A Few Meals And A Toothache

Well my friends, I suspect that a root canal is in my near future. I bit down today and holy shit. Horrible pain. Luckily it doesn’t last but I suspect if biting down is a major problem it’s best not to let it go for too long. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I got a toothache so bad I couldn’t eat, sleep or drink for 3 days. It was horrible so I’m not letting it get to that point.

So I did the best I could with meals so far. Check out what I’ve eaten:

For breakfast I had a banana with a handful of Blueberry Almond Granola and some almond milk. It was so good and believe it or not this is not the meal that caused the problem.

Lunch was a delicious grilled veggie salad! I asked for extra grilled veggies and they really packed it in there. I didn’t even finish it (though I did power down most of it) and I was uncomfortably full for hours. It was soooooo good though. And the broccoli was the culprit in the tooth drama.

Haven’t had dinner yet because I’m not hungry and I’m still a little concerned about the tooth so I’m going to wait and see how I feel. Hope you all have a great night!

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello my friends! Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments on my last post. It always means so much to me :) I feel better now that I’m supplementing my raw veggies with some cooked grains and veggies and I added fruit back which has been great for my soul. That first orange was pretty magical, ha!

Anyway, there is no major theme for this post, just a little bit of everything. Let’s check out some stuff.

First up is a small grocery haul. Got some carrots, bananas, maple syrup (the only sweetener I’ll be using), gf low sodium tamari, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, brown rice cakes, kale and sweet potatoes.

A salad I forgot to show you in my raw haze. A raw taco salad with romaine, guac, tomato and raw walnut taco “meat.” It was good!

Been drinking lots of yummy spearmint tea. It is my absolute favorite. Switching it off with herbal teas so not to deal with too much caffeine. Always in my favorite mug :)

I received the newest issue of Marmalade Umlaut in the mail!! Read it the day I received it and absolutely loved it! Maud is so incredibly talented, thank you so much for sending it Maud!

And my favorite part of this weekend so far has been babysitting this handsome fellow! Definitely enjoyed the cuddles from this sweet pup.

And that’s it for now. I’m planning on showing you a full day of eats tomorrow. There will be a liquid lunch since I’ll be getting a cavity filled but I have a good one planned.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Enjoy your night!

Raw Madness!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while and I haven’t even given you a raw update yet. This week has been madness with work, three side projects converging into one stressful nightmare and all of the effort it takes to eat a completely raw diet. That results in fewer pics and posts but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into posting more next week (even with jury duty, ugh!!!)

I figured I’d pop in to show what I have been able to get pics of:

First I thought I’d share that I started my apple cider vinegar routine again. 1 tbsp ACV in 8 oz of water chugged down 2-3 times a day. It doesn’t taste great but the effects are immediate. I started yesterday and I barely yawned at all (I usually yawn every 3 minutes), had tons of energy and even fell asleep easier than I have in months. I thought the pic looked cool with Instagram effects too ;)

Made some homemade raw almond butter using sprouted raw almonds from Whole Foods. Making your own nut butter is so easy, I don’t know why I don’t do it more often!

I’ve been enjoying my raw almond butter with some of my giant organic carrots :)

I’ve been enjoying lots of big salads like this one. This is a kale and avocado salad. Basically I just massaged kale with avocado that was mashed with salt, pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice. It was really good but the kale didn’t get as tender as I like. Still tasty though!

Haven’t taken pics of them but I’ve been drinking lots of green juices. I’m hoping to post a fun meal tomorrow too! I have off but I have to do a baby shoot but I should have time to get some pics of the yumminess and post :)

That’s all for today. Hopefully going to get to relax tonight after a long work week. Hope you all have a great night!

CSD Cleanse: Day 6

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Yesterday ended up being a very busy day so I didn’t get a chance to get on here but you didn’t miss anything new or interesting :) I’m sorry I didn’t say ahead of time I wasn’t going to be posting every day. I’m trying to deal with anxiety issues again and I decided to take the stress of posting every day off of my shoulders and I think it’s been helping a little.

The cleanse has been going well! I’m enjoying everything I’m eating (and drinking!) and I feel good! I’m going to the Dr. again tomorrow so we’ll see what kinds of tests I’ll be going through but I guess I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve been reading up on connective tissue disease (which is what my test results are pointing to but I don’t have all of the positive results necessary to actually make a diagnosis) and it seems that they are progressive diseases and it may take years for tests to come up positive (if I do indeed have a connective tissue disease). I’m guessing that’s why my Dr. keeps testing me for the same things so I am starting to understand. We’ll see what else we come up with!

Anyway, here’s the yummy stuff I ate today!

I got out of bed late today so rather than fuss with a green juice I decided to brunch it up with some avocado toast. 1/2 avocado split over 2 slices gf toast with sea salt and pepper. Simple, filling and delicious.

Lunch was an S&M salad. More avocado. I’m ok with it. ;)

In the afternoon I made myself a nice glass of carrot apple juice. It was SO FREAKING GOOD! I decided to keep it classy and drink from a wine glass (inspired by one of the guys from Impractical Jokers). There was another half a glass enjoyed after this one.

I kept the pulp because I have some plans for it :) Check out how dry it is too! This juicer is really great, very powerful!

Sorry for another recycled image but I chowed down on dinner before I could photograph it. I had a similar sandwich one a gf wrap with hummus and tons of fresh veggies. Delicious!

That’s all for today! I’m debating if I want to make tomorrow a juice cleanse day like Kris Carr suggests. It’s an option since I have Mondays off. I’ll be ok to get blood drawn after just drinking juice right? I don’t typically get light headed or anything from it so I think I should be fine. Thoughts?

Have a great night friends!

CSD Cleanse: Day 4

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. As you may recall, the third day of my cleanses tend to be pretty brutal and I didn’t eat anything new or interesting so I skipped the post. There’s nothing new or interesting today either but oh well!

More juice, the same recipe I used that other day. Still delicious!

Simple stir fry for lunch.

Sorry for the recycled pic but dinner will look exactly like this. Salad with sun dried tomatoes, portobellos, cucumber and carrot. Yum!

I read somewhere that they are tearing down the boardwalk in Long Beach this weekend. It’s such a sad story since I can pretty much assure you that every single person on Long Island has a lot of great memories at the boardwalk, myself included. Hopefully they’ll be able to rebuild and we can all enjoy it again soon.

Sorry for the short post, just a busy night. Hope you all have a great night, hopefully I’ll be able to pop in tomorrow, if not then definitely Sunday!

Such a Tease!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I hope you are all doing well :) Is it me or have things just be really crazy lately? I feel like time has flown by since the hurricane and I feel really scattered! Is it just the time of the year? A break in the routine? The fact that I’ve been feeling sick? Who knows but I can’t believe the year is almost over! Are you guys feeling the same or am I just crazy?

Anyway, enough of that! I just have two pictures to share with you today.

Sorry the photo is so bad but I took this in hiding at work ;) If you remember during MoFo I recreated Uncle Bacala’s Insalati di Asparagus. Well someone gifted the studio with a gift card to Uncle Bacala’s so we ordered lunch and I got my salad as usual! I t was nice because it was nowhere near as oily as the salads in the past! Oh and this was actually the leftovers from yesterday. It held up pretty well but the potatoes were all gone when I took the pic :)

When I got home from work today I decided to try a recipe from Amber’s Practically Raw! I seriously couldn’t wait and it’s dehydrating now so I’m going to show you just a little tease!

Told you it was just a tease ;) I was SO EXCITED when I saw this recipe because it is the snack version of my absolutely favorite dessert (which I haven’t eaten in years, wah!). Can’t wait to taste the finished treat! I’ll show you more tomorrow when they are done!

That’s all for today! Just have two more days of work then it’s my weekend! Another Dr. appointment on Monday with my rheumatologist. We’ll see how much of a waste of time this one turns out to be.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! I’m going to relax and watch the season premiere of Impractical Jokers! Do you guys watch that show? It’s freaking hilarious, I’m so stoked about it! Have a great night!


Vegan MoFo Post 18: One Lucky Duck’s S&M Salad

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post this weekend, it ended up being a lot busier than I expected. After I got out of the studio at 6pm on Saturday I went straight to meet my family to go out for my parents’ anniversary dinner. Well we spent over 2 hours in the car sitting in traffic trying to get into the city. We never got into the city, ha. We ended up going to a restaurant 5 blocks from my brother’s house. It was an adventure and I got home late, hence no post. And then yesterday I had a wedding and was exhausted when I got home. So here I am, with another back in the day recreation for you.

I was totally obsessed with getting to One Lucky Duck in Chelsea Market for a really long time. Finally, last Mother’s Day, I got my chance to try it :) I did purchase a few items and they were delicious but I had actually tried One Lucky Duck food before I had ever even visited there. And that was courtesy of a recreation I made in my haste to try anything I could from there.

This is my version of the S&M Salad from the One Lucky Duck menu. It’s described as “greens, avocado, hemp seeds, dulse, rosemary crackers, pumpkin seed lemon dressing” and is apparently only available at the Gramercy location now? Anyway, it sounded like a great combination and wouldn’t you know it absolutely was! I didn’t make rosemary crackers even though I should have because I love rosemary. I also just dressed it simply with lemon juice and olive oil. Otherwise, I just threw together all of the rest of the ingredients and enjoyed a lovely green, super fresh salad :)

So there you have it, another recreation :) I’m hoping to get a few more recreations up to finish out MoFo and I’m really hoping to test a new recipe for you today. We shall see what happens and how long it takes at the Dr. Which I need to get ready for now so I’m going to get going now!

I hope you all have a great day!

Vegan MoFo Day 9: Uncle Bacala’s Insalata di Asparagus

Why hello friends! Hope your week is going well :) Have you all been enjoying MoFo so far? I definitely have, even though it is so overwhelming! Not only to post every day, but also to keep up with all of the amazing blogs! I’m hoping to play catch up a bit on my days off.

Today’s restaurant recreation is from a local restaurant called Uncle Bacala’s. The first time I went there was actually for a birthday lunch with my boss and coworker. It’s a really nice restaurant with seasonal outside dining and a nice atmosphere. It’s ¬†Italian food and definitely heavy on seafood as I’m sure you could guess by the name but I’ve done pretty well navigating the menu. They have really great salads there so I usually get one of those :)

For a while I would occasionally pick up a salad from there to bring home after work because I loved it so much. My MoFo theme has made me realize that I could totally be saving my money and just make it at home. First things first, the menu description: salad of asparagus, new potatoes & beets in a light red wine vinaigrette.  Sounds good right? For some reason it is only on the lunch menu. I feel like it is the only salad that is only offered at lunch which is strange but oh well. I do make one substitution when I go which is to switch out the beets for chickpeas.

So what’s fun about this recreation is I actually have a photo of the restaurant meal! I took this picture when I brought a salad home. As you can tell it is on my white plate. I put it on there because it looked like a mess in the container but this is their salad. One thing you’ll notice right away is the glistening of oil all over it. They oil each component separately for cooking and then the dressing is oil and vinegar based so it just has a ton of oil. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to recreate it myself.

Here’s my version! You’ll notice the lack of glow happening on this salad. Well, that’s partially because it isn’t dressed yet (this was a pre made work meal) and partially because the potatoes are dry roasted, the chickpeas have no oil and the asparagus is steamed. The dressing was simply oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. This was a perfect recreation, I’m so glad that I decided to do this one. It was especially nice to be able to eat another clean day of food after all of the richness I ate last week :)

Here’s an extreme close up! Ha! I’m really happy with how it came out. This is proof that lots of money can be saved with very little effort!

That’s all for tonight. I’m really excited about the recipe I’m going to share tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun one and definitely a rich, decadent dish made healthy :)

Have a great night friends!

Terrific Tuesday

Hey everyone! Hope your week started off well yesterday :) I ran around this morning trying to get some stuff done but now I’m relaxing a bit before work. I woke up late for me again so I guess I’m just needing the extra sleep. It feels great though!

Just as a funny side note, the top search term that brought people to this site yesterday was “my life is so much more interesting inside my head.” LOL. I tried searching that and I couldn’t find the link to my site so I’m so curious to know what post that search led to! So funny!

I won’t lie, I’ve had some pretty great meals today. I figured that if I make more of an effort with the meals I eat that hopefully my appetite will turn around. It’s starting to already which is a good sign. I am also going to Massachusetts this weekend for my friend’s wedding so I really want to try and feel my best and enjoy it! :)

For breakfast I had avocado toast, watermelon and some cold brewed iced coffee! I decided that I wanted some iced coffee last night so I cold brewed overnight and enjoyed an amazing Cafe Du Monde decaf cafe au lait with my breakfast. Such a great treat!

Check out this beautiful lunch! These are the leftovers from my brother’s birthday dinner the other night. He decided he wanted mediterranean food (obviously no argument from me!) and I got a falafel platter with rice and salad. I ate the salad that night but had some yummy, savory falafel leftover as well as some rice so I just added some cucumber salad (from the deli where I get my chopped salads) and I have an amazing meal ready in 10 minutes! SO delicious, I love this cucumber salad!

I plan on bringing an apple to snack on at work. You know what an apple looks like :)

For dinner I’m going to eat the salad I got the other day. Since I had the amazing above meal at my brother’s birthday dinner I’m going to devour this tonight :) Makes my life easier!

Not a bad of meals if I do say so myself ;) I’m hoping to try one of Gabby’s recipes for breakfast tomorrow, along with some yummy meals to bring to work with me.

Hope you all have a great day! I’ll be home after 9 tonight to catch up on all of your blogs :) Looking forward to it!

Dinner Party for 3!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to say my dinner party was a success! It was so nice to see my friend and her fiance and it was really fun to cook for everyone! I decided to do a decadent yet still a little healthy lasagna for dinner and a light, raw dessert that still tasted sweet and delicious!

I used gluten free brown rice lasagna noodles, tofutti better than ricotta, Daiya mozzarella, some marinara, spinach, broccoli and zucchini.

I actually thought it looked really pretty before I baked it so I took a few photos of it ;) I hate using foil pans but my bro and sister in law don’t have much in terms of cookware and I already had to transport so much so I just grabbed one down the block from the house.

Check out all of the green in there! It always looks more vibrant before it’s cooked, ha!
I served the lasagna with this beautiful salad. It had greens, strawberries, pecans and cucumber. We topped it with some balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

My plate. The lasagna fell apart in the oven. It was fine though it still tasted good and everyone seemed to like it. I was impressed by the ricotta, it tasted pretty good! The veggies were really good, still a bit crisp which was nice. I’d say it was pretty successful! The salad was nice and fresh and was a good way to balance out the richness of the lasagna :)
For dessert I made a (Mostly) Raw Cherry Berry Crisp! I just took raw cherries and strawberries and topped it with a mostly raw crisp I made. I used oat flour making it mostly raw since I’m sure they steam the oats before grinding them but I wanted to keep the oat flavor you find in most crumbles. Otherwise, it is completely raw! It went over well!
Raw Cherry Berry Crisp


2 cups pitted sweet cherries
1 cup strawberries, sliced
For Crisp:
1 cup oat flour
3/4 cup raw walnuts, chopped
1/3 cup agave
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp liquid coconut butter

1. Combine ingredients for the crisp and mix until it is a crumbly dough. Put dough into dehydrator and dehydrate at 104 degrees until dry, about 20-24 hours.
2. Mix fruit together and evenly distribute between bowls (I had some fruit leftover which I had for breakfast!).
3. Top with dried crisp topping and enjoy!

We had a great time until Tyler, my brother’s dog, has a bit of a meltdown. He’s incredibly skittish and heard a firework and started trembling and panting and wouldn’t stop. I figured out he wanted to go upstairs and lay in the bed snuggled up with me and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we called it a night and came upstairs he stopped panting and trembling. It makes me feel horrible that he’ll be home all day while I’m at work :(

This was the beginning before the meltdown when he was sitting in his carrier. He does this often when he misses his mommy and daddy. He’s ok now though, it was just sad to watch!
Other than the puppy meltdown, I’d say the night was a success! It was so nice to see my friends and catch up. Now it’s back to reality and I have to work a wedding in the blazing heat today. Hopefully the day goes quick!
Have a great Sunday everyone! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)