Grocery Haul & Some Answers

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well! Today is my Sunday ;) It’s been a busy day though! I spent about an hour and a half at the allergist (more about that in a minute) and then struggled through a trip to Whole Foods. The one I go to is amazing early in the morning. No one’s around and they have a great selection. After like 10:00 it is a disaster zone with idiots running around and leaving their shit all over and standing in the middle with a totally vacant look on their face. So it wasn’t fun or relaxing like it usually is but at least I got a lot of really great stuff.

Let’s check out the haul first:

Scallions, corn, chard, brussels sprouts, onions.

I splurged on some gorgeous cherries and also grabbed a few peaches and nectarines. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to get ripe.

Macro sushi (another splurge), lentils, buckwheat flour, brown basmati rice and some nooch that I added to my little shaker container :) Great prices on the bulk stuff. Definitely need to continue going in that direction for my grains, beans, and legumes.

Not too bad! I was going to do some prep but it’s so hot the thought of it is making me cringe. I’ll make my quinoa dish on Wednesday morning I think. Luckily the heat is supposed to break this weekend. We lost power for a few hours last night and it was a blessing and a curse. Obviously it was unbearably hot which led to some excessive crankiness on my end. It was also nice though because as most nosy people do, everyone ended up going to their doors to see if everyone else lost power and we ended up sitting outside with our neighbors for about 45 minutes (until the bugs started to eat us alive). Luckily it came back on after a couple of hours so we didn’t have to deal with sleeping like that.

Have you guys ever seen bracelets like these?! They come with all difference charms and in tons of different colors. There are a ton of sellers on Etsy but this bracelet can be found in this store. I’m obsessed with these bracelets and I’m determined to learn how to make them myself! However, since the one above cost a total of $12 including shipping, I decided to order it. I can’t wait to get it! I’ll be making a trip to Michael’s this weekend to try and find the materials I’d need to make my own as well :)

OK so this morning I went to the allergist. My seventh doctor in two years. For the first time I actually left the doctor with some answers! They did over 30 skin tests for airborne allergens like grass, weeds, trees, common animals, molds, dust mites, etc. Turns out I am allergic to grass and weeds (big reaction to ragweed!), borderline with trees and even slightly allergic to cats. That’s not going to stop me from hanging out with Jack and Eddie. It’s such a relief to know that I’m not crazy and I’m wondering if taking care of these allergies will help my overall general feeling of crappiness. I feel a lot of relief!

Side note: did you realize you could be allergic to cockroaches?! I’m so grossed out even talking about this but the Dr. made a joke about having a pet cockroach after he told me I was slightly allergic to cats and I was like wait what? Lol! They tested me for a cockroach allergy! I didn’t know it was possible but he said it was more prevalent in more urban areas. Apparently I’m not allergic though. I was so grossed out by the whole notion though haha.

Also, just wanted to say it’s been pretty clear that I’ve been cutting back on my posting lately. I noticed that when I felt like I needed to post every day I would have a major spike in anxiety so I decided to cut it back. My goal is to post three days a week: Monday grocery hauls, Fun Fridays and at least one post showing some meals that I ate. It’s been working out so far and I feel good about it. And if I feel the urge to post more I will :)

So that’s all I’ve got for you today!! I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and the start of the week has been a good one!

Fun Friday: The Home Edition

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! One more day until my weekend! I decided to do a different Fun Friday today :) I thought it would be fun to peruse Pinterest and find some cool interior design ideas that reflect my personality and how I’d love to decorate my own place :) I also included some beautiful locations that I would love to have as my own home.

So here are some fun designs that I love!! Please note: As always with Pinterest, some of the links don’t go to a website so I’ll do the best I can to credit the photos.


How gorgeous is this outside patio type area? It’s so warm and cozy. I really love the couch seating, the plants and the lighting. It’s such an inviting space and I feel like I could definitely do some pretty sweet entertaining in a space like this. Lots of margaritas to be consumed on those couches, ha! Oh and there would be a fire pit somewhere in the yard as well. Because I’m obsessed with fire pits.


Ok, so let’s pretend the random child isn’t there. I’m OBSESSED with this kitchen. It is so gorgeous. I love the brightness that the white gives it. I like this shade of blue but I never imagined I would decorate with blue so instead of the blue accents I’d have bright pink and orange accents. I love that color combination and I think it would be so pretty in the kitchen :) O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.


How rich and beautiful are these colors? I really love the silvery couch with the jewel tone accents. It would be really pretty to switch up the accents in the spring/summer with some brighter colors too. How cool is the chandelier?! I find this room to be really rich and elegant but also fun and colorful at the same time. I think it has a perfect balance :)


Do I really even have to say anything? The gorgeous view, the rich colors, the bright airiness, the comfortable furniture. It’s perfect. Do you see the black pillow on the couch with the pink and white design? Love it. Oh, and did you see the view?! ;)


Loft + Fire pit = AMAZEBALLS. That’s all.


Love this area! It would be the perfect location for my ideal picnic! Imagine some fun backyard games set up in the grassy area behind the pit. Love it.

I really love bright spaces like this one. Lots of windows are definitely a huge plus for me. I really love the bright, openness of the room. I’d probably try to figure out a way to add a little more color but I think this room is gorgeous. I could definitely drink a lot of tea by that fireplace.
I could go on forever but I’ll stop here. I think the best words to describe my preferences and aesthetic would be bright, colorful, fun, a little whimsical and a little classic. Oh if I could have that kitchen I’d be a happy happy girl :)
That’s all for this week’s Fun Friday post! I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a great Friday night and I hope that you all enjoy your weekend!

4th Annual RWT Care Package Swap

Hey everyone! First of all, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! You are all so sweet and kind and I really appreciated all of the well wishes :) I had a really amazing day and I am very fortunate to have a really amazing family that helped me celebrate and feel special. I’m also really blessed to know all of you. One of my biggest goals with blogging was to get to know really amazing people that share common interests and I feel like I’ve accomplished that goal and I feel really lucky to have been welcomed into this community, so thank you all!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I signed up for Lindsay at Running With Tongs’ Fourth Annual RWT Care Package Swap. I was paired with Brigid over at Vegging Out. It was such a great surprise and great timing on her part (although I’m not sure if she knew ha!) because I got her package the day before my birthday! It was so fun to get it and it kind of felt like an extension of my birthday ;)

Brigid included a cute little card and a recipe for a super yummy sounding dill dressing! I have to say it’s pretty brilliant to include the recipe and I may have to steal that idea in the future :X So cute and the recipe sounds great!

Included in my package was organic ginger aid tea (that will definitely help with my nausea and digestion!), some garbanzo bean flour (Soccas anyone?!), plantain chips (LOVE these), Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (YES!!!!) and some stone ground mustard. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already dug into the plantain chips. I love these things, they have a hint of salt and are savory and delicious. I can’t wait to try the chocolate hazelnut butter too, it sounds delicious!

I had such a great time putting together Brigid’s package, when she posts about it I’ll make sure to link you to it :) These swaps are so fun! Thank you so much for the treats Brigid!!

So it has been a few days since I’ve posted and I have a few things that I’ve collected to show you so here are some miscellaneous things from the past few days :)

I was able to see my friend from Massachusetts the other night and as I mentioned we celebrated both of our birthdays :) We were born exactly two weeks apart which is so fun. And another fun fact, my best friend that I’m visiting in Florida was born exactly 5 days after me so I’ll be with him to celebrate his birthday! Yay! Anyway, I decided to make her cupcakes and figured some classic chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (both recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World) and rainbow sprinkles would be a good call :) Here they are all packed up and ready to go!

I had to show you this because I thought that they were so cute and amazing and so absolutely perfect for me. A friend of mine gave me this wall hanging that says “Do Something Amazing Every Day” and a really cute “Fight Like A Girl” tumbler. I love the art because it resembles something I pinned on Pinterest (you can see it here) and I am putting it directly across from my bed so it is the first thing I see every day when I wake up. And the tumbler is just so perfect! :) I’m sipping from it right now actually!

In case you didn’t think I was already a spoiled brat, I wanted to show you this stuff too because again, it is so indicative of my style and who I am as a person. My friend from Massachusetts gave me this adorable and thoughtful gift including a super cute mug and mug cozy (aaaahhhh so awesome!!), some delicious smelling vegan pumpkin spice soap, a gorgeous owl necklace and she packed it all up in the super cute skull and crossbones tote! That is definitely going to be my new farmer’s market bag! Thanks M!!

So I guess that’s everything exciting from the past few days! I hope that you all had a great weekend and that your Monday went well! Two more work days until Florida! Yay!!

Fun Friday… On Monday!

Hey everyone! I just realized that I’ve neglected my Fun Friday posts for 2 weeks! That is totally unacceptable so I’m halting everything and bringing a special edition of Fun Friday on Monday :) No theme this week, just some fun stuff that I’m into.

I really wish I could take credit for this but I found it on Pinterest and thought they were so beautiful! These are definitely the epitome of summer in a glass!

I just thought this was true and hilarious :)

Haha so as I talk about being unstylish I’ll show you this skirt I just picked up in Old Navy. It’s one of the rollover jersey skirts that are so comfortable. The color is SUPER pretty and probably one of the main reasons I got it. I’ve been working hard so I decided it was time to buy myself another present ;)
My new “gym bag/” I’ve shown you the contents of my gym bag before (boxing and mma gloves, etc.) but now I’m trading that in for my yoga mat and this no slip towel for Bikram Yoga. I found the towel on sale thankfully because these things can cost $75! That’s insane!
I’ve mentioned before that I want to get a half sleeve tattoo. It is hard for me to verbalize what I want but then I found this! It has the same general idea of what I want but I’d definitely make a few changes to make it more my style. I also wouldn’t have it start on my back (I already have a large one on my back) but I love this one :)
I now have this crazy obsession with mason jars. I want to put everything in a mason jar! I just chose this photo because they are so small and adorable and fresh squeezed lemonade sounds amazing right now.  I love the lids too! I have a feeling that if/when I start a business it will definitely feature lots of mason jar packaging :)
OK I think that’s all for Fun Friday… on Monday :) Sorry I forgot, been so crazed lately! I confirmed that I’m working Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week too so it’ll be another intense weekend. If anyone has any suggestions of ways to keep up energy I’m all ears. I’m going back to a very alkaline heavy diet too, especially since I’m starting Bikram yoga tomorrow too. Hydration will also be key!
I hope you all had a great day! More food tomorrow :)

Quick Catch Up!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry in advance for the lameness of this post. I have only photographed a few things I’ve eaten over the past day or two because of just how damn busy I’ve been. Yesterday turned out to be a nightmare partially because I only slept for about 3.5 hours (I was woken up by incredibly loud thunder and incredibly bright lightning and once I’m up, I’m up. No getting back to sleep for me!) and partially because the wedding was difficult. I left my house at 6 am and got home at 7 pm thanks to some ridiculous traffic. On the bright side, I passed out at 10 pm (which is SUPER early for me) and woke up at 8 am (which is late for me, ha!)! I feel refreshed today but we are anticipating another really difficult wedding. Hopefully I’ll get through better than yesterday. I’m sure the all the vitamin D will help though!

OK here’s a few things I’ve eaten!

This is a sliced banana topped with my Raw Buckwheat Cereal. I still have a lot left and I love this stuff. This is the perfect breakfast!

Yesterday’s breakfast was a Good Morning, Sunshine Smoothie and an unpictured Gluten Free Carrot Spice Muffin.

I’m bringing this Two Mom’s in the Raw Blueberry Nut Bar to work today. The reception is in a Temple which is phenomenal for me because it takes the guess work out of whether or not there is dairy in anything! Obviously I still have to be careful of eggs and butter and the meat is typically obvious but it is one less thing to worry about :)

I’ve been eating peaches over the past few days! They are so sweet and juicy, a perfect summer snack! Yum! Oh and check out the nails. I tried the white polish with glitter over it. I’m not a huge fan of it but haven’t had time to re-do them but over the next few days I probably will.
And, since I’ve been working so damn hard I bought myself a present today!
Look how cute this skirt is! It is actually a lot nicer in person too! I went to Old Navy this morning to pick up some more dark gray and black V-Neck t-shirts (I wear black dress pants and a black or dark gray shirt to work) and saw this super cute skirt. It was inexpensive and I figured I deserved it so I got it :) I plan on wearing it with a turquoise tank top (some of the stitching at the bottom is turquoise) and a white V-Neck over it with some cute wedges. Very excited!
Ok I’ve gotta run so I can eat and then I have to leave at noon. I anticipate being home by 1pm tonight hopefully! I hope you all have a great day :) I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post, ha!

Fun Friday! The Style Edition!

Happy Friday friends! I hope the week has treated you well :) My week is not over yet, I have a wedding to work tomorrow but I am so glad that today was a short day at work! I have time to do some cooking/dehydrating and now I will have some yummy, nutritious snacks to bring with me tomorrow and to share with all of you! I’ll try to post it tomorrow if I have time before work.

And now on to Fun Friday! Today’s post is going to be dedicated to sharing my personal style with you. I’ve found some photos of styles that I really love and I think represent me. Granted I don’t own any of these outfits or many clothes at all, but if you recall #27 from my Bucket List, one day I will buy myself a new wardrobe. And I assure you these looks will all be represented there :)

The photos of the first 7 outfits are all from one of my friends’ Pinterest page. Apparently we have very similar styles :) Sorry the photos are so small, they are low res files so they are super blurry if I enlarge them.

I love the simplicity of this and I LOVE these jeans. I’m a big fan of the layered look, as you’ll tell from most of these outfits. I don’t have pierced ears but the rest of the accessories are adorable!

Love purple and gray together! I’d leave the hat but love everything else. You’ll also notice a trend that I love flats! I rarely ever wear heels to be honest. I know they look nice and all that and I do enjoy heels once in a while, but on a daily basis I prefer flats.

Another cute layered look! Love these jeans too. I’d pass on the hearts but I love everything else.

This outfit is perfect. How cute is that dress?! I want it!

This is my absolute favorite outfit and 100% indicative of how I dress now. The jeans are the perfect length, I layer v-necks over tanks almost every day, the bag is ADORABLE, wedges are the only heels I’ll wear on a semi regular basis and the accessories are so cute. By far my favorite outfit and also the one closest to how I dress.

Again, this is close to how I dress. Another simple, layered look with flats.

Love the jeans and apparently I need to investigate Tom’s shoes because I’m loving all of the ones I see with these outfits! Gotta love that there is a vegan section on the website!
During the summer you’ll see me mostly in dresses and skirts. I find them to be the most comfortable and I LOVE maxi dresses! This is when I’m forced to wear the wedge shoes ;) I love the far right one in the above photo but I would never feel comfortable rocking that much cleavage.
The last time I was in Target I saw that they were carrying Converse brand clothing! How cute is this dress?!
Speaking on Converse, I’m a big fan of the Classic Chuck Taylor’s as well as this super cute double tongue Chuck Taylor! 
I’ve been trying not to be such a lazy ass about doing my nails and I love this look! White nail polish with colored glitter over it. I always go dark but white would be so cute for the summer! LOVE.
One pair of heels that I do own and love are my sequined skull heels. I’ve worn them once and they hurt like crazy but I’m waiting for an occasion to wear them again!
So that is just a snippet of my personal style and what my dream wardrobe looks like :)
I would like to end this Fun Friday post with a huge thank you to Caralyn for nominating me for…
the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much Caralyn, you are so sweet!
The rules are fairly simple – share a few things about yourself your readers don’t already know, and pass the award on to some of your favorite bloggers.

Hmmm ok facts that no one knows… I feel like I always share random info :)
1. I went to Hebrew School 3 days a week for 8 years when I was younger. I can still read Hebrew but don’t understand it. I never got Bat Mitzvah’d.
2. I want to road trip the California coast for my 30th birthday in 2013.
3. I am motivated by competition. I want to be better than the boys. 
4. I still want to start a vegan business. Since my own tastes and eating habits have changed, so has my idea for what kind of business I’d like to have. While I’d still like to do some baking (probably more on a special order basis) I’d love to focus on mostly gluten free, (some) raw, snacks and treats. In my ideal world I’d be selling at Farmer’s Markets. I’d have the cutest presentations for my treats ;)
And my nominees:
Gabby from The Veggie Nook
Sage from Sweet and Sage
Molly from Vegan Flower
And for the record, I think all of the blogs that I follow and comment on are lovely and amazing and you are all wonderful people! Nominating people is so hard! I try to share the love with all of the blogs I read.
Hope you all enjoyed this peek into my personal style :)  Have a great Friday and if I can get on tomorrow before the wedding I will. I have to leave my house at 11:30 AM though and it’ll be tight between the gym and the start time so I may be back on Sunday! If that is the case I hope you all have a lovely Saturday as well!