Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I figured I’d pop in to show you some yummy things I’ve been eating (and drinking). Can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I feel like this week went by so quickly!

So here’s what I’ve eaten so far today.

Breakfast was a large mason jar full of peach mango juice. OMG it was so good! I juiced 3 champagne mangos and 4 ripe peaches. Definitely got a nice amount of juice from it. I would have run it through a strainer if I had time but I forgot how long it takes to juice (prep and cleaning time included) so I didn’t have time before I had to leave for work.

I snacked on a few of these little pluots (they are pretty teeny, just photograph larger). I love these things.

For lunch I had a hummus sandwich on gluten free tortilla with sun dried tomato, carrots and lots of romaine. Sorry for the crappy blurry pic, I was rushing :)

For dinner I plan on making a large salad. It’s too hot for me to attempt to deal with it now lol.

Oh and an update on my Vegan Cuts box! I was thinking about it and since I don’t know what the allergy situation is I didn’t know if the Snack Box is the best idea right now so the lovely people at Vegan Cuts canceled my Snack Box and I subscribed for the Beauty Box instead!! I’m really excited about it since I’m so spazzy about beauty products (and one of my goals as I head into my 30s is to learn more about beauty products/makeup/hair) and it is a great value. The only catch is that the July box was sold out so I had to subscribe for the August box. I’m so impatient but I know it’ll be worth the wait!

So that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fun Friday post! I have a fun one planned… well hopefully you’ll find it fun! ;) Have a great night friends!

Raw Grocery Haul and Some Presents

Hey guys! Here I am with my first 80/10/10 grocery haul. This one isn’t huge because I have some frozen fruit and some fruit left in my fridge. I have a feeling I’m going to run out before the end of the week but I think it’ll take a little time to get the hang of how much to buy, how to rotate and keep as much fresh as possible. With all that said, check out what I got!

Ok so veggies first: 3 heads of romaine, green onion, 2 large cucumbers, 8 tomatoes, and a container of sun-dried tomatoes ($1.80!!). I was intending on getting zucchini and yellow squash as well but they didn’t have any (wtf?!) so I’ll grab some later in the week or next week.

2 bunches of bananas, dates ($4.99 for that big container of DELILAH(!!) dates!), 5 pink lady apples (to join a few I already have), and 4 peaches for a treat. I also have 3 pears and…

the piece de resistance…

A CASE OF 16 CHAMPAGNE MANGOES!!!! The best part of this lovely purchase? I got it for $7.99. That’s right, 16 mangoes for 8 bucks. I won’t lie, I was a little smug when I saw that Whole Foods was selling a single Champagne Mango for $1.79. Lesson of the week. Shop at the Asian Market as much as possible! That’s where I got the inexpensive mangoes, sun-dried tomatoes and dates. Yup.

So I decided that I wanted to buy myself some gifts to make this transition easier on myself :) I went to Kohl’s after Whole Foods and not surprisingly they had nothing that I was looking for. I wanted to get two of the three things from Kohl’s because I inherited a gift card from my mom since she doesn’t shop there. So I came home and ordered these two things online (photos taken from the Kohl’s website):

This is a 3-in-1 Vegetable Peeler. I wanted this one because it has a Julienne Peeler which is a great way to make zucchini noodles without a spiralizer. It kind of worked out perfectly since the store didn’t even have zucchini so I don’t have to worry about waiting for shipping.

I also got a 5-inch Ceramic Knife for chopping all of my beautiful produce! I’ve heard that ceramic knives are really great for a bunch of reasons including it’s sharpness, durability, hardness, weight (they are lightweight) and it doesn’t give your food a metallic taste. I can’t wait to start chopping with this. I should have it by next week :)

I only paid $20 out of pocket for these things which is really good. The last present I’m going to buy myself is a big salad bowl (bamboo or wood). I want to do this at the store though since I’m pretty picky and I want to be able to see the size so I’ll be getting to Bed Bath & Beyond (my favorite store ever) soon to check it out!

And before I go… yesterday my family spent Father’s Day together so you know I have to show you some adorable Delilah pics!

Chowing down on some yummy corn!!

She is so funny. She’s only two and a half and she’s incredibly smart and incredibly funny :) And of course she has the most beautiful face ever! Love this kid :)

And that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what a day of 80/10/10 looks like! I hope you all have a great Monday :)

The Summer of Raw

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. I actually ended up feeling really sick (again) and just haven’t felt like posting. I guess I never got rid of my bronchitis because I felt enormous pressure in my chest and even had difficulty taking a deep breath. It was pretty scary but then my cough came back which really alleviated the pressure. I’ve read it’s normal for the cough to linger for weeks after you get bronchitis so I’m just going to bear with it for now and see how I feel in a few days.

It got me thinking though. And I’m actually really afraid to say what I’m about to say because I think it’s weird so I can’t imagine how you are all going to react. But I decided that I need to really focus on eating in a way that is most efficient for my digestion and hopefully that will lead to some healing. I decided that I’m really going to try and eat (just about) fully raw for the summer. Not just any raw program though… I’m going to attempt to try the 80 10 10 Diet.

For those of you who don’t know, 80 10 10 is a low fat raw diet. You eat fruit all day and a huge green salad at night. Overt fats are consumed in limited quantities. I’ve researched this diet for months and months. I honestly think it’s weird but I’m kind of desperate. After 6 doctors, 2 MRIs, Xrays and a CT scan with nothing to show for it I really need to focus on healing my body through diet.

There are some really appealing things about this raw diet that I think will lend well to success. First, the reason I failed at my previous raw diet attempts was the fact that it took forever to make everything and plan. On this diet there is less prep and planning is a lot easier. I think that the fruit meals are a lot easier to prepare and a big salad won’t take too long to make. Second, I really really love fruit as you know so I won’t mind eating it. Lastly, I’ve seen a lot of videos from two ladies who have seen success living this lifestyle (links are later in this post) and they look healthy and happy. Their skin glows, they are super active and both were very sick prior to adopting this lifestyle.

I also understand that there are probably questions and concerns re: this diet. First, yes I’m aware that this is really weird and kind of crazy. I don’t want to be the weird chick eating a shit load of fruit. But at the same time, I don’t want to be in pain every day either. I’m aware that it will certainly affect me socially. I’m not really telling people “in real life” that I’m doing it… we’ll see if they notice.

Second, I am aware of how much I’m going to have to eat. I’ve considered this a lot and I have made some plans of ways to get all of my daily caloric needs met. You can bet I’ll be eating large portions of melon, large smoothies and calorie dense fruits to meet those needs. I am also aware that it can potentially get very expensive. I have a plan that should hopefully keep the cost down to what I usually spend for a week’s worth of groceries (my weekly fruit choices will depend on the sales at the store – and bananas will be a staple!).

I’m also approaching this with a healthy mindset (at least I think so lol!). I’m not going to be super militant about it. If my family is going out to dinner I’m not going to sit at home because there may not be a big raw salad available. If I have to eat steamed veggies or whatever I’m not going to beat myself up.  I’ll just choose the healthiest, cleanest option available. I am also walking into this knowing that this is not going to be a permanent change. I’m going to take it one month at a time with the ultimate goal being three months (until my birthday). Then I’ll see how I feel and will probably start adding grains, etc. back into my diet. Part of my timing with this is knowing that this is probably only possible for me to do in the summer.

Now as you recall, I cooked some beautiful food and bought some yummy stuff at the grocery store earlier this week. I am not a fan of wasting food so I will be easing into this new diet over the next week or two but adding in fruit meals while I finish up my cooked food. Once I finish my cooked food I’ll be adding in the large raw salad for dinner. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been researching this for a long time (I’ve read the book as well as watched all of Megan Elizabeth’s raw food videos and Kristina’s raw food videos) so I have a pretty good plan of how I want to approach this.

Who knows, I could try it and hate it after two weeks. I’ll never know until I try. I wasn’t really going to say anything about it on here because I know that it’s a pretty controversial diet but I figured you’d all see a pretty big difference in my meals and know something was up. But for now, I’ll be finishing up my cooked food and slowly transitioning. I hope you’ll all stick around and cheer me on while I am on this journey and help me end the three month with my 30th birthday celebration. :)

I hope you don’t think I’m nuts. But if you do it is what it is I guess. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Fun Friday post and it’s a post you won’t want to miss! I promise :) I hope you all have a great night!


Hey friends! You like my title for today’s post? ;) It was the only way I could describe this post because as you’ll see I’ve got some great meals planned for today! A late start to work means I have plenty of time to prep my meals to bring with me. I also get to enjoy a nice, leisurely breakfast. These are all great things in my book.

Check out these yummy eats!

I started off my day with my daily serving of GoodBelly. I didn’t take a pic of it because you all know what juice looks like :)

A little while later I enjoyed a serving of delicious, sweet cantaloupe. Good for hydration and digests in only 30 minutes. Normally I’d eat this as a snack but I figured that since it digests so quickly and I needed to rehydrate (you get dehydrated during sleep) so I figured I’d eat it as a pre-breakfast snack ;)

After reading Gabby’s post on hydration today I was reminded that it has been far too long since I’ve had a bowl of oatmeal. I LOVE oatmeal and I can’t believe I have gone this long without making it. I remedied that and made a big filling bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins and banana. So good.

For lunch it’s the return of the Hummus/Dolma plate! Stuffed Grape Leaves, carrot, cucumber, tomato and garlic hummus. Mmm.

For dinner I combined some of my prep food into one yummy meal. More beige than the rest of the food I’ve been eating but still yummy and nutritious (other than the bit of Daiya hiding in the cauliflower mash). This will get mixed up into a creamy, delicious mess. Can’t wait for this meal.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Late night tonight so no gym today but I’m definitely planning on getting more cardio in tomorrow. Hope you are all having a great day!

Eating Clean, Feeling Good

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great day! I felt pretty good today. I’ve been really focusing on getting on the road back to good health and getting my fitness back up. I think I’m off to a good start. I’ve been focusing on eating clean, getting rid of the gluten once and for all, getting those probiotics in and getting to the gym on non training days. So far so good!

Let’s check out today’s eats.

Today was the first day of the 12 Day GoodBelly Challenge. I bought the gluten free Tropical Orange flavor and holy cow is it good! It tastes exactly like you would expect it to… orange with a tropical twist. Super delicious. Can’t wait to see how I feel after the next 11 days.

For breakfast I had two slices of the Ezekiel French Toast with sliced banana and maple syrup. So. Freaking. Good. It was super filling though, next time I’ll just have one piece. I was stuffed after this!

For a snack I enjoyed some lovely fresh strawberries and grapes. I seriously think I could survive the 80 10 10 diet… I’m such a fruit fiend, especially in the summer. I’m debating trying it for like a week at some point. I think I could do well with it since it’s summertime and I’m craving fruit all day. We’ll see.

Lunch was a Hummus sandwich on a gluten free wrap with lots of veggies stuffed into it. Can’t go wrong with this!

After work I went to the gym to get in some cardio. I was sore after my workout with my trainer yesterday and it was effing hot but I went anyway and I’m so glad I did. It felt really good to get back in on my own. I’m hoping to get in there on Thursday and Friday after work and maybe on Sunday. We’ll see!

After I got cleaned up I ended the day with an absolutely delicious dinner. Roasted sweet potato wedges with some of Gabby’s Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad and some organic ketchup for the sweet potato. OMG that Brussels Sprout Salad is DELICIOUS. I was a little concerned with what the raw  brussels sprouts would taste like but they’re great! They kind of have a cabbagey taste and feel to them. This salad is definitely a must try!

And that’s all for today. Have my late start tomorrow so I’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely morning and get all of my meals ready with plenty of time in. Hope you all have a great night!

Facebook and Some Food

Hey guys! Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day and that your return to work was smooth :) I had a pretty mellow day.. relaxed in the morning and had a small get together at my brother’s house with a small group of family and friends. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful day and definitely a great way to welcome the unofficial start of summer.

I also did something else yesterday! I FINALLY created a Facebook Page for my blog! I saw a tweet from the lovely Nikki over at Eat To The Beet about her Facebook page and decided that I needed to stop putting it off and just do it! I’d LOVE it if you could check out the page HERE and click the “Like” button! Even if you just read the blog and don’t comment I’d love to see you over at Facebook :) Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you over there! It took longer than expected to get the page together (probably because I uploaded a ton of pics lol) but I’m happy with it!

Anyway, here’s some of what I ate today!

I started off the day with a few strawberries because they looked so good and I couldn’t resist! It was my appetizer to breakfast ;)

For breakfast I finished the second half of one of my raw Caramel Apple Crumble! These things are so delicious and also very sweet and decadent so half of one of these ramekins goes a long way ;)

I had no idea that they did this but apparently Panera sells some of their soups in the grocery store? Today was a perfect soup day since it turned from sunny and gorgeous in the morning to gray, gloomy and rainy in the afternoon into the evening. I enjoyed a hot bowl of black bean soup for lunch.

I actually photographed dinner this morning since I didn’t know if I was coming straight home after work (I did since I had a headache, boo!) and the later it gets the lazier I get with photographing my meals. I’m going to have a bowl of this cold soba noodle salad that I get from Whole Foods. I randomly went to the crappier but closer WF’s to grab a few things until I can get to my usual store and they had this! I used to love it but my regular WFs doesn’t carry it. So weird how different stores in the same region carry totally different items. Anyway, this noodle dish is so good and it was the perfect treat! Can’t wait for dinner ;)

So that’s all I’ve got for today. Hope you all have a great evening. If you are getting the rain too, stay dry!

A “Practically Raw Dessert”

Hey everyone! I’m back home after a fun few days with my favorite furry friends! It was exactly what I needed, they were all so loving and cuddly and it was so great for this sick gal to just cuddle up with them. The love was definitely good for my soul. You can imagine how difficult it was to leave this sweet face:

It definitely wasn’t easy leaving him to come home. Such a sweet face.

Anyway, one of my closest friends was in town for the weekend and we decided to have a mellow evening since I was still getting over the yuckiness I had been dealing with all week. She and her husband came over to my brother’s house where we had tea and dessert. I knew this was the PERFECT opportunity to try a recipe out of Amber‘s latest cookbook “Practically Raw Desserts.” I decided to make her Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie with a slight change.

The first part of the recipe that I made was Amber’s raw caramel. I had access to my brother’s high speed blender (a Ninja) and it came together super quick. I did a quality control taste test (ha!) and it was so delicious! It was smooth and luscious and will be so good on banana soft serve or as a dip for raw fruit. I quickly put it aside before I ate it all ;)

Instead of making a pie I decided to make individual Caramel Apple Crisps instead! I halved the pie crust recipe and used it as a crumble topping. That decision was mostly out of laziness since my energy isn’t 100% lol ;) It was a great decision though because it came out SOOOOOOO GOOD!

Doesn’t it look beautiful?! I am so excited that I finally got to try a recipe from this book and it is making me excited to try more! I knew I’d love it and I was right. Amber has never led me astray, I’ve only had success when using her recipes :) I kept mine completely raw and didn’t even use the dehydrator because mine was at home. The apples were crisp and cinnamon-y, the caramel was thick and luscious and the crumble topping was perfectly nutty. I can definitely see this on my Thanksgiving table this year!

If you haven’t checked out Amber’s book yet I highly recommend it. You can enjoy rich, decadent desserts without the guilt. I’m thinking I’ll try something chocolatey next ;)

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day! I will try my best to pop in an say hello! Have a great night!

Kaeng Raeng Cleanse Grocery Haul

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well and had a great week so far! I forgot to update you all but my tooth never healed and actually got much worse so I ended up having to schedule the root canal which actually just happened. I can’t feel half of my face typing this, lol. It actually is perfect timing as I received my Kaeng Raeng Cleanse in the mail yesterday and I’m planning on starting it this weekend! In order to prepare I went to Whole Foods this morning before the dentist so I wouldn’t have to attempt to speak to anyone with a numb face ;)

So before I get into the haul just a little info about the cleanse. It consists of three smoothies a day that include a mix that they send. You can just use the contents of the packet or you can blend in fruit, greens, etc. You can supplement the smoothies with raw fruits and veggies so you get to chew as well as sip which is pretty great for a cleanse. I’m supposed to be careful about chewing on the one side since I have a temporary filling so the sipping and chewing mostly soft fruit and veggies will definitely be easy.

Anyway, here is my beautiful haul that I’m excited about!

Before I even walked into the store I was excited to see boxes of clementines sitting right out front! These are such a great snack so I grabbed a box :)

Lots of organic berries to snack on and add to my smoothies! Two containers of strawberries and some blackberries.

5 organic Pink Lady apples, 4 organic mangoes (2/$4!!) and some frozen peaches for smoothie additions.

Giant container of baby spinach, lots of carrots (may be the only thing I really have to be careful chewing) and a cucumber.

Isn’t it a great haul! I love looking at all of the colors :)

Here’s some stuff from the past few days too:

Here’s an amazing smoothie I made the other day. All I used was frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple and one and a half bananas. I blended with a half cup of water and it was so thick and creamy! Plus I love this mug ;)

That was a snap of the weather on Tuesday. It was warm, sunny and beautiful. My ideal weather is about 70 degrees and sunny so it was warm but not unbearable (not a fan of 90+ degrees!). It was such a nice day and I couldn’t believe how quickly it warmed up like that!

So that’s it for now! I’m back in my PJs laying around watching Role Models (which randomly happened to be on) waiting for the novacaine to wear off. I hope you are all doing well and I’ll be back soon to update you!

*Edited to add – OMG the novacaine just wore off and holy shit! It hurts! I don’t remember it feeling like this ha! Maybe that means I need to treat myself to some ice cream for dinner tonight ;) Which means I’d have to go get it. Does gluttony or laziness prevail? We shall see.

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello my friends! Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments on my last post. It always means so much to me :) I feel better now that I’m supplementing my raw veggies with some cooked grains and veggies and I added fruit back which has been great for my soul. That first orange was pretty magical, ha!

Anyway, there is no major theme for this post, just a little bit of everything. Let’s check out some stuff.

First up is a small grocery haul. Got some carrots, bananas, maple syrup (the only sweetener I’ll be using), gf low sodium tamari, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, brown rice cakes, kale and sweet potatoes.

A salad I forgot to show you in my raw haze. A raw taco salad with romaine, guac, tomato and raw walnut taco “meat.” It was good!

Been drinking lots of yummy spearmint tea. It is my absolute favorite. Switching it off with herbal teas so not to deal with too much caffeine. Always in my favorite mug :)

I received the newest issue of Marmalade Umlaut in the mail!! Read it the day I received it and absolutely loved it! Maud is so incredibly talented, thank you so much for sending it Maud!

And my favorite part of this weekend so far has been babysitting this handsome fellow! Definitely enjoyed the cuddles from this sweet pup.

And that’s it for now. I’m planning on showing you a full day of eats tomorrow. There will be a liquid lunch since I’ll be getting a cavity filled but I have a good one planned.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Enjoy your night!

Dehydrator Snacks

Hey everyone! I don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm but the weather is AMAZING here today. It’s sunny and warmer than it has been and generally pleasant. I have the windows open and I’m getting stuff done and it feels pretty good to be productive.

Part of this burst of productivity includes not one but two dehydrator snacks!

First up I made some salt and vinegar kale chips! I wanted kale chips, I’ve been on an apple cider vinegar kick, and I didn’t want to put THAT much effort into making them so the stars aligned and these Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips are ready to be eaten ;)

Since there wasn’t a thick coating on these kale chips they only took about 3 hours to dehydrate! The seasoning is easy… one tbsp olive oil, two tbsp raw apple cider vinegar and sea salt. Easy as that!

I also figured now was a great time to FINALLY try Gabby’s Raw Wheat Thins Crackers. I’ve been dying to try these since she posted them and now is finally the time :) These take much longer to make so they are still in the dehydrator. They smell great, I can’t wait to try them!

I had to gently cut mine into squares since my dehydrator is a circle but I was impressed that they stayed together. They look soooooo good!

I have another half a tray along with these and I have a feeling they are going to go quick. Yum!

Other than these treats it’s business as usual today. Fingers crossed I can avoid getting called in for jury duty for as long as possible this week.

That’s all for today! Hope all is well with you and I’ll be back with some green food soon :)