Fun Friday!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. Mine was fine but not over. I have to be up at 5 am for a day wedding tomorrow then I have another wedding on Sunday. Fun times!

So for today’s Fun Friday post I figured I’d do a workout post :) Some of you asked me to talk about workouts so I figured I’d start broad and narrow a bit as the weeks go on. I think it is important to include variety in your workouts so you don’t get bored. I have tried tons of different workouts in my life and some have stuck and some haven’t.

Check out the workouts that I’m loving the most right now!

You all know I’m a big fan of the Tone It Up girls. This is one of my favorite workout videos that they’ve put on Youtube. I love how they all have a beachy theme too :)
You all knew kickboxing would show up sooner rather than later. This is Gina Carano training with an amazing view. That normally doesn’t happen though. I recommend it because it is a great stress relief, teaches you a lot of skills you can use in self defense (which you would hopefully never need!) and it really just feels good to kick ass! I’m going to miss it during this break but hopefully when I get back to it I’ll be back to normal!
I have practiced Bikram yoga for two periods of about 4 months each. The first session is absolutely miserable but after that it feels amazing. It is cleansing, your flexibility improves exponentially, you learn how to deal with the heat and it is such a feeling of accomplishment every class. This is what I have been thinking about doing for the next month while I have to eliminate impact training. I think it will help my neck a lot. If I remember correctly, it helped the last time I picked up the practice… about a year and a half ago. I’m going to run it by the physical therapist before I start.
I have mentioned it a million times on here but don’t know if I explained it well. This is the arc trainer. I love this cardio machine and it is one of the only things that doesn’t aggravate my shoulder/arm. I usually describe it as a cross between a stair climber and an elliptical. Love it.
This is actually something that I’ve always wanted to try! Have any of you ever been mountain biking before? It sounds like a great challenge and like so much fun! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!
Sorry if this post is boring but these are some of the general workouts that I either love or am interested in trying. I will be getting more specific in future Fun Friday posts :) I’d love suggestions for specific things you’d like to see and also workouts that you love that you think I should try! I’d love to try some new things :)
This isn’t a workout but it is something that my mom emailed me and had to share because it is so cute!
Haha I love it! So perfect for the heat wave we just had. Today we had a monsoon like storm that naturally started while I was driving and ended just after I got soaked getting out of the car ;) Gotta love that! At least it won’t be a million degrees over the weekend when I have to work.
Hope you all had a great week! Do something fun over the weekend for me! :) I’ll have to live vicariously through all of you!

Another Milestone, Some Updates and a Grocery Haul

Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last posts! All of you (commenters and lurkers ;]) are such a huge part of the reason I blog and I appreciate all of you so much! I’m happy to say that I hit another milestone today when I saw that I gained my 100th follower :)  I’m so happy and honored that you all decided to follow my blog. Thank you all so much!

So I mentioned the other day that I had an appointment with a physical therapist yesterday. After an hour and a half of evaluations, we have pinpointed that there is no shoulder injury at all and my pain, numbness and tingling are in fact caused by a bulging disc in my neck (C6 if you follow that kind of thing ;]). I’m really happy to have figured this out finally because over the last 6 months it has really gotten bad. I probably downplay it a bit but the truth is that my shoulder hurts most of the time, and when I do something to aggravate it I get numbness and pain down my left arm and into my thumb and pinky fingers. One major reason why I hate running is that 9 times out of 10 I will get off of the treadmill with horrible pain, numbness and tingling. The impact must aggravate it because it is terrible. I’m probably really lucky that the disc isn’t herniated given the amount of impact that I put my body through between the running, jumping and fight training that I do.

I’m clearly a stubborn girl because none of this has stopped me in the past. I was advised to put the activities that involve impact on hold for a few weeks and I definitely need to listen. I’m tired of being in pain and struggling through it. I’ve been training probably at 60-75% for the past 6-12 months and it is really sad because I remember all of the things I used to do and want to be able to do them again. So I’m going to have to take it easy for the next month at least. I’m working on figuring out a new workout plan that will help me get back to 100%. I’ll definitely keep you posted on that. I have an idea but I’m going to run it by the physical therapist first. For now I’m replacing running with the elliptical (did 30 minutes of intervals this morning) and doing all strength training with my trainer (45 minutes this evening… omitting overheard presses for a few weeks).

Anyway, I know this seems negative but I’m really happy that after 3 years of searching for answers I finally have one. I’m disappointed that I have to stop my Tough Mudder training for a little while but I know that it is the smartest decision to avoid more serious injury. I’ll have to play it by ear in terms of Tough Mudder. It’s pretty clear to me now that I’m going to avoid all obstacles that may aggravate or worsen the problem. Side note – I told my physical therapist that I was training for it and he said he was doing it to! How funny!

Anyway, sorry for the long update but you’ve all been so supportive throughout the whole thing so I figured I’d keep you in the loop. I may be on the sidelines for a bit but I can definitely still kick ass ;)

So I can’t do a post with no food to show you so I am going to show you my mini grocery haul! I’m working weddings on Saturday and Sunday this week so I didn’t get too much because I won’t be home all that much. Check out the haul!

2 Two Mom’s in the Raw bars (to bring to work as a substantial snack), Goji berries (finally!), organic salsa, stuffed grape leaves (shocking) and some golden sesame tofu.

For produce I got organic blackberries, spring mix, some corn, carrots and some tomatoes on the vine. Yum!
Thank you all for sticking with this long post :) And thank you all for reading, following, supporting me, and inspiring me. You are the best!
I hope all of my Northeast Friends are doing ok in this heat wave. My air condition isn’t doing anything because my room is above ground level and therefore like 120 degrees. I just cleaned out the filter so hopefully that’ll help a little. Wouldn’t you know I locked my keys (and phone) in the car AGAIN today. On the hottest day so far. I’m just good like that ;)
Have a great night friends!

Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse: My Final Thoughts!

Hey everyone! I decided that I would give my thoughts about the 21 day cleanse I just finished. I’ve learned a lot in the past 3 weeks and I feel like it has changed my life for the better. I know it seems silly and a bit corny but it is the truth. I guess I’ll just go through what I’ve experienced and talk about the physical and emotional changes I’ve made!

Well, I guess it is clear that there is a pretty good chance you will lose weight eating this way. This was a huge deal for me because I’ve been stuck at a plateau for way too long. Shaking up my eating has changed the way my body works. I eat more often now, eat a high volume of alkaline foods and eat foods that are easily used by my body for fuel. My body is working way more efficiently now and I feel amazing. It will be so huge in my Tough Mudder training and I’m so happy about it!

Another really great physical benefit I’m experiencing after this cleanse which I briefly mentioned yesterday is that my skin has cleared up a lot and is glowing. I’m not a huge fan of heavy makeup and I rarely wear makeup at all, and now I don’t feel so self conscious about not wearing it.

I think you can tell in this photo? It’s just the black and white version of the one I posted yesterday. It is amazing what a few small changes can make!
I think the biggest changes that I’ve experienced in this cleanse are actually the mental/emotional changes that I’ve made and the soul searching that I’ve done through Kris Carr’s exercises. Before I started this cleanse I felt stuck in my situation and now I’m dreaming bigger and I’m believing that if I work hard I can achieve whatever I want. I’m allowing myself to acknowledge what I want, not feel guilty for wanting something different and to take steps to achieve it. This is a really huge revelation for me. 
I’ve learned that life won’t stop for me so I just have to get on board and roll with it. I need to make the most of my time now and that is what I intend on doing. I need to be good to myself. I work VERY hard and rarely do anything for myself and that needs to change. I deserve it and I owe it to myself to enjoy the free time that I do have because even if it’s a few hours or even a few minutes, I’ll never get that time back.
After combining proper nutrition with physical activity I’m finally starting to realize that if I put the time and work in, I can achieve anything. I’m still afraid of Tough Mudder, but I truly believe that I will be able to do it. It will probably be the biggest test of will that I’ve experienced but I’m ready for it! :)
If I ever hit a wall with my running I’m going to look at this picture. Great motivation! :)
Finally, one of my favorite things that I’m taking from this cleanse is that I now crave foods that are good for me! Healthy eating has now become a habit for me and I crave fresh fruits and veggies and I love that! I’m so excited to experiment with my dehydrator and it has even changed my thinking on what kind of business I’d like to have one day! 
I guess you can tell that I am so happy that I did this cleanse and that my life has truly changed from it. I plan on trying to keep up the high raw lifestyle. I have no intentions of going 100% raw but I feel great and I want to stay this way. I highly recommend the book and the cleanse to anyone that is looking for a change. When I started this cleanse I felt like crap all the time. Now I have energy, my mood is better and I’m craving healthy foods and an active lifestyle. 
That being said, I am definitely not going to promise that I won’t indulge once in a while. I will just make sure to balance those indulges with alkaline, whole foods :) I’ll probably still have one decaf coffee a month as well. Because coffee is delicious. 
So on a totally different note, my friend is going to be in town at the end of the month when I’m house sitting for my brother and I told her and her fiance to come over and I’m going to cook a nice vegan dinner for us! I’m so excited because I miss her and it’ll be nice to cook a delicious meal for everyone. I’m really looking forward to it and I think I already know what I’m going to make :) Just have to pick a dessert recipe. I think I want to try a raw dessert from Ani Phyo’s dessert cookbook.
That’s all she wrote on the cleanse! I’m glad I actually made it through this time and didn’t get bronchitis. I have to work a wedding today and plan on being productive tomorrow. I have to get groceries and plan on trying more dehydrator experiments! Hopefully they come out better this time and I’ll have recipes to share!
Have a great Saturday!

Fun Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week has treated you well! I hope you are all ready for my fun Friday post ;) Brace yourselves, there’s a few self portraits that are about to happen. It kind of freaks me out but I’m trying to get over that haha. I have to share this with you though!!

I’m going to kick off Fun Friday by reviewing this:

The DIY Beachy Hair Spray!! I bought a spray bottle today and threw it together and decided to play after my post-workout shower. 

I hadn’t let it dry completely when I took this photo but you can definitely see the waves starting to form. Basically I washed my hair and wrapped it in a towel until it was just damp. I sprayed all over with the spray and scrunched my hair with a cotton shirt. That supposedly helps make it less frizzy! Then I let it dry some more and repeated the spray and scrunch procedure one more time.

This was fully dry. I’m sorry the photos are hard to see but I took them with my phone. Since the roots dry last I blew dry the roots on top and underneath. Don’t flip your hair though, just roll it around. This keeps the volume! Check out those waves!

PS, for the record, check out how clear my skin is from the cleanse! That makes me SOOOOO happy! No makeup as usual. One day I’ll post a pic with makeup, you won’t even recognize me! Anyway, give the sea salt spray a try if you want beachy waves! It’s a bit time consuming but so worth it!
Also, I was going to skip the coconut oil but decided to add it at the last minute. Don’t skip the coconut oil! I can’t even describe how soft and light my hair feels and it smells so good! I’m so glad I put it in at the last minute! 
I love this more than anything right now :) This is my life haha! Repinned on Pinterest from Sage :)
I’m starting to embrace my Virgo-ness because I’m becoming a total list freak! I have lists on my phone, a small notebook in my bag and tons of lists of everything you can imagine. I just downloaded a “To Do List” app and here’s what I added to it today. The only annoying thing is the ad on the bottom but it was a free app so I’ll deal with it ;)
I found this on Pinterest too… it is a photo of someone’s raw food fridge. I am so jealous, this is my dream fridge!!
I am so excited, I FINALLY scheduled a hair cut. It has literally been at least a year since I’ve had it cut. I talked about cutting it a few months ago but clearly (as you can see in the above photos) it never happened. I’m getting a cut and color at the end of the month because I decided that I’m working a lot more now and I’m training hard so I deserve a bit of pampering. I’m going to be debating how short to go for the next 3 weeks! I am ready for a change but I like it to be long enough to throw back into a ponytail or bun when I’m working out. I love how long it is but it’s always in the way. Don’t know what to do!
Another motivation photo. This is what my next 4.5 months will be like :) Still working on my vision board, I’ll post it when I’m done!
I hope you all have a great Friday! Today is the last day of my cleanse! I can’t believe it! I’ll post a Cleanse Wrap Up tomorrow before I head out to the wedding. Cheers friends!

Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse Take 2: Day 18

Hey everyone! Hope all is well you all of you :) Another early post because I work until 9 tonight. Didn’t get to work out today because I had to get my blood drawn at 10 and it was fasting so I didn’t think it was a good idea to work out before and there isn’t enough time to now. I’m ok with that :) A rest day is totally necessary and I plan on beasting out the rest of the week, ha!

So I’m on Day 18 of this cleanse and haven’t really discussed much except the food I’ve been eating. One reason I love Crazy Sexy Diet is because it talks about a total mind, body and soul makeover in order to achieve your best health and life. You meditate, dry brush, do exercises in forgiveness and love and today’s task: create a Vision Board for your future. Kris Carr says, “Vision boards help focus our intentions so that we can manifest our desires.” I love this idea and this exercise. I’ve recently been thinking about where I am now and where I want to be in the future and the two don’t match up. At all. So this vision board is the perfect way for me to really focus on what it is that I want to achieve in my life. I decided that instead of showing you the same food, I’d share some of my Vision Board with you.

I included this in my vision board because I’ve spent a lot of time in my life putting things off until I have more time, more money, more energy, more ____________. It’s time to stop making excuses and to live because time is passing me by and I deserve to enjoy every minute of my time.

I know that this photo seems obvious because of my love of beach cruisers and how much I want one but it goes a bit deeper than that. I would eventually like to do most of my commuting by bike. It’s good for my health, good for my mind (driving really stresses me out), and good for my wallet. I think I’ll explore more and be more mindful of my surroundings.

This one is pretty clear. I want to live on the beach. I see living in the beach in my future. A beautiful home like this is the representation of a dream. A dream that I’m really going to try and achieve.

I LOVE this photo and the saying. By living this clean and healthy lifestyle, training for Tough Mudder, exploring my dreams and desires and working to achieve them, I’m making myself extraordinary. By constantly looking inside myself and seeing how I can make myself and my life better, I’m making myself extraordinary. 

This is a great summary of some of the things I want in my life. Sure some of it is vague but they are guidelines to understanding how to push myself in my future. They will define themselves in time.
Something that I have not found a photo representation of is my desire to be my own boss and have a vegan baking venture. To be specific, I’d love to have a place selling my treats at a Farmers Market. I love the community of Farmers Markets and would love to be a part of one. It’s something that I am definitely working toward. 
I’ve started my Vision Board on Pinterest. Ah the wonders of technology ;) I’m planning on making a tangible Vision Board as well so I can have that constant reminder of what I’m working toward. When I make it I will share it with all of you. I encourage you to think about making a vision board too. It is one of the most valuable things I’ve done with this cleanse.
So, I mentioned yesterday how I felt spoiled by my friend with the mustache cookie cutters. Well now I feel REALLY spoiled because I received a really lovely and thoughtful care package from Ingrid!! Thank you so much Ingrid! I feel very spoiled you are so awesome!
A cute cookbook called Alive in 5 which features raw recipes that can be made in minutes! This is so perfect for me since I’m always in a rush! I can’t wait to try these recipes :) There is also a packet of quinoa, some Sea Tangle seaweed snacks (you know how much I love my seaweed snacks!), some gluten free lasagna noodles (we had talked about it a while ago that I couldn’t find any and she remembered and got me some! Can’t wait to try them!) and a really yummy looking Cacao Crunch chocolate bar! Yum!
Thank you so much Ingrid, you are so thoughtful and kind!
That’s all for me today! I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back tomorrow with some food! I’m in the home stretch!

Fun Friday: Summer List!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I hope your week has treated you well and you are all ready for the weekend! I have one more day of work to go until I get to my day off and I can’t wait for Sunday! I’m still planning on waking up really early and taking a nice 30 minute drive to the opening day of one of our Farmers Markets! Assuming I can get up of course. Today I did some more running and I’m feeling really good about it. Starting to build distance. I should be back up to my two miles in a week or two hopefully! I’ll also start to strength train after my runs. Gotta get that upper body super strong for all the climbing I’m going to be doing! Who knows, maybe if I can get my arms all buff I’ll have a reason to start a half sleeve tattoo ;)

OK so for today’s Fun Friday I was inspired by Ingrid’s Summer List that she posted a few days ago! Summers are really busy for me because of the wedding season, so I think it is really important to make this list because it will be a constant reminder for me to take the time to do things for myself. It is the best way to keep my sanity, my motivation and my happiness going when things get crazy.

Here’s the list!

I’m sure it is obvious that Tough Mudder training is on the list. Running, strength training, endurance are all on the list. My nutrition goals are also tied in to Tough Mudder training.
Spend more time on the beach. I realized this past weekend when we were on the beach for the portraits how much I love the beach and how genuinely happy I was for the 30 minutes we were there. My absolute favorite time to go is first thing in the morning before anyone is awake. I like to watch the surfers and soak it all in and leave before the crowds get there. 
Go to the farmer’s market more! I usually only go a few times every season because ours is so small. I should try and seek out larger ones and start buying locally grown produce. I chose this image because it is what I wish my farmer’s market looked like! I really wish I had access to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market I went to in Florida. It was so amazing.
Experiment with my dehydrator! I finally got it after lusting after it for at least a year so I need to make sure I get use out of it! I’m going to dehydrate everything in sight ;)
Eat mostly beautiful, raw foods. I have been feeling amazing on this cleanse (day 14 today!) and I want to keep it going so I’m going to try and maintain a mostly raw diet as a lifestyle instead of a cleanse. It’ll be a little more lenient than the cleanse but I’ll be following the same principles :)  
Be creative and crafty and complete more DIY projects. First up is this beachy hair spray! 
Finally (for now), I’d like to try and create more recipes. I feel like most of the food I eat is simple and I never write a recipe for anything because I feel like it doesn’t need one. In reality, I should be writing down recipes because it’s probably not as obvious as I think it is? And I figured I’d start off on this by including a recipe for you today! This is a recipe for my breakfast Carrot Cake Smoothie (pictured above). I’ve tried many Carrot Cake Smoothies but decided it was time to make my own!
Carrot Cake Smoothie!
1/4 cup oats (I used gf)
3/4 cup plant milk (I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk), plus a few tbsps
1 tbsp raisins
1 tbsp chopped walnuts
pumpkin pie spice to taste
1 giant carrot or 2 small carrots, grated
1 serving vanilla protein powder (I used Vanilla Almondilla Vega Energizing Smoothie Powder)*
As much ice as you like (you could probably also use a frozen banana!)
1. The night before, combine oats, milk, raisins, walnuts and pumpkin pie spice in a bowl. Mix and cover and place in fridge overnight. 
2. Put contents of bowl in blender and add protein powder, carrots and ice (or banana).
3. Blend until smooth and add plant milk until you reach desired consistency. I added 2 tbsp.
4. Enjoy!
*I use the Vega Energizing smoothie powder because it has 2 servings of greens in it :) No spinach required in this one!
OK that’s all for today! I will try to post something tomorrow before I leave for the long day of work. Tomorrow also officially starts the third week of my cleanse :) Home stretch my friends! 
I hope that you all enjoy your Friday evening! 

Bucket List

Hey everyone! I know I said I probably wouldn’t be posting but I just can’t stay away! No food today but I remember a while ago I posted my Fitness Bucket List and mentioned that I have a regular Bucket List. I remember some of you expressing some interest in it and as I’ve been working on my boards on Pinterest I dug out my bucket list so I figured I’d share it with you. I think Bucket Lists are a very good way to get an idea of who someone is so here’s mine! I only have 75 items right now but I’m sure I’ll add more :) The ones in red are what I’ve done. Looks like I have to get cracking!

  1. Open a vegan bakery.
  2. Go on a road trip along the California Coast.
  3. Learn how to surf.
  4. Learn a new language.
  5. Visit Easter Island.
  6. Cliff jump in Santorini.
  7. Participate in a ghost hunt.
  8. Feel comfortable in my body and be a confident woman.
  9. Improve my photography skills and take pictures everywhere I go.
  10. Take a trip by myself.
  11. Adopt pets.
  12. Participate in a large scale scavenger hunt.
  13. Get a half sleeve tattoo.
  14. Learn how to make jewelry. 
  15. Become more adventurous and take more risks.
  16. Mindfully celebrate the autumnal equinox.
  17. Get in top physical shape and maintain it.
  18. Spar with a partner.
  19. Participate in a sanctioned boxing bout.
  20. Build a fort and have a slumber party.
  21. Grow my own fruits, veggies and herbs.
  22. Travel Scandinavia by bike.
  23. Become a more optimistic person.
  24. Start celebrating my birthday.
  25. Support small local businesses.
  26. Become the woman I was meant to be.
  27. Buy myself a new wardrobe.
  28. Learn the bagpipes.
  29. Go to New Orleans.
  30. Host dinner parties.
  31. Learn how to properly do hair and makeup.
  32. Stop being so hard on myself.
  33. Foster my creativity through art.
  34. Reconnect with old friends.
  35. Make new friends.
  36. Do a photo shoot at Eastern State penitentiary
  37. Go on an archaeological dig.
  38. Become a roller derby girl.
  39. Live a “greener” life.
  40. See the Northern Lights
  41. Create my dream home
  42. Visit a volcano
  43. Ride a Vespa
  44. Learn more about Eastern religions.
  45. Go to a taping of a TV show.
  46. Zipline through the rainforest
  47. Experience Oktoberfest.
  48. Have a cup of coffee in each of the 50 states.
  49. Fill up my passport with stamps.
  50. Have a nice picture on my driver’s license.
  51. Dye my hair blonde just to see what it would look like.
  52. Experience 24 hours of daylight in Alaska.
  53. Inspire someone.
  54. Have a big ass food fight.
  55. Go to a drive in movie theater.
  56. Shop for a bed in my Pjs.
  57. Listen to my iPod all the way through on shuffle.
  58. Put up some videos on Youtube.
  59. Learn how to nunchuck.
  60. Visit an animal sanctuary.
  61. Go one week without spending any money.
  62. Make someone’s wedding cake.
  63. Learn more about astrology.
  64. Walk around in a gown all day.
  65. Maintain a blog.
  66. Make a large donation to charity.
  67. Own a beach cruiser.
  68. Make someone’s day.
  69. Get more organized.
  70. Pull an amazing April Fools joke.
  71. Donate hair to locks of love.     
  72. Participate in the Run For Your Lives 5k.
  73. Complete a duathlon sprint.
  74. Join an MMA gym.
  75. Eat more raw food.
Here are some cool images I found and pinned :)

OK hope you liked this post and found my bucket list at least a little interesting ;) Time to get ready for my mom’s birthday dinner! Hope you all have a great Saturday!

    Feeling Human Again & Marmalade Umlaut!

    Hey everyone! It took a while but I finally feel human again. I have an appetite, I’m eating real food (just smaller portions of it) and I’m feeling good. I went to the gym and did 50 minutes of cardio this morning before work and it felt great. It’s so good to be back in business, it sucks being out of commission for almost a week, but it’s nothing that I could help.

    Breakfast was my second attempt at a green smoothie since I got sick. The first one was an epic fail because it was so sweet it just made me sick again. This one was way less sweet. All I used was a banana, some almond milk, some Vega shake and go smoothie powder and a lot of spinach. I was in desperate need of greens and they cut the sweetness a lot. I drank about 3/4 of it. Success!
    Since I didn’t have much time between the gym and work I only had time to make the smoothie so I grabbed lunch next door. I couldn’t get a photo since I wasn’t alone but I had this one and it is the same exact thing I ate for lunch. Rice and beans with stewed green beans and tomato. Smaller portion than this though. Another great meal.
    I got home from work at about 3:45 and decided to have some avocado on toast as a snack to hold off until dinner. As you can see this poor avocado needed to be eaten since it had been sitting all week. I’ll finish it off tomorrow I’m sure.
    For dinner I’m planning on a salad. A small salad. Yum!
    So, as I promised here is a review of:
    Marmalade Umlaut!!! This is Maud over at Food Feud’s awesome zine that she has been producing since 2007. As I have mentioned before, I had intended on purchasing a few issues for a while but for some reason just never did. I FINALLY came to my senses and decided that I would get 4. I chose issues 13 and 18 where raw foods are a focus and then decided to let Maud choose the other two for me. She chose issues 6 and 15 and they were both great choices!
    Truth be told I had never really seen a zine before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Needless to say I was really excited about what was presented in these zines. Maud provides funny anecdotes, amazing recipes (duh!), kick ass cartoons (like seriously super fun and cute), holiday menus and conversations (the conversations were a great touch, I really felt like I was a fly on the wall), poetry, tips and her insights on a variety of topics. She has a very conversational tone and the presentation is fun, unique and incredibly creative. I can’t say that I have a favorite issue because I enjoyed all of them so much. I can’t wait to make some of the raw recipes. Raw pad thai?! Yes, please! Thanks again Maud, and if you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading Marmalade Umlaut, definitely order some issues. You won’t be disappointed!
    I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far! Mine finally began at 3:30 this afternoon. I was bumming about not having Showtime because the Strikeforce fights are on tonight.
    Notice anything interesting about tonight’s main event? Yup, the main event features a WOMEN’S TITLE FIGHT! The UFC could learn something from this. Dana White (UFC President) has stated that because of the lack of talent in the women’s division and the lack of interest (read: not enough potential for big $$ for him) we will pretty much never see women’s bouts in the UFC. I think that is a load of bullshit.
    Anyway, I think that this fight has the potential of really paving the way for women’s MMA (and to make Dana White regret making that statement). I really wanted to watch it and then I found out my bro has Showtime! So tonight I’ll be heading over to his house to watch the fights there. I’ve seen women’s MMA before but this fight is going to be awesome because these two broads pretty much hate each other. That makes it so much more fun :)
    I hope that you all have a great Saturday night! I’ll be back tomorrow with more yummy eats :)

    My Fitness Bucket List

    Hey everyone. I’m still sick but I’m sure you figured that since bronchitis doesn’t magically clear up overnight (although I wish it would!). I’m also incredibly bored and now I have pretty much no voice left. I sound like a cross between a 13 year old boy who’s voice is changing and an old man that has smoked a pack a day for 60 years. I called the gym to cancel my training for the rest of the week (you can imagine how bummed out I was about that) and he was like wait the phone is breaking up and I basically had to assure him that it was just my voice. Oy!

    I cyber wandered over to Oh She Glows and got sucked into the pages and pages and pages of archives that Angela has accumulated over the years and bookmarked and printed lovely and inspiring recipes that I can’t wait to try. Then I came across her Fitness Bucket List post and decided it would be fun to create my own bucket list while I’m collecting enough photos of my sickytime eats to post.

    So here we go, my Fitness Bucket List:

    1. Take classes in an MMA Gym

    I am lucky to have a really great trainer that has taught me A LOT about fighting. I am very confident in the skills that I’ve acquired over the past few years. However, there are lots of benefits to training with people that will throw punches back ;) I’d like to supplement my personal training with classes at an MMA gym because I think I’d be able to learn a lot sparring with other people (more on this later).

    2. Start to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

    I’ve been floating around the idea of trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and learning more about it.

    And you better believe I’d rock the pink Gi like these ladies!

    3. Spar with a sparring partner – learn more about how to fight against an actual human being instead of a heavy bag or pads

    I have wanted to spar for a long time but there are no women at the gym that I go to that are basically at a sparring level. It’s not that I’m all that phenomenal because I’ve got A LOT to learn…it’s that my goals in fight training are different than theirs.

    4. Participate in a legitmate boxing bout

    I really do eventually want to fight in a legit bout. I feel pretty confident that my boxing can get to a place where I am 100% confident getting into a ring. It is a dream of mine to really finish this journey. I don’t tell a lot of people about this, but it is at the forefront of my mind every single time I walk into that gym.

    This picture motivates me every time I see it :)
    This just looks like a really fun way to start running races. I would love to participate in this one day!
    6. Indoor Rock Climbing

    7. Have a membership with a Yoga Studio

    8. Run a 5K

    9. Learn How To Surf (I know I’ve mentioned this before!)

    10. Get Around By Bike Instead of a Car

    I would love to be able to rely on a bicycle more than a car in the future. Great for my health and the environment.
    Kind of love this pink Cadillac cruiser ;)
    I’m sure there are a ton more but my brain is a little foggy right now. Hopefully I’ll be back with some food tomorrow. I figured I’d wait another day so I can supplement today’s sad showing because I had pretty much zero appetite. 
    Have a good night and thanks for the well wishes. I’m not sure if I’m staying home tomorrow, I’ll see how I feel when I wake up.