maybe I’ll look into it more when the summer comes.

How cool is this?! It is called bubble painting. All you do is put some food coloring into bubbles and blow the bubbles onto a canvas. This will be happening very soon! 
The raw materials for…

… friendship bracelets! I actually find it really relaxing to make these and while I’m not great at it (I can only make the simple ones) it’s a fun little project for a rainy day! Thanks to Sophie for reminding me about these!
I have a bunch of errands to run before I head into work this afternoon. I have to get my earrings taken out for my MRI which is annoying but it has to be done. Luckily there is a Michael’s right near the tattoo shop I’m going to so I may go peruse in there and pick up some thread. I think canvases are on sale so I may grab those if they are too :) I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed by all of the thread choices, I have no clue what colors I want to use!
Hope you liked my craft edition of “Stuff I’m Into!” I’ll be keeping you posted on anything I actually get around to making.
Hope you all have a great day!