A Trip To The Salon!

Hey everyone! This is going to be a short post but I’m excited to show you my new haircut! I’ve had this appointment for a month and it finally came where I had 2 hours to spoil and pamper myself. I started off with color then finally cut my ridiculous hair. I looked like a new person when I got out of there!

Can you believe this is AFTER I cut off 5 inches of hair! It is still so long that it gets cut off in the photo! I love the color, it is so rich and has a touch of warm red underneath and she got rid of 5 inches of dead ends and cleaned up some layers. I’m very happy with how it came out :) Can’t wait to see what the beachy sea salt spray looks like with this cut!
Dinner party eats tomorrow! Have a great Friday everyone! I’m at my brother’s house for the weekend so I’ll try to keep up with your blogs while I’m here! Happy Friday!

Fun Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week has treated you well! I hope you are all ready for my fun Friday post ;) Brace yourselves, there’s a few self portraits that are about to happen. It kind of freaks me out but I’m trying to get over that haha. I have to share this with you though!!

I’m going to kick off Fun Friday by reviewing this:

The DIY Beachy Hair Spray!! I bought a spray bottle today and threw it together and decided to play after my post-workout shower. 

I hadn’t let it dry completely when I took this photo but you can definitely see the waves starting to form. Basically I washed my hair and wrapped it in a towel until it was just damp. I sprayed all over with the spray and scrunched my hair with a cotton shirt. That supposedly helps make it less frizzy! Then I let it dry some more and repeated the spray and scrunch procedure one more time.

This was fully dry. I’m sorry the photos are hard to see but I took them with my phone. Since the roots dry last I blew dry the roots on top and underneath. Don’t flip your hair though, just roll it around. This keeps the volume! Check out those waves!

PS, for the record, check out how clear my skin is from the cleanse! That makes me SOOOOO happy! No makeup as usual. One day I’ll post a pic with makeup, you won’t even recognize me! Anyway, give the sea salt spray a try if you want beachy waves! It’s a bit time consuming but so worth it!
Also, I was going to skip the coconut oil but decided to add it at the last minute. Don’t skip the coconut oil! I can’t even describe how soft and light my hair feels and it smells so good! I’m so glad I put it in at the last minute! 
I love this more than anything right now :) This is my life haha! Repinned on Pinterest from Sage :)
I’m starting to embrace my Virgo-ness because I’m becoming a total list freak! I have lists on my phone, a small notebook in my bag and tons of lists of everything you can imagine. I just downloaded a “To Do List” app and here’s what I added to it today. The only annoying thing is the ad on the bottom but it was a free app so I’ll deal with it ;)
I found this on Pinterest too… it is a photo of someone’s raw food fridge. I am so jealous, this is my dream fridge!!
I am so excited, I FINALLY scheduled a hair cut. It has literally been at least a year since I’ve had it cut. I talked about cutting it a few months ago but clearly (as you can see in the above photos) it never happened. I’m getting a cut and color at the end of the month because I decided that I’m working a lot more now and I’m training hard so I deserve a bit of pampering. I’m going to be debating how short to go for the next 3 weeks! I am ready for a change but I like it to be long enough to throw back into a ponytail or bun when I’m working out. I love how long it is but it’s always in the way. Don’t know what to do!
Another motivation photo. This is what my next 4.5 months will be like :) Still working on my vision board, I’ll post it when I’m done!
I hope you all have a great Friday! Today is the last day of my cleanse! I can’t believe it! I’ll post a Cleanse Wrap Up tomorrow before I head out to the wedding. Cheers friends!

Quick Poll :)

Hey everyone :) I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently recently. I’ve been really busy and will continue to be through next week. I’m going to be house sitting for my brother and since my laptop is now essentially a desktop until I get a new power cord (long story) I can’t bring it with me. I’ll try and post once or twice for updates but I won’t be around much until the new year. That much I can tell you. I’ll do my best to keep up with your posts though!

I don’t have food to show you today but I’d love to hear your opinions about something very random. I’ve been growing my hair for a long time but have recently been debating cutting a lot of it off.

This is an extremely unflattering picture of myself with horrible florescent lights and no make up but you can see how long my hair is. I love the length but I’m tired of it.
So what do you think? New year new look? Or rock it long? Love to hear what you think!
I doubt I’ll be back before tomorrow to post so I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! I hope that whatever you do to celebrate brings you lots of joy :)