Monday Grocery Haul and Prep Day

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and had a great weekend! It seems like Monday posts have turned into grocery hauls and prep! Today is no different except that I’m throwing my meals in as well :) I accomplished so much today and I’m really glad I did because I know now that this Monday prep makes all the difference in meal planning for the week.

So let’s check out the grocery haul first!

First up is the (all organic) produce! Broccoli, THREE bunches of swiss chard (I’m not making the same mistake as last week, lol!), shiitake mushrooms, honeycrisp apples, tomatoes, cauliflower and carrots.

Macro sushi, GoodBelly (LOVING this stuff!), veggie chips, chocolate covered cacao nibs (I figured it was a good way to indulge my chocolate cravings), brown rice tortillas and unsweetened organic peanut butter. Did you know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find any tortilla chips without corn and/or wheat? So annoying so I guess if necessary I’ll just have to make my own.

After Whole Foods one very important thing was left on my list since I couldn’t find any at WFs. It drives me crazy that they change what they carry all the time but it worked out in my favor. Trader Joe’s isn’t too far out of the way so I made a super quick trip there and got…

Dolmas!!! Of course! I grabbed two because I know myself haha. I also picked up a back of roasted plantain chips. These things are AMAZING. Oh and TJs dolmas are almost half price of WFs. Just sayin.

After Trader Joe’s I came home, ate breakfast then started prepping for the week. I’ll show you breakfast in a bit but here’s what I made:

I don’t make the same mistake twice so I made a HUGE batch of Sauteed Chard. Three bunches of chard huge. Came out just as delicious as the last time and it’ll last me the week!

Another big ass batch of Cheesy Cauliflower Mash! Can’t go wrong with this delicious stuff!

I also made a big batch of my first attempt at gluten free lo mein ;) I used the buckwheat ramen noodles I bought last week along with onions, broccoli and shiitake mushrooms. I used the same seasonings as the greens and I think it came out good? The noodles are a little sticky and gummy but otherwise it should be ok. I’ll need a find a more sturdy noodle but the two servings I made for this week will be tasty with these ramen :)

So I have a great start for meals for this week and had some great meals today! For the rest of this incredibly long post I’ll be showing you those :)

For breakfast I had some of the Farmer’s Market granola with almond milk and strawberries. The strawberries were so delicious. I really don’t want to say this but I wish I could say the same about the granola. I feel so bad saying it but I think she used salted nuts and/or seeds so the granola was really salty. All I could taste was salt. I didn’t even finish the third of a cup that I had in the bowl and I don’t know if I’ll be eating it again. Which is kind of a huge waste because it was really expensive.

Lunch was my delicious Macro Sushi. So good. Haven’t had this for so long but I guess WFs started carrying it again. Maybe that’s what replaced the stuffed grape leaves lol.

Speaking of stuffed grape leaves… ;) An afternoon snack of stuffed grape leaves, veggie chips and hummus. Delicious.

For dinner I made 1/2 cup of gluten free pasta with cauliflower mash and greens. So freaking good.

And that’s finally the end of the post, ha! This one ended up being super long but I just had so much to show you! I hope you all are having a good Monday and I should be back tomorrow with more meals!

Have a great night!

Living the Stereotype ;)

Hello friends! Two days in a row, look at that! Maybe I’m getting back into the groove? Only time will tell I suppose. I had my dentist appointment this morning and the filling went fine… just a little concerned that a root canal may follow. Apparently a pin point sized exposure of the nerve is there and my dentist tried something that will work some of the time to prevent having to go in for a root canal. I’ll know by the end of the week depending on how I feel so keep your fingers crossed that this worked! Not because I’m afraid of a root canal (I have a pretty high pain tolerance) but mostly because root canals are EXPENSIVE and not really an expense I can take on right now. I have to avoid extremely hot food/liquids and ice cold food/liquids for a few days so my smoothie didn’t happen today.

However, some fun things did happen in the kitchen today. That’s where the title of today’s post comes from. As a true stereotypical vegan, I made some home made granola and cooked up some kale.

Here is a pan of fresh baked Blueberry Almond Granola straight out of the oven. Blueberry Almond is my favorite combination for granola. Whole Foods has a really delicious version of it that I ate all the time before I was vegan… but alas it has honey in it.

I used this recipe by Small Kitchen Chronicles and cut it in half. It still made a TON of granola! I left out the sugar and used a little more maple syrup (than the halved amount). I have a tendency to burn granola but this batch came out perfectly golden brown.

I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best granola I’ve ever eaten. It’s so simple and has great ingredients. I will definitely be eating this for breakfast and I’ll also eat it as a snack. Sooooooo good and it made the whole house smell amazing!

After I finished making the granola I set my sights on a head of Lacinato Kale that I picked up from Whole Foods yesterday. I had never heard of Lacinato kale but noticed it was more tender than the regular curly kale that I get so I decided to give it a try. One of my favorite meals when I go to an Italian restaurant (which is rare since I don’t eat a lot of Italian food to begin with) is escarole sauteed with olive oil, garlic and cannellini beans so I decided to recreate this dish using kale.

I think it came out pretty great! I basically just sauteed some garlic in olive oil then added the kale. I added a little water and covered it to steam for a few minutes. I seasoned it with some salt and pepper and added the cannellini beans. Here is the final result! A big batch of greens and beans for the week :)

That’s what I’ve got for you today. The novacaine wore off finally and so far I’m feeling ok. I’m taking some time to rest before a make up training session (snowy Friday last week). I see some Weather Channel in my future. Have you ever seen the show Storm Stories? Can’t get enough of it :)

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

Catching Up!

Hey everyone! I think this is going to end up being a long post so there is fair warning up front ;) It’s been a few days since I’ve been on so I figured I’d just play a little catch up today.

First, Monday marked the last day of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. I didn’t do a great job of keeping you all up to speed with my progress but I think it went pretty well! I didn’t have as much success as the last time I tried it, and I think it’s because I had to flood my body with tons of disgusting shit for that stupid CT scan. I do plan on continuing to eat this clean, alkaline diet. The only thing that has been difficult is the morning drink since it’s SO COLD now! I may start my day with a warmer meal but still enjoy a juice or a smoothie later in the day. Anyway, I still recommend the cleanse, it’s always a great experience for me!

On Monday I went to a new specialist, a hematologist. My last round of blood testing at the rheumatologist showed an elevation in white blood cells so she recommended I see the hematologist. OMG what a nightmare! First, there was a woman hacking and coughing all over the waiting room and ended up eventually sitting next to me. I’ve never used so much sanitizer in a short period of time in my life. I was wishing for a bubble to sit in. Anyway, after waiting an hour and 15 minutes I finally got in and waited another 20 minutes for the dr. I had blood taken and waited another 15 minutes for the results… which were NORMAL. So while I’m obviously glad the results were fine, it was ridiculous that I was so stressed about it and wasted another few hours of my life. The hematologist also believes that it is still an autoimmune situation… I have my next appointment with the rheumatologist in 2 weeks.

OK now onto some fun stuff! Let’s check out some pics from the past few days!

This pic is for Shen! I found Eddie in his favorite spot multiple times during my stay there and snapped this fun pic of him :)

Some veggie soup I ate yesterday to deal with the frigid weather. I sit in the meeting point of two major drafts in the studio so I’m cold ALL THE TIME so warming meals like this are so necessary during the cold weather.

I went to Whole Foods today and picked up mostly the same stuff as always, but also decided to pick up some kombucha. I saw the Third Eye Chai flavor and HAD to try it and figured I’d give the mango a try as well. I got carded to buy the chai flavor. Is this stuff actually boozy or is it just over some borderline amount and they have to? Seems kind of silly.

Also picked up some Mochi! I’ve had it before and liked it so I thought it would be fun to experiment with it. I have some plans ;)

After I got home from Whole Foods (and realized I forgot to buy the only two things on my grocery list, wah!) I decided to make a batch of oat free granola inspired by Laura.

I have other pics of it that won’t upload right now for some reason. My internet connection is so horrendous at home. Anyway, it came out pretty good but didn’t clump together that well. I used almonds, walnuts, coconut, hemp seeds, raisins, dates, coconut, coconut extract and cinnamon. Laura, do you have a recipe for yours? It was SOOOOOO good!

So finally, the big announcement!! A friend of mine has agreed to be my podcast co-host!! Her name is Vanessa and she is AWESOME. We call ourselves Team Chaos because it is always disaster when we are together… which is why we are a perfect podcasting pair :) We don’t have an expected date for our first episode just yet because we are still working on logistics but we are SO EXCITED.

Our first episode will be a getting to know you kind of deal so I thought it would be fun to ask all of you what you think would be fun to hear on that first episode? Any funny icebreaker questions you remember from back in college or some stupid workshop that you had to participate in? Any questions for us just out of curiosity? Please feel free to comment with any questions (the more the merrier!) or you can tweet us @TeamXChaos.

I absolutely can’t wait to get started on this fun project! It is going to be just us shooting the shit on random topics. We hope to make you laugh, we may vent a little bit and it’s going to be fun for us to just get together and chat.

That’s all for this giant post! I hope you are all having a good hump day! Have a great day/evening!

Just A Little Something

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. It’s been really hectic over here so I haven’t been able to photograph too much but I do have two really great meals to show you!

How gorgeous is this parfait?! I’m not one for making parfaits too often, mostly because I’ve had a hard time finding vegan yogurt that I like, but the stars aligned today! I made sure to try the So Delicious vanilla greek style yogurt before assembling and it passed the test (still need to get used to it a little though) so I gathered up my banana and some of the Raw Cacao Cereal I purchased from Whole Foods! I had a glass jar saved (from preserves I think) and layered it up all nice and pretty. It was so good, really filling and the cacao cereal is amazing! I can’t wait to to get more! And try more fun raw things from Whole Foods :)

Here is some leftover tofu and stir fry. It was yummy :)

That’s all for tonight! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

Raw Cocoa Puffs Recipe & Raw Pecan Pie Trio!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I feel like I spend more time apologizing for not being around than actually posting food but it was a pretty bad week on my end so I just haven’t been able to post. I’ll explain tomorrow because I don’t want to cloud the awesomeness I’m about to share with not fun things ;)

So after the great response I got from the Raw Cocoa Puffs that I made using Isobelle’s recipe, I decided to contact her to see if she would mind if I just posted the recipe here for you. She said yes of course because she is a total sweetheart and also that she misses everyone :) She also suggested that I try playing with the flavors to create new puffed cereal flavor combos and I IMMEDIATELY thought of one flavor – maple pecan AKA pecan pie!! More on that later.

First, here is Isobelle’s amazing Raw Cocoa Puff Recipe:

Raw Cocoa Puffs (Isobelle’s Recipe in her words):

(Serves 2)

 1/2 cup almonds, ground

4 dried plums (or dates, but I recently discovered I’m allergic)

3 tbsp. cacao/cocoa

1 tbsp. pure maple syrup

1 tbsp. softened coconut oil

1/8 tsp. sea salt

 Grind the almonds, sea salt and cacao in a blender or food processor until a fine meal forms. Add in the dried plums/dates, maple syrup and coconut oil – blend again until everything begins to stick together.

The ingredients should form a ball of dough in your food processor.

 (This part takes a long time – but it’s so worth it!)

Take a small piece of the dough and roll it into a ball in your palms. Now, repeat 30, 40, 50 times maybe. It depends on how big or small you make your cocoa puffs. This is a great exercise for practicing patience.

 Dehyrating Method:

Place the balls on your dehydrator tray and dehydrate for 3.5-4 hours. If they aren’t crunchy enough for you by the end of that time, increase to 5 hours.

Sounds amazing right?! Well I decided to take Isobelle’s advice to try and come up with new flavors and combined two of my favorite flavors: maple and pecan. The result tasted EXACTLY like pecan pie!! The dates and maple syrup combine and create an amazing caramel like taste. So delicious!

I’m going to give you the recipe for the “dough” and three ways to use it. Because I love you all that much :) I call it mostly raw because from what I understand maple syrup isn’t totally raw? I’m totally over that and fine with it ;)

(Mostly) Raw Pecan Pie “Dough”

1 1/4 cups chopped raw pecans

4 pitted medjool dates

Scant 1/4 cup maple syrup

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch salt

Grind pecans, cinnamon and sea salt in your food processor until it forms a very fine meal. You can leave it a little chunky if you prefer though. Add dates and maple syrup and process until it forms a ball of dough. Your dough will be sticky but should be fully combined.

So here is where we get creative. This recipe is really simple and really versatile and I’m going to show you a trio of preparations. Up first is the puff cereal form inspired by Isobelle!

Pecan Pie Puffs

All you do for the Pecan Pie Puffs is follow the directions in Isobelle’s recipe for rolling out little puffs. It will be tedious work but the resulting cereal will be totally worth it! I dehydrate mine at 104 degrees and it has taken way longer than 5 hours probably because the dough is so sticky. Mine has been going for almost 7 hours already and I’m going to leave it overnight to dry and crisp up. Hopefully it’s not over dried! I tried one half dehydrated puff and it was amazing!

Pecan Pie Dip/Spread

The second “preparation” is to leave the dough as is! This stuff is an amazing dip for apples, graham crackers, ginger snaps, bananas, pretzels… you get the point. Yum!

Pecan Pie Truffles!!

Yeah I did it. FINALLY. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve wanted to make Pecan Pie Truffles and it finally came together without me even realizing it! I took some of the dough and refrigerated it for about an hour and a half so it would stiffen up a bit. I simply rolled it into a ball and then rolled the truffle in chopped pecans. This makes it look pretty and also helps you hold the truffle without getting very sticky. I store these in the fridge to keep them firm but they are equally yummy at room temp (and it mimics the gooeyness of pecan pie!).

Isn’t it pretty?! You can get away with making these truffles small too because they are sweet and decadent. But guess what! No guilt!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

So there you have it. A (mostly) raw, healthier version of a pecan pie. It is so silly that I’m so proud of a recipe that has 5 ingredients but I just love how it came out. I’m even going to submit it for Healthy Vegan Friday right after I publish this post :)

Thank you so much Isobelle for allowing me to share your amazing recipe and for inspiring me to get back into the kitchen and create a recipe! You are awesome :)

I hope you all have a great night!

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

Hey everyone! Before I get into what I’m eating today, like last year I struggled with whether or not to mention 9-11 in my post today. I went back to last year’s post and decided I said everything that needed to be said. You can check out that post here. Today, I’m just going to say that I’m thinking about all of those that lost their lives and their families, and I want to say a big thank you for all of the rescue workers, police officers, fire fighters, military service men and women and civilians that worked so hard in the aftermath and continue to work hard to keep us safe today. You are all so appreciated.

So as I said yesterday I have to switch my hours today to work my long day which means lots of prep work required this morning to get my meals ready. I’ve put together some pretty great meals but breakfast by far steals the show! So much so that I named the whole post after it ;)

Check out this beautiful breakfast! Sliced banana and strawberries topped with some AMAZING Raw Cocoa Puffs swimming in almond milk. I think this may be the perfect meal!

Lunch will be a burrito bowl that I’m going to put together later. After the rice and beans are heated I’ll top with the homemade guac (avocado, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and tomato). It’s going to be really yummy. Don’t have any romaine, boo! That’s the only thing missing.

Dinner is yet another hummus plate. No need for explanation.

My snacks for today. Morning snack will be a yummy Gala apple and my afternoon snack will be 2 Raw Carrot Cake Cookies.

Not a bad day looking at it on the screen ;) I hope that you all have a great day. If you haven’t heard about it, check out 9/11 Day. Let’s all try to do something nice for someone else today.

Catch up with all of you later! And side note: the fall weather is coming! It’s been so beautiful the past few days!

Getting Back Into the Groove

Hey friends! Hope your Monday is going well :) I had a very productive Monday and I’m really happy about it. I FINALLY got back into the kitchen and dusted off the dehydrator and tried a few fun treats out! Well I’m trying some treats out since they are still dehydrating ;)

First, I’ll show off my breakfast. It is definitely something I haven’t had in a while and it was SOOOO good!

Isn’t it pretty?! They look like flowers ;) I picked up some Van’s Gluten Free Waffles because I’ve been craving them like crazy. I ate mine with some sliced bananas and really amazing maple syrup that my brother got me when he was somewhere that has high quality maple syrup (I don’t remember where lol!). Such a great, filling breakfast.

For snack I had a big ol’ gala apple. I’m loving these apples! So crisp and sweet.

I came home from work and was eating lunch as I was bustling around the kitchen so I didn’t photograph it. I made myself some unfried rice. It was really good.


My training appointment got mixed up and was MUCH later than usual so I really needed to throw together a quick no brainer dinner. I figured a tofu scramble was a great choice since it comes together so fast and is packed with protein. I added some strawberries on the side and scooped up the yummy scramble with a gluten free tortilla :)

So, what kinds of raw treats did I made? Well I took some inspiration from my fellow bloggers out there and made some recipes I’ve been dying to try!

Up first were Caralyn’s Carrot Cake Bites! When I saw this post I knew I had to make them because I’m obsessed with all things carrot cake recently. I decided to put my own little spin on them though.

Check out these RAW Carrot Cake Cookies! I used Caralyn’s recipe as my base and used raw cashews and switched out the roasted almonds for raw walnuts. I bumped down the cinnamon to 1 tsp and added a little extra carrot :) They smell AMAZING and the dough tasted amazing. I formed them into little cookies and threw them on the dehydrator tray. I’m going to let them go until the outside is dry and the inside is still moist and chewy :) Thanks for the inspiration Caralyn!

Up next you can see on the left side of the tray I have some of Isobelle’s (Vgan Jar) Raw Cocoa Puffs. Unfortunately Isobelle took down her amazing, beautiful blog with her delicious recipes but I made sure to save all of the recipes I wanted to try to my computer. This was at the top of the list. In addition to the cute little puffs that shared the tray with the carrot cookies, there is another whole tray of tiny little puffs that I HAD TO ROLL INDIVIDUALLY!! Lol!! OMG what a tedious task it was but I know the payoff will be incredible. They smell so fudgey and delicious, I can’t wait to try them!

That’s all for today my friends! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your night and have a great Tuesday. I am switching my Tuesday and Wednesday hours this week to accommodate for a dr.’s appointment on Wednesday so I’ll be at work 11-9 tomorrow. I will definitely do my best to post before I head in though :)

Hump Day Grub

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Once I get through my long day today it is smooth sailing to my weekend off :) I can’t wait! I’m still feeling exhausted so the rest will definitely be good.

I’m trying to be good about planning my meals and I think I’ve put together a pretty good day of food! I’m bringing 4 of these 5 “meals” with me to work since I’ll be there all day so it takes a lot of prep and planning but it’ll be worth it when I have enough energy to sustain me through the day!

For breakfast I had a banana with some raw buckwheat cereal and almond milk. So delicious and super filling!

Late morning snack will be a red plum.

For lunch I made a homemade Chipotle bowl. I put the homemade guac separately and I’ll add it to the brown rice, beans and salsa after it is heated.

For my afternoon snack I’ll have a Pure bar.

Dinner is another tofu scramble, this one with a more green hue. It has onion, spinach, broccoli and zucchini and is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and nooch. I have been eating more tofu recently than I normally would but I desperately need to get to the grocery store. Hopefully tomorrow!
I hope you all have a great day! Any suggestions of fun, healthy things I can make this weekend to last for the week? Also, I would love some suggestions for healthy snacks that I can bring with me, especially high protein snacks. Thanks!!

Catching Up

Hello friends! I’m back! This past week has been pretty tough for me and I hit a bit of a wall on Thursday. I was just really exhausted during that wedding and it took me all day yesterday to recover. I worked in the studio in the morning and then came home and could barely get out of bed. The combination of long hours, not eating enough good food (fuel) and the horrible heat really took it’s toll. I went to bed early last night and woke up feeling pretty refreshed so I started off my day with some no impact cardio. I hadn’t worked out all week because of my horrible schedule and it felt good to finally get back to it. Bikram yoga on Monday :)

I have a few random photos I’ve taken of meals to catch up on so I figured I’d just spend this post catching up. Not reinventing the wheel here but it’ll give you an idea of what I’ve been eating.

Banana with some Raw Buckwheat Cereal and almond milk.

Snacking on some refreshing watermelon.

My post workout breakfast today. Rice cakes with peanut butter. One with banana and cinnamon, one plain. The rest of the banana and some strawberries. So delicious and filling!
Today is going to be brutally hot here. My brother is having a BBQ later and then ordering the fights on PPV so it’ll be a fun day and I’ll finally be able to relax. Planning on getting a pedicure tomorrow morning because I deserve to pamper myself a bit :) I will definitely have some more food to show you tomorrow as I continue to get back to my normal meals and routine!
I hope you all have a great Saturday!

Quick Catch Up!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry in advance for the lameness of this post. I have only photographed a few things I’ve eaten over the past day or two because of just how damn busy I’ve been. Yesterday turned out to be a nightmare partially because I only slept for about 3.5 hours (I was woken up by incredibly loud thunder and incredibly bright lightning and once I’m up, I’m up. No getting back to sleep for me!) and partially because the wedding was difficult. I left my house at 6 am and got home at 7 pm thanks to some ridiculous traffic. On the bright side, I passed out at 10 pm (which is SUPER early for me) and woke up at 8 am (which is late for me, ha!)! I feel refreshed today but we are anticipating another really difficult wedding. Hopefully I’ll get through better than yesterday. I’m sure the all the vitamin D will help though!

OK here’s a few things I’ve eaten!

This is a sliced banana topped with my Raw Buckwheat Cereal. I still have a lot left and I love this stuff. This is the perfect breakfast!

Yesterday’s breakfast was a Good Morning, Sunshine Smoothie and an unpictured Gluten Free Carrot Spice Muffin.

I’m bringing this Two Mom’s in the Raw Blueberry Nut Bar to work today. The reception is in a Temple which is phenomenal for me because it takes the guess work out of whether or not there is dairy in anything! Obviously I still have to be careful of eggs and butter and the meat is typically obvious but it is one less thing to worry about :)

I’ve been eating peaches over the past few days! They are so sweet and juicy, a perfect summer snack! Yum! Oh and check out the nails. I tried the white polish with glitter over it. I’m not a huge fan of it but haven’t had time to re-do them but over the next few days I probably will.
And, since I’ve been working so damn hard I bought myself a present today!
Look how cute this skirt is! It is actually a lot nicer in person too! I went to Old Navy this morning to pick up some more dark gray and black V-Neck t-shirts (I wear black dress pants and a black or dark gray shirt to work) and saw this super cute skirt. It was inexpensive and I figured I deserved it so I got it :) I plan on wearing it with a turquoise tank top (some of the stitching at the bottom is turquoise) and a white V-Neck over it with some cute wedges. Very excited!
Ok I’ve gotta run so I can eat and then I have to leave at noon. I anticipate being home by 1pm tonight hopefully! I hope you all have a great day :) I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post, ha!